Have you ever loved someone so much, you would travel to the ends of the Earth to be with them? Jaxsper Finn met Taylor Hanson last summer. Their love ignited a fire in their hearts, but a candle that burns the brightest burns the fastest. Separated by miles and by their own parents, Jaxsper risks everything on a cross country journey to reunite with a love kept from him.

Our Players

Taylor Hanson

Sensitive and caring. He would do anything for Jaxsper
Zac Hanson

Wise beyond his years. Able to see through anything or anyone
Jaxsper Finn

Separated from Taylor by miles. All that is about to change

Beaten and left for dead. He suffers from amnesia. His past is a mystery even to him
David "Quick" Xairec

Skater/hacker who hooks up with Jax to help him find true love. Whoever that may be
Tobias Quirk

His unrequited love for Zac made him question everything. Will he ever find happiness?
Sagittarius North

Actor and teen heartthrob always gets what he wants. Now he wants Taylor

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Chapter 1It would take a miracle for me to get him back, and I don't believe in miracles.
Chapter 2Looks like you have some choices to make, huh Tay?
Chapter 3Hey, did you hear that Jaxsper ran away cause he was in love with some guy?
Chapter 4One guy knocked me down, and the other one tried to steal my backpack.
Chapter 5"I can see if you’re going to stick with your same old cherry-chocolate or if you would like to taste a sample of my Malibu Creame," Sage said
Chapter 6"Quick. Wake up. You kept calling out my name in your sleep."
Chapter 7“You know you want it," Sage said, “Come back to my room with me, Taylor.”
Chapter 8“No. Don’t.” Taylor said as he swallowed hard, confused in the heated mix of desire and guilt.
Chapter 9Quick could sense something was wrong and he reached his hand over to me.
Chapter 10Taylor wondered why he did that. Why did he let himself go off with Sage?
Chapter 11Hold it right there, you two. Don't you know you're being followed?
Chapter 12 Sage, go away please. Will you please just leave me alone.
Are you sure that's what you want?
Chapter 13Maybe this is the end, but give me just one more second. I want to say goodbye. I've earned that much.
Chapter 14Sage repeated, "You don't want your friend in there finding out we were lovers."
Chapter 15Zac said, "You're not a victim, Taylor, so stop acting like one. You know who you want to be with. You've known all along."
Chapter 16"Come on, Tay. Get that chubby ass up there!" Zac yelled.
Chapter 17"Just what we need to get Jax to say yes to Taylor. The very thing that broke them up so long ago will be the thing that brings them even closer together."
Chapter 18 Jax is gonna hate it sure, but he’ll come around. Come on, let’s start the insanity!
Chapter 19Let me tell you something, no sane person will take an invitation like that seriously
Chapter 20“You know, Jax, I think that you’re only marrying me for my body."
Chapter 21It’s funny how, when you’re horny, you forget about things like that, but we were, after all in a public place.
Chapter 22“Hey, Quick, what’s this icon for?” Zac asked as he looked aounnd on the computer.
Chapter 23How embarrassing! After you invited all those people to the wedding, and on the internet no less. What are you going to tell everyone?
Chapter 24“What makes you so sure you can’t work a stick?”
Chapter 25It's horrible. I just know something bad is going to happen to mess our wedding up
Chapter 26“You’re not the only person who can give presents,” Taylor said, raising an eyebrow. “I got something I need to show you.”
Chapter 27The Wedding Chapter
Epilogue"Oh no. It was only a dream."

I really had a great time working on my Real World Hanson story so, in true Hollywood form (I am an actor after all :) I thought....sequel! In keeping with the whole MTV theme, I call this story "Hanson Road Rules."

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