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Chapter 1 It wasn't everyday he set out to murder someone.
Chapter 2 Maybe the killer is watching us now. Waiting for us to make our next move.
Chapter 3 I went from knowing nothing to knowing everything..... soon it will all be over.
Chapter 4 It was there. It was right there! I saw it. There was blood, and a knife.
Chapter 5 My one chance of cheating fate may rest upon that teenaged, motor-mouthed dynamo.
Chapter 6 The thick smoke was pouring from the far end of the train car. It moved in a big, black, oily cloud. This wasn’t a fire drill. It was real.
Chapter 7 What the merry hell do any of you know about these murders?
Chapter 8 “You... you do believe me, right?” a scared X asked.
Chapter 9 “Well...,” Zac said slowly, “Maybe if I kiss you, you won’t be nervous anymore?”
Chapter 10 Someone was standing in the shadow of the tree watching them.
Chapter 11 Quick woke to find X gone. "He's abandoned me!" he realized.
Chapter 12 If your ‘theory’ is right then suppose I’ll wind up dead too?
Chapters 13 -19 If you're chasing a killer, be careful if you catch him.
Chapter 20 The walls. They’re all around me, even in front of me now. I can’t turn around. I can’t go back. I can’t go forward. I’m going to die.
Chapter 21 "What are you going to do now?" I asked. "Oh please!" he answered, "That should be simple. You die."
Chapter 22 A heartbeat ago, I was choked to death.
Chapter 23 There is darkness all around me.