The Real World - Hanson


“A Date?!”

“Yes, Taylor. A date.”

“Wait Jax, let me get this straight. You want me to ask you out on a date? You mean like a real date? Like the kind of date where a guy gets all dressed up and puts a dab of cologne behind his ear and he doesn’t really know why. That kind of date?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m asking. I love you Taylor. I’ve never really been on a date before. I like what we’ve been doing so far, but I want romance too. Like that note you wrote for me. It made me feel so good. I want my own ‘date with Taylor Hanson,’ please.”

“I don’t really know what to say,” Taylor said.

Taylor and I were in our room. He just got home after a long day at the stage where his music video was to be shot. I kissed him and thanked him for the note that he left for me. He told me that the shoot was postponed for another day, while they work out some technical stuff. I told him how I showed Toby some skateboard tricks, and Toby tried to teach me to rollerblade. Then, I asked him to take me on a date.

“Just say that you would like to go out with me, Taylor. Romance me, because until I get my date there will be no kiss-ey, no touch-ey, no horizontal watusi.”

“Then you leave me no choice. Jaxsper Finn, would you do me the honor of dining with me tomorrow? Umm, so now what? You know, like I told you earlier I don’t have any money. It’s not really a date unless one of us pays.”

“I’ll loan you the money, ok?”

“Cool, it’s a date then,” Taylor said as he raised an eyebrow. His eyes sparkled when he said that. He leaned in to kiss me but I told him to wait until our date tomorrow.

Ike called us from downstairs. Dinner time. We ate and talked for awhile, trying to keep the conversation light. Ike said that he wished they could start production of the video on schedule, but it was ok. He said that maybe the band could get started on songs for their next CD. Taylor asked if he could just work on it in the morning, since the afternoon he needed Ike to give him a ride to pick up some things he needed. Ike reluctantly agreed after much negotiations by Taylor.

“Oh, Jax,” Taylor asked me after dinner, “Could I borrow some money? So that I can get some, y’know things for that sort of, ummm, thing we have planned for tomorrow.”

I loaned Taylor the money he needed. He said he would be sure to pay me back as soon as he talked to his Dad. I told him it was ok, since I knew where he lived. I should, we sort of share the same bed and all.

We played the Playstation for awhile, a racing game with Toby and Zac. Then, Taylor said he was tired and we went to bed. He really must have been tried, because he didn’t try anything. He feel asleep in my arms. I laid awake and listened to him breathing.


Things went well the following day. The band could be heard rehearsing, and I watched them for a long time, until Ike asked for us to leave so they could concentrate. Brittany and I went for a walk and talked a bit. She’s really not all that bad. I think she has a crush on both me and Taylor, but I only have eyes for him.

It was around 7:00 when I heard the knock on my door. I opened it, and found Taylor. He was dressed in his nicest shirt, and the sexiest smile on his face.

“I am here to woo you,” he told me, his eyes sparkling again.

“I’m what me?”

“To woo you, to win you, to sweep you off your feet. I have everything someone could ever want for a romantic evening. I’ve got candy, I’ve got flowers, I’ve got...ummm scratch and sniff samples of Obsession for men. The works Jax, the works. Now come, our carriage awaits.”

I couldn’t help but giggle as he took my hand and led me out of the room. He took me to out the front door, and I saw Isaac standing by his Volkswagen. I immediately dropped Tay’s hand and tried to compose myself.

“Well, if it ain’t the love birds,” Isaac said.

My eyes bugged out of my head. We were caught!

“Jax, close your mouth and get in the car. It’s ok, let’s go,” Ike said reassuringly.

I did as ordered, not really sure what to do. Taylor climbed in the backseat and grabbed my hand again. He pulled me in after him.

“You know, you don’t have to do everything Ike tells you,” said Taylor, “I like you with your mouth hanging open. It’s alright Jax, he knows. I told him about us today.”

“ told him?”

Isaac laughed from the front seat of the Volkswagen. “Yeah, Taylor told me. Like I said, it’s ok. What, you think its a big secret that Taylor here has been mooning over you since the day he saw you out on the deck?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say mooning exactly, Ike,” Taylor retorted.

We laughed, the tension broken. I could tell that Isaac was trying as hard as he could to be supportive, and Taylor seemed much more relaxed now that his big secret was out. He leaned his head against my chest as we drove off to parts unknown.


We pulled up in front of a small carnival. It was erected as some sort of a fund-raiser for a school. Taylor got out, ran around the car and opened the door for me, took my hand and helped me out.

Isaac rolled down the window and said, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours to pick you two up. I, umm, want you both to know that I’m really happy for you, and that there are alot of people out there who are hoping that this works out. Have fun!” With that, he drove away.

We had so much fun at the carnival. Taylor is his most boyish at night, when the lights twinkle and pump their energy into the air. We explored every square inch of the carnival together, finding the best rides to spin on, the best cotton candy, the funniest couple there on their first date. We kept are distance somewhat so that know one would know that we were also on ours. We blended in with all the other teenagers who were out for a fun night. I think only a couple of people gave us a strange look, but we wrote them off as Hanson fans even though no one approached us. Taylor told me that less people recognize him when it’s not the three of them.

“Come on, Jax. Let’s go on the ferris wheel.”

Taylor was so excited by the ferris wheel. He was positively adorable. Clearly he wanted to share his enthusiasm. I have been on ferris wheels hundreds of times, but this time it was really a thrill. He took my hand as it sailed up to the top. It stopped frequently to let other riders on, leaving us high in the air.

“Nice night, huh Jax? You look so cool tonight. I’m glad we came on this ride. I wanted to be closer to the your eyes. Jax, I love you.”

I told him I loved him too, with all my heart.

“Jaxsper, my family has always traveled. When I was a kid, it was ‘come on, off to South America’ and after I got famous we were in a different city every day. All my life I’ve never been anywhere without feeling like I should be someplace else. Like I couldn’t find where I belonged but, when I’m with you, I know I am in the right place. The only place where I know for sure who I am. Wherever I belong, I know it’s with you.”

The wheel stopped with us at the top. He leaned over and kissed me, right there in the middle of the carnival. It was so dangerous. If we were seen, if they knew who he was, if word got out, he would be ruined. But I kissed him back, and I loved him with all my heart. The ride was over and we got off. No one saw us, the moment was perfect.

From that night on, I wanted us to be inseparable. I’d found the one person I knew would never abandon me, who would fight the world to be by my side, and I wasn’t about to let him go.

“Taylor, I don’t want this moment to end. I know that we only have these three weeks together and then you’ll be off making your music, and I’ll be back in my dumb old town, alone again.”

“Jaxsper, don’t think about that. Look, Karaoke! Come on, I want to sing.”

He charged off to the tent with me in tow, laughing the whole way over. He didn’t care if people knew who he was. He approached the stage and took his turn on the mike.

“I would like to send this song out to a special someone. Don’t worry about what we are going to do in the future, or if we’ll be apart. I promise to always be with you.”

And then he sang.-

“We have all the time in the world tonight. Time enough for life to unfold all the precious things life has in store. We have all the love in the world tonight. And if this is all we have, then we’ll find we need nothing more. And every step of the way will find us, with the cares of the world behind us. We have all the time in the world, my love. Nothing less and nothing more only time.”

I could hear a couple of kids whisper that they were sure that was that long hair guy from that Hanson band or something, but they were quieted by others wondering why someone like that would be here.

Ike picked us up, and drove us home. We didn’t talk much. I just sat in the back of the car wondering how I got to be so lucky.

Taylor walked me upstairs to our bedroom.

“I had a really nice time,” I told him. “I mean a really nice time. The best time I’ve ever had. It just seemed to It’s really just nice.”

Taylor answered, “I am glad that you enjoyed it. Well, here we are. Door to door service.” He leaned in to kiss me. It was the sweetest, most innocent kiss. His lips were so soft against mine. He held my chin with his fingers. As he pulled away, he asked “So, date’s over right? I can kiss you now.”

I smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the room with me.

“You can do alot more than that!”


I pulled Taylor in the room, covering his mouth with my own. Our tongues swirled around one another’s. There were no words, just the sound of two boys in heat. He ground his groin against mine. I pulled him over and threw him back on the bed.

I tugged his pants off of him and yanked my shirt up over my head, tossing them both aside. I knelt before him and kissed my way up his hairless thighs. Taylor pulled his shirt up to reveal his glorious stomach and chest. He ran his hands down his body to the top of my head. I reached the fabric of his boxers and saw his cock, throbbing inside. I could feel the sweaty heat of his testicles and dick below. I massaged his bloated balls through his underwear, and listened to his quickening breath.

"Unghh! Don't stop that feels sooo good!", said Taylor dreamily. "I was beginning to wonder when we would get around to this."

I rubbed my face all over his lap, moaning louder all the time. I started to drool over him. I mouthed the testicles beneath me and sucked them into my mouth through the soft cotton. The boxers were rapidly becoming soaked with my saliva. Finally, I pulled the them down and was eye to eye with his delicious dick.

“Swing around, Jax. I want to taste you too.”

I did as he requested and we got into a 69 position. I passionately began lapping at my lover’s balls, soaking them in a shiny coating of saliva. Taylor fumbled with my belt and zipper and managed to get me completely naked. I mouthed his balls softly. One at a time I sucked the swollen nuts into my mouth, loving the stuffed feeling and the warmth. They moved and pulsated in my mouth like they possessed a mind of their own. I felt like I had a direct connection with the boy I love. Letting them slide from my lips only long enough to moan as I felt Taylor doing the same to me. His cheeks were now stuffed with both of my balls. Taylor was drooling all over himself from the spit he was working up.

“Taylor, I want you to fuck me,” I begged. “Do you want to do that?

It was obvious from the pulse his dick gave me that he wanted to do just that. I was sure he shot up a couple inches larger than ever before from my suggestion.

He shifted beneath me and pulled my ass down closer to his face. His tongue began lapping at my asshole like a dog. A pool of my own spit was collecting on Taylor’s dick as I continued to run my tongue up, down and around his cockhead. His tongue was circling the pucker of my ass. My balls were resting on his neck and my hard cock was leaking precum onto his chest. He was jerking around so much that I had to grab onto his dick to lick it.

“Taylor, I want that cock up my ass now!”

I reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a container of Vaseline and a bottle of baby oil. I told Taylor he wasn’t the only one buying things for tonight.

He arranged me so that I was laying face down with my ass in the air. I jumped as I felt Taylor squirt baby oil onto my backside and rub it all over, working it around my asshole. He teased my puckered anus with an oily finger, running it up and down and around and around in tiny circles before pushing it inside of me.

“Imagine me inside you doing this,” Taylor whispered as he pressed another finger deep into me. “Squeezing in and out in and out of your tight tunnel this way.” He wiggled and shifted now two fingers inside of me, pulling them apart and preparing me for what he planned to do next. As if from far way I could hear my own breathing growing ragged with passion.

I felt the bed shift with his weight as he changed position. Taylor laid across my back, his dick throbbing against my ass. He took his time, slipping the head of his cock back and forth over my anus and between my thighs, waiting until I began to squirm about in an attempt to capture him. I could feel his hard cock hitting against my balls and inner thighs and his pubic hair tickling my asshole. His hands slid around my sides and his fingers gently pinched my nipples.

“Oh that feels nice,” I told him as he slid his penis back and forth along my ass. “You can do it now. I’m ready.

Taylor drizzled the baby oil along the length of his dick. I turned to watch him and reached over to help him lube up the whole length of his cock. Then he had me pull my ass cheeks apart and he placed the head of his cock gently against my hole.

I was wild with passion now, completely out of my head with desire. I started wiggling around and said, “Give it to me, stud. Shove it in. I need you to fill me up.” Taylor pushed forward and slowly eased the head of his dick into me. The baby oil helped alot, and I heard a “pop” as it stretched the tightness of my asshole. We both froze, savoring the moment, catching our breath. There was no turning back now. Taylor was taking my virginity.

I tried to relax my muscles as much as I could when I felt his hot dick press into me. He slowly eased in, little by little filling me up with his hard meat. He pushed all the way in until his pubic hair was brushing against my ass. He left it there, letting me get used to the thickness plugging my ass. Feeling my muscles spasm and jerk around him. He stretched me so that I was a perfect, snug fit for his cock.

My entire lower body came alive as nerve endings I never knew I had before. I started to tingle with excitement. I could feel his tight belly resting flush against my backside. I began to move, first tentatively sliding myself back and forth on his cock, only and inch or two to start with, getting used to the feeling. His cock seemed to swell even more once it was inside of me. He gripped me there as he took over the movements, plunging deeply into me, then withdrawing almost all they way before driving in again. Each time he nearly left me, I felt an incredible sense of loss, which was quickly replaced by a feeling of great joy when he pressed into me again. At his deepest penetration he would twist a little to one side then the other sending waves of delightful pressure to my prostate.

He held onto my hips and began to slide his dick out again. My ass muscles clamped down tight, unwilling to let him go. The rhythm increased and the feel of that thick cock sliding and rubbing into me was indescribable. Soon he was fucking me so fast that I could feel his balls slap into mine.

Behind me Taylor was grunting every time he pushed his cock all the way inside of me. I could feel his hot breath on my back, his mouth kissing my shoulders, his teeth nipping at me.

“You are so tight, so hot and tight,” he gasped in my ear.

A thin fog appeared before my eyes as we seemed to float off the bed. I felt nothing and everything all at once. He reached around to grasp my diamond hard cock in his wonderful, delicate fingers. He rubbed his palm across my super sensitive head, collecting the gallons of precum I made, then spread it up and down my length, making me slick. His hand slid easily as he pumped me. His incredible dick slid in and out of my ass.

“I’m close,” Taylor said. “I can’t hold out much longer.”

Taylor let out a groan and buried himself into me as deep as he could. He came first and when I felt his cock begin that last mad dance, I tried to push myself both ways at once - down into his hand and back against his spasming cock. The feel of his hot cum shooting into my guts pushed me over the edge. I cried, “Yes!” I bit down on my lip and let out another sharp, quick groan as my balls pulled up tight in their sack. Taylor squeezed the cum out of me. It came out in thick, white globs, some of which shot out onto me. My arms and legs were shaking as Taylor leaned against me, his cock spurting out the last of its cream inside of me and the last of mine oozing out into his hand.

We collapsed onto the bed. I could feel Taylor’s weight on top of me, the heat from our sweaty bodies filling the room, the sound of our breathing, the pulse of his shrinking cock still within me until it finally fell out with a slurp.

I turned over so that I was facing him, regretting having to break embrace that was hardening my cock again. He looked down at me, smiling that electric smile of his.

“I love you, Jax. Thank you for letting me do that. You never forget your first time, and I don’t want you to ever forget me.”

I ran my hands down his long blond hair and over his flush cheeks. I stared into his eyes then, pulled him down on top of me again, kissing him.


“Sucks! That sucks dogs!” Zac yelled, “Why does Taylor get to go to the carnival and not me?”

“Come on, Zac. It’s ok. Crikey! Don’t blow a gasket,” his friend Toby said while trying to calm Zac down.

“Man, it would be so cool! I bet they have one of those bungie rides. I wanted to go on that again! Have you ever been on one, Toby? One time Ike and I went on that ride and video taped ourselves. They lock you into your seat, and stretch a cord from the chair to the top really tight. Then whoosh! The thing shot us into the air so fast! It rocked. Tay won’t have any fun, I bet. He didn’t want to do that bungie ride with Ike and me last time. Chicken!”

Zac and Toby continued playing the PlayStation even after his brothers left for the carnival. Zac wondered why those two were laughing all the time. Zac won every race in JetMoto and eventually grew bored.

“Why do you suppose they wanted to be alone, Zac?” Toby asked.

“Who knows, they probably wanted to stare at each other somewhere besides this house. I’m telling you, Toby, those two are in love. I don’t care what anyone says, Taylor likes boys.”

“Yeah, you told me about the pictures he kept under his mattress at home. Still, I don’t know if you’re right. Sure Jax and Taylor spend alot of time together but so do we, and you’re not in, ummm love with me are you?” Toby asked, not really knowing which answer he would prefer.

“Nah, Toby. You and I are best friends. There’s a difference. Pictures under his mattress..... You know, I wonder if he has any with him here. Let’s see, Jax and Tay are out, Ike’s driving them, and the girls are God knows where shopping. I think it’s time for Indiana Zac and his trusty sidekick to go exploring. Let’s start with Taylor’s room. What do you say?”

“I don’t know, Zac. That’s not really nice is it?”

Zac convinced him that it would be cool. He was sort of used to the togetherness of their shared room back home in Tulsa anyway. There, the guys all sort of knew what the other was up to. Here, in this giant house, there was way too much privacy and secrets for Zac Hanson’s tastes.

Zac and Toby climbed up the stairs and went down the hall to his brother’s room. They opened the door and lifted the mattress. No pictures there unfortunately. They dug around through their closets, tried on some of their clothes, played with Taylor’s Walkman, and generally hunted around. They made extra sure to leave everything in the exact position they found it in, so that no one would suspect. Toby opened the drawer of the nightstand next to Jax’s bed.

“Look at this, Zac,” Toby said as he pulled out the big bottle of baby oil and the Vaseline container.

“Probably for Jax, to keep his skin nice or something. Those actor types. I’ve seen them before. Always worrying about how they look.”

“I don’t think so, Zac. I reckon it’s for, ummm when they toss off. If what you say is right, they probably play with each other’s wanks like you and I do. Betcha they use this stuff, but it doesn’t look like it’s been opened yet.”

“Really? Weird! No pictures here, though. Too bad, I wanted to show you what Taylor likes. Have you ever really seen a picture of a naked girl before, Toby?” Zac asked changing the subject.

“Well, back home I spend alot of time over at my friend’s house for sleep overs We stay up until around two in the morning looking for porno on Cinemax, or as he likes to call it Skin-a-max.”

“I’ve watched that channel a few times in the hotels that we’ve stayed in on the road. Not really much to see there. If you look really hard sometimes you can see some tits, but that’s about it. The real stuff isn’t on Cinemax,” Zac said with an air of authority.

Toby laughed and said, “Yeah right! Like you’ve seen it. You haven’t....have you?”

“Nah, I’ve only seen like tons of it!” Zac boasted, “I just watch the ones my brother has.”

“Taylor? What kind of videos would he have?!”

“No, dummy, not Taylor. Isaac. He’s got a few of them. Picked up some porno videos on the tour. His room is next for ‘exploring’. I’ll see if I can find you some. I will show you the real stuff, Tobe.” He resumed his Indiana Jones voice. “Come, short-eye, we must continue our search further north! Our quest for coochie has just begun!”

The boys made their way to Isaac’s room. The room was very neat, everything in its place. His guitars stood over in the corner, the music for a half dozen new songs stacked nicely. He obviously liked having his own room. Finally, one away from his messy brothers. But, that would only make this expedition harder. Toby and Zac would have to make extra sure to leave everything exactly the way they found it.

“We must be careful in our quest, short-eye. For we must not arouse the suspicion of the natives. They can be quite restless should they discover that we were here. Shhhh!” Zac knew just where to look though, he pulled a small suitcase from under the bed. “It’s Ike’s underwear suitcase, if you can believe that. Man, that guy’s a neatness freak.”

“I guess guys are the same all over. They keep their best stuff in with their underpants,” Toby said.

As Zac bent over to retrieve their prize, Toby looked down at the curve of his back. Zac’s tight shirt pulling up slightly, as he bent over, revealing the smooth skin underneath and the crinkled, stripped waistband of his faded boxers. Toby shifted slightly and sat down on the bed.

Zac opened the suitcase and gently shoved the neatly folded designer underwear to the side. Toby saw the brightly colored videotapes peek out from below. “Ah, here’s the good stuff,” Zac said, “Eureka, my trusty sidekick. I believe we have found the hidden watering hole for the Monkey Meat Monster. I only hope that the watering hole is dry today!”

Zac picked up the three videos and brought them over to the Toby. He sat down next to him on the edge of the bed, and it slumped slightly under his added weight, their shoulders touched.

“This box has some good pictures on it,” Zac said as he reached over Toby’s lap with the video. Toby took it with a shaking hand. He had never seen anything this graphic before. He kind of liked it, but it was really weird too. “Don’t be nervous, Tobe. No one’s here to catch us. The videos can be ogled, boggled and bamboozled to our hearts content.”

Toby was ogling the box as Zac said that. The picture showed a man and a woman in what looked like an wrestling stance, their faces screwed up tightly in ecstasy.

“This one’s really hard-core,” Zac told him. “Ike picked this one up on our European leg of the tour. You can’t tell what half the pictures are of.”

Toby took the tape from his friend and turned it around and around. The pictures on this box were in grainy black and white and were close ups of the various girls’ body parts. He really wasn’t all that excited by the photos though. They were kind of gross actually. Still, it did excite him to see Zac get that horny, and the deliciousness of spying in on someone else’s porn was cool too.

Zac took the two pornos away from Toby and retrieved the third from the side. He stood up and said, “Enough with the boxes. Let’s go watch us some ‘Naughty Nurses’. I watched that one once when Ike was out. They have this sponge bath scene.....mmmm. Come on!”

They put the suitcase back under Ike’s bed sans the videos and went into their own room. Even though they were alone in the house, they locked the door behind them. Zac shoved the tape into their VCR, hit the play button and plopped into the beanbag chair. Toby sat on the floor beside him.

The TV flickered and came to life, illuminating the dark bedroom. The tape wasn’t at the beginning, but who cared? No one watches those things for the story anyway. The scene showed a patient laying in his bed. A busty nurse walked in and put a thermometer in his mouth. She leaned over to put a hand on his forehead, and as she did that her breasts touched his chin. The thermometer’s mercury rose as the mounds of flesh rode up his face. The boys laughed.

The scene continued as a second nurse walked into the room. She seemed to be jealous of the first one, and they started fighting but it degenerated into the two nurses making out as the patient watched, playing with himself.

“Look man,” Zac said, “I gotta warn you, these make me hot! Look at those two! Yeah, baby, take it off. Something about two girls being together like that. I don’t know, when it’s two guys it seems gross but two girls, now there’s a cool scene! I am getting so horny!”

“I know, me too,” Toby whispered. The boy had to rearrange his ever tightening pants. He rubbed his cock through his jeans a couple of times, and looked over to see that Zac was doing the same.

They watched the TV jerking off through their pants in unison. Toby closed his eyes and remembered how good it felt to have Zac’s hand stroking him in the pool. How his best friend’s hand pulled and toyed with the skin of Toby’s uncircumcised penis. Toby thought about afterwards, how Zac held him tightly in the water after he had cum. How nice it felt to be next to Zac’s naked body, hugging him close. He started to imagine that it was Zac’s hand, and not his own, stroking rubbing his denim covered lap.

“Toby, do you mind if I take my pants off?” Zac asked even as he pulled his belt loose and unbuttoned his baggy jeans.

“No, killer idea,” Toby squeaked as he followed suit. With his pants off, his bulge was now somewhat more comfortable, but still strained against the cotton of his briefs.

Zac continued watching the porno, his eyes glued to the images on the screen, his hand stroking the tent he pitched in his boxers. Toby, meanwhile, looked more at his blond, best friend than at the women on the television. He studied the way Zac stroked himself, and tried to match the movements against his own throbbing meat. He was rock hard and dripping precum into his underpants.

Toby could make out the dark purple head of Zac’s wank, peeking out slightly through the fly of his faded purple boxers. His friend was breathing very hard, and alternated between licking his lips, and biting down on them causing them to grow puffier and redder. Zac would hips would rapidly thrust into his hand every few moments as he watched the video.

“Enjoying the show?” Zac asked as he turned to look at Toby. The boy thought quickly and looked away from Zac and to the TV screen. He stammered a “yes” as he continued rubbing his crotch. He looked back over to Zac and caught his gaze. Zac’s face looked as if he was almost in pain.

Zac said, “I need to get my rocks off bad!”

“Need any help? I would love to....lend a hand.” Toby answered.

Zac said that would be great. Toby told him it was the least he could do after Zac had played with him in the pool. It was now Toby’s turn to return the favor and get a better look at an circumcised dick up close. He told Zac to lay back, and he would give him the same treatment Zac gave him earlier.

“It’s payback time” Zac said as a wicked grin appeared on his adorable little face. He lifted his shirt and laid back on the cold plastic of the beanbag chair. His nipples erect in the air. The room was closed up tight, steamy and hot with two boys’ lust. It smelled of their sex.

Toby knelt before Zac and had him raise his hips. He reached his hands up through the leg holes of Zac's boxers, grabbed the waistband from the inside and drew them down his legs. The view of Zac now was incredible. Toby listened to the scrunch sound of the beanbag chair as Zac writhed below him. The lump in his briefs throbbed to be touched but it was Zac’s turn right now. The thin layers of cotton hugged him close, and he almost grew beyond the two tiny blue stripes in the waistband.

“Hold on a sec,” Toby said. He stood and ran out of the door of their room, returning a second later carrying the Vaseline from Jaxsper’s room.

The sounds from the TV filled the air. Zac watched the screen closely, relishing the sexual feelings it was giving him and feeling Toby’s hot breath against his throbbing cock. He knew that Toby was staring directly at it. Toby straddled Zac’s thighs, sitting down on them and trapping them beneath him.

Toby gently caressed the wrinkled, velvety skin of his friend’s balls. They pulled up slightly, under his touch. He ran his fingers through the thin wisps of Zac’s pubic hair and caressed his thighs causing Zac to moan in frustrated pleasure. Using just his fingertips, he stroked lightly up and down Zac’s throbbing penis. Examining every inch of it, exploring the exposed head, trying to find out which spots would make Zac moan the most.

Toby unsnapped the lid from the jar and dipped his right index finger in to the cool jelly. Taking the finger he had coated in Vaseline, he slid it up and down his friend’s shaft, lightly coating the entire length of his penis, making it shimmer in the low, flickering light of the TV. Zac’s entire body grew tense and jumped, nearly bucking Toby off of him.

Toby used his whole hand now. He gripped the shaft and slid his tight fist up and down inch by glorious inch, from throbbing head to where the hairs circling Zac’s sex gently brushed his fingers. He was amazed by the warmth that pulsed in his hand, and found himself growing more excited than ever. The front of his briefs nearly made transparent by the gallons of precum he was exuding.

Toby continued stroking Zac very, very slowly. A full jerk took about 5 seconds. Toby dipped his finger back into the jar and pulled out another large dollop of the goop. He varied his speed and grip, studying it’s effect on Zac. He would sometimes use a slow hard grip on the cock, and sometimes he would jerk very fast using a grip so loose that he only touched the penis a small amount of the time. This caused Zac to squirm with pleasure. Toby placed a hand on his chest to steady the boy beneath him, stroking his smooth body.

He used different grips, speeds, and positions on his friend, torturing him, teasing him, bringing him to the brink but not letting him over. Toby would watch Zac’s balls tighten so close to his body, that would be his signal to drop the boy’s dick and touch him elsewhere. He would rub his inner thighs or circle his belly button instead. Toby wanted to give him the best orgasm he could, but he couldn't keep the torture up forever.

Soon, Zac’s dick began throbbing harder and more frequently, over and over and over. Toby could no longer keep the orgasm at bay. His every touch, whether it was to Zac’s dick or another part of the boy’s anatomy, brought him one step closer to ejaculation. Zac was gasping and thrusting as well as he could with Toby’s weight upon him. Toby rode him like a bucking bronco, feeling the tightening of Zac’s thighs and ass under him. The moans escaping from the boy mixed with the girls in the porn video.

Just then, a cry escaped from Zac’s lips and Toby felt the penis expand in his hand. Toby gave it one final, hard squeeze. A shot of white, thick liquid flew from the tortured dick with massive force, hitting Zac up by his collarbone. Toby squeezed again, pulling the hard dick up slightly and a second squirt landed on Toby’s tummy, dripping down to his bellybutton toward the waistband of his briefs. This was followed by four more pulses from Zac, each with their own squirts of cum; they ran down Toby’s hand and pooled at the base of Zac’s cock. Zac moaned the whole time.

Toby leaned forward, laying his entire body over Zac’s. He hugged him close and thrust his cotton covered crotch against his friend. He could feel the precum soak through his briefs and mix with the jizz and Vaseline coating the boy’s sex below. Toby came seconds later, moaning into Zac’s ear and filling his briefs with his juices. His cock swam in it.

Again, against his better judgment, he brushed his lips against Zac’s before rolling off his best friend.

Toby asked “Did you like that?”

Zac could only nod. They lay together, side by side, watching the rest of the porn video.

"Toby, see that?" Zac asked pointing to the screen after a few minutes. "Look at that girl sucking the guy's cock. I want to know what that feels like. I bet it feels great to have your dick sucked like that."

When it was over, Zac took it back to Ike's room, and Toby returned the Vasaline. Toby hoped that Jaxsper would not notice it had been open and used, but Zac assured him that Jax wouldn't notice. Why would he need to use something like that anyway?


I awoke alone in bed again. Taylor must be up already. I savored the memories of the night before. It was just so perfect. I love Taylor so much. Nothing would ever keep us apart.

I slipped on a pair of shorts and an overly baggy t-shirt and padded downstairs. Taylor was at the breakfast table eating a huge bowl of ice cream. Another patented Hanson breakfast. We have got to have Brittany teach us how to cook!

“Good Morning, sexy,” he said. “You’re up and around, huh? Even after that....ummm reaming I gave you last night? I would have thought you’d be bed ridden for the day at least!”

“You wish, braggart!” I said, tossing a pillow from the couch at him. He dodged it effortlessly.

I gave him a good morning kiss and sat down beside him. He was looking at one of Brittany’s magazines as he gulped down the ice cream. Today is a film day for the video. He and his brothers would be leaving for the studio soon. Still, we were up before the rest of the household. Brittany, Lynn, Toby and I were invited to join them. I couldn’t wait to see my lover in action again, this time on the video screen.

“Girls read the goofiest stuff. Look at this story, Jax,” Taylor said as he pointed to Brittany’s magazine, “It’s called ‘Six Snogs You Gotta Try!’ You know, a snog is what some people call a French kiss. How many of these have you done before?”

I explained to Taylor that he was the first person I had ever kissed and that I had never tried any of the “snogs” in that magazine before.

“Well then, we should begin your education immediately, Jaxsper. These are expert snogs and should only be attempted by a seasoned professional like myself.,” Tay said

“Seasoned professional? And just where did you get your certification, Mr. Hanson?”

“Don’t get distracted by details, Jax. I’ve been reading this story all morning. Let’s start with the ‘Flutter-by Baby’ ok? It’s supposed to let you get to know your partner’s mouth intimately, and I want to know every part of yours. ‘All the better to get to snog Heaven’ it says.”

He picked up the magazine and studied the page for a second then put it down. Taylor moved in and gave me lots of soft, fluttery kisses on and around my mouth, cheeks and chin. Then, he slowly explored my lips with his mouth and used his teeth to nibble, pull and suck. He softly ran the tip of his tongue along my teeth and finished it off with a series soft butterfly kisses. Whew! He took my breath away!

“Wow” I breathed, “you are fucking good!”

“Told ya, Jax. I’m an expert. Let’s try the ‘Tantalizer’ sounds like fun. Oh, this one comes with a warning. It says to be careful, you don’t want to get too rough and draw blood. Don’t you worry though, Jaxsper. You’re in good hands.”

He held my face in both hands and looked deep into my eyes. I stared back at his, those incredible, electric blue eyes of his. He had the kind of eyes that you could stare into forever. My breath caught in my throat. Taylor tilted my head and kissed me on the forehead softly, then slowly moved down my face and explored my eyelids, cheeks, nose and chin with his mouth and fingertips. Each touch was soft and gentle. I let him explore my face, allowing him to get to know every intimate detail. Then, he parted his lips and gently brushed them over mine. Taylor ended it with a light, sweet kiss that made me tingle all over. His right hand reached up and brushed against my soft cheek. He smiled back at me sweetly.

It was so great. He wanted more. Taylor roughly grabbed my head and pulled me close, his tongue found mine and we relished the taste of the other’s saliva. I opened my eyes and pulled my tongue back out of his mouth. A loud “smack” could be heard as we broke contact.

“And what do you call that one, Mr. Expert?” I asked.

“Ummm, I call that one ‘Jaxsper’s desire.’ Just created it myself. I can do that, you know, ‘cause I’m an expert.”

“Well, thank you for all the personal instruction, professor. You know, it’s not every day that an expert such as yourself would take such a...hands on approach with a novice such as myself. Not to mention such a lips on, and tongues on approach for that matter. I’ve got one I would like to show you, though.”

I took my index finger and swirled it around in his ice cream, collecting a nice size dollop and popped it into my mouth. I withdrew my finger slowly, sensuously from between my tightly closed lips. I never broke eye contact with him, as I moaned and pulled my finger away. He looked as if he wanted to dive across the table and attack me.

I leaned in towards him and took Taylor’s face in my hands. I pressed my cold lips to his. I slid my tongue into his mouth and fed him the ice cream bit by bit. He took it ravenously as if it was his last meal. He took it all from me, and chased my tongue back into my mouth, hunting for more. It was a battle for control, each of us tasting and teasing the other.

Our kiss broke. “Mmmm,” Taylor said, “Best cherry chocolate I’ve ever tasted.”

I stuck my index finger in the tub of ice cream, and then stuck into his mouth, his soft lips going up and down on my digit suggestively.

“Oh gross!” Ike said from the doorway.

Taylor and I both jumped with a start.

“Cool it, ok you guys. Look, I’m trying to be like all politically correct and nice and junk, but watching two guys go at it is really kinda sick.”

Taylor answered, “Jealous much, Ike? At least I’ve got someone. Not like you, different girl all the time. What number is Lynn 23 or 26?”

“Shut up, Tay. Don’t let her hear you say that. She’s the one this time. Don’t go spoiling it for me. And don’t be kissing and groping each other in front of Zac, ok? I don’t want him turning out... you know.”

“Like a fag? Is that what you’re trying to say? It’s not catchy, Ike. Don’t worry,” Taylor retorted.

“Tay,” Ike said, “You know I don’t mean it like that. Come on, don’t be that way. The video is today and I just want all of us focused. It’s not just for me, it’s for the good of the band and the record company. You know, they are spending alot of money on this video shoot. I’m not saying that you are gonna make Zac, you know, like you are but still maybe it would be best if he wasn’t exposed to stuff like that. Alright?”

I didn’t know what to say. It really wasn’t my place to get between them. I could see Ike was struggling to accept us. I really didn’t blame him much. It took me a long while to come to terms with my feelings, and Ike wasn’t going to just accept it overnight. Still, he was trying.

Taylor took my hand and told me to come upstairs with him. I followed, grabbing the bowl of ice cream. Ike yelled for us to be sure and be ready at 9:30 to leave for the shoot.

“Where were we?” I asked as I closed the door to our room. “Oh yes, the ice cream. Mmmm this tastes really good.”

I removed Taylor’s shirt and pushed him back onto the bed. I took another spoonful of the melting cherry chocolate ice cream into my mouth. “Here try some” I said as I laid down on top of him, pulling him into my arms and pushing my tongue back into his mouth. He hungrily flicked his tongue all around my mouth, tasting it all.

Taylor moaned. He was rock hard. I smiled down at him, and ate another spoonful. I started kissing my way down Taylor’s body with my cold lips, watching him shiver in delight.
“It’s time for my breakfast,” I told Taylor. I dropped a spoonful of the cream onto his chest and massaged it in. He squealed in delight and jumped with the cold shock. I licked the tasty dessert from his body, taking extra time on his frosty, erect nipples. His tight little belly button making a perfect makeshift bowl. I chased the melting streams of cream down his tummy and chest.

I was having way too much fun and it showed. I opened Taylor’s jeans and deftly pulled his hard, straining cock free. Taylor moaned and squirmed. I scooped up another large spoonful of the ice cream, and Taylor’s eyes widened as I positioned the spoon over his dick. I touched the back of the spoon to the tip of his cock. He jumped as the cold metal circled his sensitive head. "Ahhhhhh, Jax, don't please, ahhh that is soooo cold,” I warmed the spoon against his hot dick, until the ice cream had melted a bit. When it was slick enough I tipped the spoon, spilling its contents down his shaft.

“I just love the taste of your popcycle,” I said as I popped another spoonful into my mouth. I gobbled my lover’s cock with my cold mouth, sucking and slurping him. Soon, the chill became warmer. I bobbed up and down on him, the friction heating us up.

“Here it comes, Jax. Yeah, take it. I’m cumming!” Taylor yelled as he grabbed my head and pushed me further down his shaft.

I could feel his legs twitch, then tense up. I pulled back on his dick so that only the head was in my mouth, and I tongued it madly. My mouth was tired and cold, but I was soon rewarded. Taylor writhed below me, and called out my name over and over again. I felt his cock throb against my tongue. His warm cum gushing into my cold mouth. It glazed across my tongue. My mouth was full of the combination of his warm cream and the cold ice cream.

I kept my mouth clamped shut on his tool. I sucked both creams off his dick. Taylor relaxed beneath me, and kept his hand on the back of my head. I kept his softening dick in my mouth. We stayed like that for awhile. I could feel his dick leaking out the last few drops of fluid and it grew totally soft in my mouth. Taylor’s heart beat and his breathing slowed. I raised my head smacking my lips.

“Delicious,” I said.

“God, I love you, Jaxsper” Taylor said. “That was the greatest.”

It was like I said earlier. This is just so perfect. I love Taylor so much. Nothing would ever keep us apart.

We were so lost in the moment, we didn’t even notice the slight whir of the automatic cameras above us.


"You guys comin' or not?" Isaac yelled from downstairs.

Taylor and I rushed to get our pants back on. Oh, we were coming alright...well, actually we just finished.

The van pulled up outside to pick us up for the video shoot. Ike herded us inside. He had spoken to his dad earlier. This was the first time the brothers had been away from their father. No dad to make sure they were at the shoot on time or to keep them from getting too wild when it was time to film, or keep the production from running over budget because of their antics. Isaac was now trying to fill that role. I guess Mr. Hanson was pleased with Ike's progress, which only doubled Isaac’s efforts.

Ike and Lynn sat in the first row of seats, reviewing storyboards, talking about light checks, blocking, POV, pinky gels and stuff like that. I've been on commercial and movie sets a number of times, but even I was baffled by some of their conversations. They were really into it! Still, I wasn't the only one who noticed Ike subtly stroking Lynn's thigh as they spoke. Taylor raised an eyebrow at that as well. It was really kind of romantic.

Taylor, Brittany and I occupied the middle seat. Mostly we just talked about music and stuff. It was really pretty innocent. We deliberately maneuvered Britt so that she sat between us. There were cameras installed in the van for the Real World show. We wanted to be sure to keep up the appearance that Taylor and I were just good friends. Taylor asked me, in a round about way, to remind him to wipe the video of our ice cream breakfast from the tape when we returned home that night. That was really important. I wasn't worried though. The cameras don't upload the recorded house tapes until around 2:00 am. We would be back in plenty of time. At least I thought we would be.

Zac and Toby took up the entire back seat. The boys never sat still. They were constantly rolling around, laughing and whispering to each other. Zac would cup his hand to Toby's ear, say something quietly and then they would both laugh. I couldn't make out a word they were saying.

"Toby, remember how that girl sucked that other guy's cock in Ike's porn video?" Zac whispered to his friend. "Man, I gotta find out what that's like! I bet it's really, really cool. Bet she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose."

"I reckon you're right, Zac," Toby whispered back. I bet that feels spectacular."

"You mean suck-tacular don't you?"

The boys laughed again at their private joke.

The vans rounded the corner. As we completed the turn we saw it. Hundreds upon hundreds of teenage girls ringed the perimeter of the non-descript stage where we would be filming the video. I guess word got out over the internet somehow. A chain link fence kept them away, you could still see them crying and waving and you could hear the loud rush of hundreds of voices all saying at once "It's them!"

"Oh no!" Isaac said, shaking his head. "It's Jakarta all over again!"

"What's Jakarta?" I asked Taylor.

"It’s in Indonesia, Jax,” Taylor said. “It was a nightmare! One time we were supposed to have this press conference in Jakarta. It was just for the press, but it turned into a way, way too big concert. A few fans found out we were going to be there over the interenet and the hotel decided to let a few in to watch us."

Zac continued, "And, slowly you start to notice that there's more people there than there was before. The press kept turning around and wondering 'What's the deal? There's kids like, almost standing on my shoulders.' More and more crazy fans came into the room, until they pretty much outnumbered us. It was nuts."

"The hotel decided it was best for us to leave. No duh!” said Ike, “They thought it would be a good idea to take us out the back through the hotel restaurant, but there were more fans there. People started freaking out and started of running and grabbing at us."

"Its fun for us to play for crowds who are enthusiastic." Taylor said, "I like that. You have to appreciate their enthusiasm. You also have to appreciate their craziness, but it's really distracting. That's why I liked it when you just approached me and introduced yourself, Jax. You didn't just come up screaming like.... ummmm."

We all sort of looked over at Brittany, who blushed in embarrassment.

"Alright, alright. So I got a little out of control," she said finally. "I couldn't help it."

Taylor assured her that all was forgiven. They had grown pretty close. I didn't tell Taylor, but my first reaction when I saw him was to do exactly the same thing as Brittany. Thank God I controlled myself.

The van inched its way toward the gate.

“Distracting, huh?” I asked Taylor.

“Yeah, Jax. You don’t know what it’s like. It’s hard to play music, sing in harmony, get excited by the crowd but still tune out some of the craziness.”

Ike told him that he had better be able to concentrate today. He said that alot of money was riding on today’s video shoot, plus they wanted to be sure to get a good video out of this. One that would be shown on MTV over and over. That would ensure continued success for the band and that would mean more touring and more people would be able to hear their music and of course more money as well.

Finally we reached the gate. “Cover your ears,” Taylor warned me. The screams from the crowd grew to almost deafening levels as the van doors opened. They boys were complete professionals. They jumped out of the van and jogged toward the stage, waving to the crowd.

Brittany, Toby and I got out after they were almost inside. Most of the screaming had died down, and was replaced by some girls giggling and some almost sobbing. Zac poked his head out again, prompting more screams from the fans. He just made a face and screamed back.

“Zac’s always like that,” Taylor said. “He likes to provoke them. He gets off on anything wild and uncontrollable. Ike likes to play up to the girls in the crowd. I like the smaller, more intimate, venues though. The ones with people who really care about us and the music, and not just dying to touch and grab us.”

“If you want, Taylor, I could show you some relaxation and concentration tricks I’ve learned in acting class. They could really help. I know what it’s like to have to perform with tons of people looking at you,” I said.

“There is nothing wrong with your performance, Jax. I can testify to that personally. No offense, but I think I know how to concentrate and perform when I have to already.”

“Oh, really?” I joked, “Know more than me, huh? I’ll admit you’ve had to perform to larger crowds than I have, but let’s just put that to the test. I'll be the judge of how well you can perform under pressure, Taylor. I’m gonna be your little distraction today.”

“You already are my distraction, Jax,” Tay said squeezing my hand.

“Well, today I’m gonna be much worse. We’ll see what you’re like under pressure.” I raised my eyebrow and gave him my most deliciously evil grin.


"Jax, I know that you've never been to any of my concerts, but they make those screaming girls outside look like a Cub Scout meeting. I'm sure that I can concentrate with them out there," Taylor said.

"Oh, I'm sure you can too, but can you concentrate with me in here? I bet you can't," I replied.

We were standing inside of the soundstage where Hanson's "Cried" video was to be shot. The sets were built, the lights were rigged and the crew was there. Taylor and I were over by the craft service's table. That's the table with all the goodies for the talent and crew to munch on. It was stocked with all of Hanson's favorites: red jelly beans, Pop Tarts, Twizlers, smooth peanut butter, a well as the usual, vegetables, and candy, and milk, and candy, and Snapple, and of course candy!

"Yeah," I joked, "I think you are far too full of yourself, Taylor. I propose a little bet. Let's make it a game. The idea of the game is for me to make you have a hard on and see if I can distract you today, without anyone catching onto what is going on."

The corners of Taylor's mouth turned up into a sly grin. It was something about the movement and noise in the stage, all the different people about that made it sound so cool. Sure, everyone would be watching Taylor, but there were plenty of other distractions around. No one would catch us I thought, but it would be fun to tease him anyway.

"Jax! We're in the middle of a crowd of people. I'm gonna have to perform in front of them all day while they film," he exclaimed in a startled whisper. Taylor glanced around nervously to see if anyone was looking.

"I thought you were the big time professional? You can't be rattled by some crazy fan! You know I am your biggest fan, Taylor, and I am growing bigger by the second. I've had a hard on since we left the house!"

"You're crazy!" he whispered again excitedly. "We're in the middle of ........... and you're standing there......... There's people all over the place!"

I snickered again, "Come on, Taylor, take a chance! Unless, you're afraid you can’t take it. After all, we both know that you can only think with one head at a time, the one on top of your shoulders or the one in your pants. And we also both know that I control the one in your pants." I raised my eyes from the growing bulge in his pants to look into his clear blue eyes.

"Taylor! TAYLOR!" Ike said as he interrupted us. "I've been calling you for the last five minutes! We have to go over some stuff with the director. Come on, everyone is over at the table already!"

Taylor looked back into my eyes and nodded. I knew then the that game was afoot.

We walked over to a giant table and sat down with the director, cinematographer, and various other keys for the shoot. It was sort of like a script read through, which I've been to before. They went over the stoyrboards and the director told Taylor and his brothers what he expected of them in each shot.

When it was almost finished, I scribbled a note onto the back of a piece of paper and passed it over to Taylor. They completed their meeting, and the crew went to go make final preparations for the first shots. Others stayed behind at the table to eat the breakfast served by the caterer. That's all there really is to do on most stages, either eat or work. Taylor opened the note I passed to him, and read it to himself. His face turned red, but he knew better than to complain.

Taylor excused himself, and went to the bathroom, as ordered. "Why didn't Jax say that I could use my trailer?" he thought to himself. I'm sure he was glad that no one else was using the large bathroom!

He reread the note and, following the next order, slipped into one of the stalls. He nervously untied and removed his shoes and pulled off the tight stripped pants, that he and the art director thought would look really cool in the video. Taylor froze when he heard somebody coming into the bathroom, but luckily they were in and out in no time. He slowly tugged off the bright red boxers that he borrowed from me this morning. Then put his pants and shoes go back on, keeping the underpants in his hands.

He followed the next part of his instructions like a good little boy. All he had to do was touch his dick to make it hard, like I instructed him to do (As if he even needed to touch it at all to make it grow at that moment). He closed the button on his pants but left the fly open, as instructed. Try as hard as he could, poor Taylor just couldn't keep his little woody from poking its head out of his fly just a tiny bit.

He started the long walk back over to our table, the boxers balled up in his hand. The only thing redder than those boxers was the color of his cheeks. I had breakfast waiting for the both of us. He felt as if every eye was on him and his crotch. He was sure everyone knew how naughty he was. In reality, no one really noticed. They were all busy eating or doing their work.

Taylor sat down next to me and handed me the boxers I loaned to him earlier.

"Indian giver!" he joked.

We talked for awhile, mostly about nothing. He was glad that the tablecloth covered up his lap. We both tried to act as if he wasn't just sitting there with a raging hard on. I gave him a couple of minutes to cool off, then I slipped off my shoe and put my sock-covered foot against his throbbing cock, pressing it slightly. The long tablecloth helping to hide me as much as it did Taylor. I used my toes to draw it further out of the fly and into the open air.

"Just testing to see if you are enjoying yourself as much as I am," I said quietly.

"More than you know, Jax. Although I think you're getting a pretty good idea with your foot there. Ungh ohhhh," he moaned and closed his eyes for a second. "God, that feels good Jax, but you can see I'm still professional. No one's caught on yet."

We played that game for awhile. I tried to see how long I could toy with him without letting him shoot, and he tried not to react in any way to what was happening. The odds were in my favor though. Even with my foot, I knew so much about him by now. I knew where to touch him, and what to do. What he liked and just what would make it hardest for him not to draw some stares. He had to grip the side of the table a couple of times. It got so bad that nobody else could even get our attention when we’re together.

Zac came running over and told us it was almost time for the filming to start. I let Taylor zip back up. His face was flushed as if he was in a sauna. I covered my mouth and shook with laughter as I watched him stand up and walk over to where the production would start. The tight pants did not help him at all. He moved quickly to stand behind his keyboards.

The best boy electric passed out small earpieces to the band. Ike, Tay and Zac slipped them into their ears. They would be filming alot of water effects in this video, and using playback. The earpieces would allow them to hear the director over all the effects.

"You promised not to say a word. You promised you would keep it quiet, but you and I both knew it. It was written all over your face. So I cried, the day you said goodbye. I cried, the day that our love died.

This shot was a relatively simple one. It would be used for drop ins in the real video. It was just the band performing on a black lacquer stage. They filmed the song all the way through three of four times from different angles. Taylor couldn’t help but glance my way every once in a while. I just mouthed, “I want to fuck you” every time he looked my way. Then they set up for the next shot.

“We never really talked about it, because I was thinking four leaf clovers. But, you wished we were over. Now I’ve lost three and I’ve only got one. So, I cried the day you said goodbye. I cried the day that our love died.”

This scene was shot in front of a brightly colored background made to look like an idyllic picnic spot. Taylor was with an actress they hired who pretended to be his girlfriend for the video. The little tramp :) The scene was shot very close, highlighting the colors as Taylor and his “girlfriend walked along the hills carrying a picnic basket. The camera zoomed in on Taylor’s hand as he picked the four leaf clover. Then, as the petals dropped away, the sky darkened and his “girlfriend” ran off. The skies opened above him and torrential rain came down on him, soaking him as he sang the lyrics, “cried, the day that our love died.”

That was the way many of the scenes went. A nice, bright set flooded, and Taylor with it. The rain continued until it washed away all the set dressing and props in the scene, leaving a lonely isolated Taylor. I thought the whole video looked like it would be cool once it was edited together. The rest of the band wasn’t excused from the water, though. Water rained down on them as they played their instruments and sang. Everytime Zac beat his drums spashed of water would bounce up on his face, but Taylor was the most soaked!

The director called cut, and it was a lunch break. Ike yelled at Taylor for missing a couple of cues and not hitting his mark in one shot. Ike was really worried that the video would not be done on time, and that Taylor was distracted and costing the record company money in overtime.

Taylor walked over to me, dripping water. He is so thin and small anyway, but the water and the soggy clothes only made him look even more adorable and vulnerable. I wrapped a towel over him and rubbed. To the others it looked like I was just helping my friend dry off, but I was really just rubbing up and down his gorgeous body. I hugged him close, warming him with my own bodyheat, grinding our crotches together for a stolen, fleeting second.

“Ummm, for the record, Taylor,” I said, “You look really good in water. It becomes you.” The dropplets dripped from his long eyelashes and ran down his smooth cheeks.

He dried and we had lunch. Taylor and I went to his trailer and played some videogames. He boasted that he was doing pretty well in the bet. No one had really noticed his hard on, and he didn’t seem distracted at all. Now I knew I really had to pull out all the stops.

While we were waiting for the crew to readjust the water special effects, I took the earpiece from Taylor’s ear. I was familiar with this kind of equipment. I tuned it from the crew’s standard channel 2 band over to a channel 3 wavelength.

The director called him back out, to review the next series of shots. I spoke into a microphone I borrowed from the engineering department earlier. Only Taylor could hear me on this channel.

"Taylor, this is the voice of your libido. Can you hear me? Nod if you can.” I peeked out of the trailer window and saw him nodding.

“Do you know what I am doing right now, naughty boy? I am laying back on your bed in the trailer. Ohhhhh, it’s so soft. My hand is going down my body, and now I’m cupping my crotch through my jeans with my right hand.” I giggled girlishly and Tay blushed as I continued to talk dirty to him. Only he could hear me. I dropped my voice until it was like a sexy growl. "Now, I’m unzipping my pants, slowly. Ahhh, the cool air feels nice on my throbbing, hot cock. I’m gonna stroke it now. Yeah, and I wish it was your hand around it right now instead of mine. Better yet, I wish it was your face. I'm pumping it up and down and imagining your face on me"

Poor Taylor, he was having the devil of a time concentrating as I described everything I was doing to myself. It was like he called one of those sex phone lines. He was trying as hard as he could to be professional while he listened in. That only made me try that much harder to turn him on. I could see the crotch of his pants growing tighter from the trailer’s window.

"Ungh, ohhhhh, Taylor. I am laying back and imagining that you are here with me My left hand is slowly moving down my chest and is massaging my balls. I've thrown away every stitch of clothing, and I am sitting here rubbing myself and pinching my nipples. Mmmm that feels sooo good. Now my fingers are sliding down my stomach and are running through my tangled pubic hair. My dick is swollen and wet with desire." I let out a long, deep moan.

I let my words paint a vivid picture for Taylor, and I told him that my hand was now a blur on my penis. I grunted that it felt like I was going to blow my balls very soon. I went back to telling him all about how my fingers went up and down my body, and rubbing circles around the swollen head of my cock and how I wished it was his hands on me instead.

I watched Taylor from the window as I continued jacking off and describing every minute detail. He had to keep reaching down to adjust his already too tight pants. Everyone around him just carried on ‘business as usual’ but Taylor was on the edge!

"Ungh, oh yes, faster, faster!" I screamed.

Taylor wiped his forehead and bit his upper lip as I continued describing my antics to him. I was really turning him on. I moaned that I couldn't take it any longer. I said that my fist was bopping up and down, really working quickly. "I'm coming," I gasped. Taylor could hear my muffled "oh's" in an almost continuous cry through his earpiece. I bet he could almost make out the sound of my fingers sliding along my slick penis. Between gasps I said, with my voice cracking, "Unh, oh, oh, I wish.. oh, oh, oh.. it was your face... oh, oh, on me so that you could... mmmm, oh, unh, taste my juices, lover boy. Oh, Taylor, it started way down deep and I squeezed and jerked my cock really hard. It felt like it was on fire, then my whole body went into shock."

I saw Taylor almost double over and grab at his dick when I said that. Ike turned to him and asked if he was ok. Taylor said he was fine but he needed to go to his trailer for a second. Through the window, I could see him coming closer and closer to me.

He opened the door to find me naked and spralled out on his bed.

“Are you crazy? Talking to me like that! You made me cum in my pants!” he said with a laugh. I got some paper towels and helped him clean up his damp crotch.

“Gotcha,” was all I had to say.


Taylor was exhausted. Music video shoots tend to run fifteen or sixteen hours, and Taylor had worked every second of it. The multiple camera angles and all the water effects sure didn't help.

Many of the screaming girls who were waiting outside had left long ago, but a few remained. Taylor decided that he would rather spend the night in his trailer at the set, than fight his was through them and ride back to the house. The trailer was fully appointed anyway, nice big bed, running water, shower, television. All the comforts of home. He asked Ike if it was ok. Ike agreed, he was too tired to say otherwise. Taylor also asked me to stay with him, he didn't like the idea of staying there alone. I remembered how it upset Taylor to be by himself at night. I thought it would be fun anyway, kinda like a sleep over. The crew packed up and left, and the vans carrying Zac, Ike and the rest went back home.

"Ohhhh. I think I overdid it today," Taylor moaned as he flopped down in the bed. "My body aches all over. That was more work than a concert!"

I sat down beside him and flicked on the TV. We watched in silence for awhile, until the sounds of two stomachs growling grew unbearable. I thought I saw some boxes of Crackerjacks left behind on the craft service's table, and I went to retrieve them.

"Not much of a feast, but at least we won't starve. I found ten boxes," I said.

We opened one of the boxes. Taylor could take a piece of the popcorn, throw it into the air and catch it in his mouth every time. He said he learned the trick from Zac. He finished the box and dug deep inside for the prize.

"My dad tells me that there used to be really cool prizes in Crackerjacks," Taylor said, "There would be things in them like whistles and rings and stuff. Not anymore, though."

I said to him, "Yeah, my Mom jokes that's where my Dad got her wedding ring from, out of a Crackerjack box. Don't tell me you're looking in there for one to give me."

"Give me your hand, Jax," Taylor said.

He took my hand in his and pulled it to his mouth. He looked up into my eyes and lovingly licked the back of my hand. When it was wet, he put one of those temporary tattoos, he got from out of the Crackerjacks, onto my hand. The tattoo left a bright red heart on my hand and the words, "Be Mine" He was just so perfect. He knew just what to do to make me melt. I've said it before. I love Taylor with all my heart.

"There you go, Jax. Consider yourself a marked man. Just in case you find your eyes wandering to some other guy, just look down at your hand and know that you are mine."

Taylor sprawled out on bed, laying on his stomach and resting his head on hands.

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to move until morning, Jax. I'm exhausted, and sore. My muscles are killing me!"

I grabbed my backpack and dug around until I found the bottle of baby oil I brought with me. I don't know why I brought it, but after the fun we had the other night, I decided to always be prepared. I offered to give Taylor a massage. I would help him melt away all the soreness. He said that I could, after all I already proved that I could rub everything else really well.

I ordered Taylor not to move, and to let me do all the work tonight. I crawled down his body to untie and remove his shoes. I wrapped my arms around his thin waist and lifted him about an inch off the bed. I unbuckled his belt and removed his pants and shirt. He laid there in just his boxers. I opened one of the trailer windows, letting the warm summer breeze in.

I wanted to put Taylor in a fully relaxed state, so I grabbed a handkerchief and tied it over his eyes, blindfolding him. I told him to clear his mind and concentrate only on his sense of touch, I didn't want him to think of anything other than my hands rubbing all over his body.

He jumped as he felt the cold, clear liquid dribble on his back. The chill caused his body to tense up more. The next time I rubbed the oil between my hands, warming it for my lover. I straddled his thighs and massaged the point where his neck met his shoulders. I kneaded those muscles, pushing and rubbing small circles in them until they were soft, then stretching out further relaxing his shoulders. Taylor moaned that it felt wonderful.

I worked my way down his spine, stroking the tense muscles all the way down, running my hands along his sides and under his arms, massaging his ribs. He is so thin, I could feel every sinuous muscle through his smooth, white skin. I tried to find patches of tension and help him by melting it away. Taylor kept up the small mews of pleasure. I scooted back, skipping his boxer covered areas, and worked the hamstrings in his thighs; then further down, tickling the soft soles of his feet. Slowly, his whole body relaxed and he sighed quietly.

I stared at the glorious sight of his fair, almost translucent, skin gleaming in the moonlight from the baby oil. The sight of him made me extremely hard. I stopped his massage long enough to pull my shirt up over my head and kick away my pants and boxers.

"What are you doing?" Taylor whispered, still blindfolded. "Don't stop, Jax. This feels so perfect. You should get a job doing it. I bet people would pay a fortune!" I told Taylor he would be my only client, and since he never had any money, I would make him pay in other ways.

"Just relax, Taylor. Don't talk, don't think. Just feel. I want you to feel me pulling your boxers down with my teeth."

I leaned down and grasped the waistband of his boxers between my teeth and tugged it down his slick body. I looked up between his legs and saw Taylor's pink balls smashed slightly beneath the weight of his body. Then, I moved back and poured more liquid into my hands and rubbed them together. I moved my well oiled hands along his inner thighs, my fingers brushing against those balls a couple of times.

Taylor's whole body shivered as he felt my warm hands spreading the baby oil on his tight ass muscles. I kneaded and squeezed his cheeks in my strong hands. First, I moved my hands along the outside then, slowly I drew my fingers closer and closer together towards the center. He let out a quick gasp. I continued working his butt, massaging between the cheeks.

I leaned forward to whisper into his ear. As I moved closer to his ear, my dick trailed along his ass and rested on the small of his back

"Your ass is soooo hot, Taylor, just like the rest of you." I whispered.

He squeaked out, "It's yours anytime you want it, Jax"

I pulled off of him again, and grabbed for a strip of cloth. I wanted Taylor to just lay there and feel me. I didn't want him to feel anything but how much I loved him. I drew his arms up over his head and tied his wrists together, forming the cloth into a loose bow. It wasn't tight, just enough to keep him where I wanted, tied and blindfolded.

I leaned up again and kissed the nape of Tay's neck as I whispered, "I'm going to fuck you, Taylor. I don't want you to move. I don't want you to worry. Just lay there and enjoy it. I promise that you will love it."

I slid my oiled fingers up and down along his crack then slowly pushed one into him. He tensed up and thrust his groin into the bed, causing his back to arch. His head was out of control, rocking back and forth, twisting side to side. I put my other hand on his shoulder to steady him.

I whispered into his ear, "Just relax, Taylor. I won't hurt you. That's the last thing I would ever do to you. Trust me, please."

I kept my finger very still inside of him so that he could get used to it, then I slowly started to wiggle it around. I squirmed my slick finger around in his hole and soon enough, I could work in a second one. Taylor moaned and buried his face into the mattress below.

Taylor did his best to relax and stay calm. I ran my other hand back and forth along his spine again, trying to distract him from my probing fingers below.

I took some more baby oil and began to lube up my dick. My cock stood away from my body throbbing harder than ever in anticipation of what would happen next. I was oozing precum by the gallon. I looked down to see my lover's shiny, waiting body. There was no turning back.

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it along his asscrack, then aimed it at his tight, pink hole. I asked him if he was ready and he nodded, biting his lower lip. I leaned my weight forward and entered him slowly. The oil and his relaxed muscles made it so much easier. I continued forward one inch at a time. I would push in a bit then stop, letting him get used to the feeling and calming myself as well. He was so tight, he could have made me cum instantaneously. I continued that way, pulling out a half of an inch then pushing in an inch. Taylor writhed below me, experiencing it all.

Finally, I was fully buried in my lover. I leaned forward, placing my mouth to his ear. I whispered, "I'm all the way in, now the fun begins." I wrapped my arms under his, hugging him tight, and slowly I began to move.

I slowly moved my hips, gently fucking Taylor. Tay could feel a wave of warmth move throughout his body as he felt the gentle anal massage. His breathing was in short pants at first but changed to long moans of pleasure. My hands slid along his chest and up to his open, moaning mouth. He sucked on my fingers as I slowly fucked his ass.

"God, you are so tight," I said. It felt incredible. His ass was spasming and contracting around on my shaft, sending glorious waves of pleasure through me. Taylor moaned his approval beneath me. I slid my hands down his body and twirled his pubic hair in my fingers. His dick was emitting waves of heat. I wrapped my hands around his sex and stroked him in time with each thrust of my hips.

Taylor savored the feeling of being dicked. He moaned and gasped as he felt a thousand emotions at once. We were connected at that moment, Taylor and I. His hands clenched and unclenched with each thrust, pulling at his bonds that it held him.

“Faster, Jax. Give it to me. Oh God that feels good!” he screamed. Taylor tried to assist by thrusting back with his hips to meet me.

I shoved a pillow beneath Taylor and rose up to my knees. I grasped his hips and really started to give it to him. I gave him long strokes nearly pulling out and then thrusting up to the hilt. My dick throbbed and pulsed as I grew closer to climax.

I could feel my orgasm boiling up in my balls. I tried to fight it off, to keep going but it was like a knot in my penis and Taylor’s ass was working the knot closer and closer to tip. I looked down to my hand, holding Tay’s hip to steady him, and saw the tattoo he gave me earlier. That was the final step. A sudden, intense pleasure raced through my body, more powerful than any before, and a exploded. I filled Taylor’s ass with my hot jizz. I could feel the tremors rack Taylor’s slim frame and he tensed up completely seconds before squirting the cum from his own engorged shaft.

I collapsed across Taylor’s back, my softening penis still within him, and reached up to pull the bow, that tied his wrists, off. Our chests were heaving and we were covered in sweat. Taylor turned and removed the blindfold, staring into my eyes with his dazzling blues. He had that goofy, puppy love look on his face.

“Thank you, Taylor. Now we are both each other’s first.”

He kissed me and pulled my tattooed hand up for a kiss as well. You know those silly girls who scream, ‘He touched me! I’ll never wash this hand again’? I used to make fun of them. Well, at that moment, the only thing I could think of was, “Taylor Hanson touched me. I’m never going to wash this hand again.” Silly, I know, but I just love him so much. Nothing will ever tear us apart.

I looked over at the clock. 1:00 am. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

At 2:00 am, right on time, the cameras back at the house started their routine upload of the video they took for the day. The tape traveled by satellite back to the producers of the TV show.

That's not the end of the story.

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