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La cattarata de la paz
We started our trip with a 3 day rafting trip with Ríos Tropicales. This was a fun trip, although we agreed that we would prefer a one or two day trip with more paddling and less time at the bungalows. The land that the bungalows are built on is beautiful, the sound of the river is relaxing, and you can't beat the view from the open air dining area. This climate is a very wet tropical climate. Neither our bodies nor our clothes dried out while we stayed in the bungalows. The staff here is also wonderful; they were friendly, courteous, and the food that they cooked for us was fabulous!
     The trip down the river is the main attraction of course. This journey is mind blowing. You will see huge blue morpho butterflies far down the banks, fluttering on iridescent wings. You will float down a magnificent canyon with an unrivaled sense of peace and beauty. Your heart will pound and you will exalt in a rush of adrenaline as you plunge through rapids and hold on for dear life. This is a trip not to be missed! (I'm sorry I don't have any photos of the rafting trip; I didn't bring a waterproof camera.)

Observation bungalow (front) and dining bungalow

A small creek runs through the property and meets the river in this gentle cascade

Wild hibiscus blooming everywhere!
Strange and wonderful plants all around. This is a ginger torch