The Real World - Hanson

Welcome to my place, it's a little tiny spot in my imagination where I keep "The Real World - Hanson." It's a place where I can be totally happy and free.  I don't have to keep any secrets or worry about what other people think.   Sit down and make yourself comfortable.

 Finally back! Boy, did I miss you guys! Check out the cool anime drawing Amerika drew of me down below. It rocks!....Thank you Daniel for the great 3D spinning graphic above

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Chapters 12-16
Chapters 17-23
Chapters 24-32
Although My Flesh is Gone.... 
a Hanson Halloween story
The Clock Struck 12:00 
Hanson New Year's story
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Doesn't this look cool! I love it!

I just want to thank everyone who has writen to encourage me. This story is very personal to me, and if you want to know me better, look no further than the words on the page. That is me there, all my thoughts and hopes and feelings.

Oh, and don't lose contact with me. I know, I can sometimes be very slow in responding, but I truly value everyone I've met through this story. One more thing, I love presents! I don't just bring you this story for free ha ha ha. Feel free to e-mail me your own stories, experiences, or any cool pictures you might come across :) I'm not too greedy but that's the kind of present I would like.

I had such a great time working on this story that I've come up with sequels. I just didn't want my time with "Taylor" to end.