The Real World - Hanson


“Hi, honey, I’m home! Hello? Anybody there?”

“It’s Zac,” Taylor whispered to me.

We quickly rolled off the pool table, and tried desperately to retrieve our clothes from their newfound hiding places scattered around the room. I had no idea where my boxers had gotten to. I found Tay’s across the room where I’d tossed them earlier. He grabbed them and stuffed the red boxers into his pocket. I have never had to dress that quickly, not even the time I almost missed the school bus on field trip day.

I jumped into the legs of my jeans and tugged them up, just as we heard what must have been Zac’s big clunky boots on the tiled floor in the next room. I started to zip up but Taylor offered to do it for me. “Can’t have you damaging anything, Jax.” He molded his body close to mine, looked me in the eye and delicately shoved my semi hard dick into the folds of my jeans. There was a loud “zip” just before I saw Zac and another boy enter the room from over Tay’s shoulder.

Thinking quickly, I grabbed Taylor’s shoulders and wrestled him to the ground. Taylor tipped his head back from under my wrestling pin and watched Zac enter the room upside down.

“Hi, Zac. Long time... We were just uh, just ummmm”

“Wrestling,” I finished for Taylor. “Zac, your brother was just ummm boasting about how he beat me in pool, and I had to take him down. Wrestling, yeah!”

“Hey, relax guys. I’m not the principal” Zac said.

We introduced ourselves to Zac and his new friend Toby. He seemed like a nice guy, and Zac is just the way you would imagine him to be, wild! He’s always doing different voices and jumping around and stuff. Zac also told us about Mr. Kimball. He would act as our social worker and guardian. “He went to his place next door,” Toby told us, “Complaining of a headache. Said he couldn’t much take any more kids, I reckon.”

“Here Tay,” Zac said as he pulled out a small booklet, “Picked this up for you on the trip. It’s a book of Amish children’s games. I figured you’d like this one.”

Zac opened the small book and pointed to a game illustrated inside called “Hot Cockles.” The picture showed one player seated while the other player was on his knees in front of him, the kneeling player’s head in the other’s lap. Other players would take turns sneaking up on the kneeling player and touch his back. The kneeling player would then guess who it was, without seeing because his face would remain burried in his friend's lap. It was all very suggestive.

“Seems like your kind of game, huh Tay?” Zac said.

Taylor blushed, then grabbed Zac. They wrestled for a bit. Zac and Taylor were very close. It made me wish that I had a brother. I remembered how upset Taylor was last night being separated from him. While on tour, they slept in a different bed every night, ate from different places every day, saw tons of different faces. The only thing they could count on staying the same was each other. Both boys seemed fiercely loyal to each other, but teased one another back and forth none the less.

I threw my head back and laughed. Then it was my turn to blush. When I looked up, I saw my Marvin the Martian boxers waving at me from over our heads on the ceiling fan. I motioned for Taylor to grab them as I distracted Zac by looking at the other pages in his book. It had games in it like “Taste the Honey Pot” and “Bore a Hole” full of completely innocent games, but it was enough to make Zac raise his eyebrows and laugh each time he turned the page. Tay jumped up, snagged the swinging underpants and stuffed them into his pocket next to his own pair. The two boxers combined with his half hard penis to give him an obscene bulge.

We heard Toby’s voice from outside. “You guys must have had fun with the pool. Looks nice and wet.”

Taylor and I looked at each other then to the slightly noticeable cum stain on the green felt of the pool table. We burst out laughing. We realized that Toby meant the swimming pool outside. Toby said that he “fancied a dip” Zac, Tay and I agreed to join him. We each retreated to our rooms to get dressed in our bathing suits.

“Do you think he suspects something?” Taylor asked me nervously. In the relative privacy of our shared room.

I told him that I didn’t think so. Besides, why would Zac suspect that Taylor and I were anything more than just two friends.

“I don’t know,” said Taylor. “Zac picks up on things like that. Plus, he has a huge blabber mouth. Do me a favor, Jax, and keep it quiet. You know I love you more than anything. I would love to shout it out at my next concert, but I don’t want Ike finding out. He would be really disappointed. Not disappointed with you I mean, just disappointed in me. I mean, oh you know what I mean right?”

I could understand completely. I had just come to terms with my love for another boy, and I wasn’t sure just how many people I wanted to have find out my secret. Besides, Taylor knew that I loved him too.

“Ok, Tay, I won’t give us away. Doesn't matter anyway, he doesn’t know.”

“Those two are totally in love with each other,” Zac told Toby in the next room.


“Come on, Tay!” Zac yelled back into the house, “Don’t take all day! Just like a woman...”

Toby and Zac had beaten us to the pool. They’d already dived in by the time I got out there. Of course, being in the same room, with Taylor, alone, and changing into swimsuits didn’t help speed things along. It started out with a little kissing, then grabbing and before we knew it, each of us was putting on a mini strip show for the other. We were startled by Zac’s banging on the bedroom door....guess his banging interrupted ours.

I decided that I’d better join them downstairs now or Taylor and I would never leave our room. I slipped on my navy blue surfer’s swimsuit and followed the sound of Zac and Toby’s laughter to the pool. Taylor held back a couple of minutes, guess he needed to calm down a bit.

I stood there and watched the two of them swim around for a few minutes while waiting for Taylor. Zac and Toby really seemed to get along well. They swam all around laughing and dunking each other.

“It’s about time!” Zac said.

I turned to see Taylor opening the sliding glass door, dressed in just a swimsuit, a towel slung over his shoulder. I’m sure alot of people have seen that phony picture of Taylor in a speedo circulating the web, but the sight of a real, nearly naked Taylor was soooo much better.

His long blond hair was tied back into a ponytail, with Tay’s rat-tail wrapped around that. He was still wearing the pendants around his neck, the star charm on one hung lower and played along his delicious chest as he walked. Taylor’s chest was just I remembered it, delicately contoured and exactly proportioned. He has pretty broad shoulders, and a smooth, flat stomach with a hint of a six pack. The cutest stretched belly button is nestled between the mounds of his tummy. He’s thin but not overly skinny, pretty good shape for someone who eats as oddly as he does.

He was dressed in a jet black swimsuit with a green Chinese dragon design on one leg. The dragon’s claws coiled around and looked as if they were grabbing at Tay’s crotch....not that I could blame it. The blackness accentuated Taylor’s fair skin, and the suit hung low on Tay’s slim hips, showing a hint of the even whiter skin it covered.

“Hi, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.” Taylor said as he looked deep into my eyes and smiled that incredible smile of his.

Zac swam to the edge and hoisted himself out of the pool. The water trickled down his young body, pooling at his feet. He walked over to Tay and I.

“Why do you wear those baggy ass shorts?” Zac laughed as he walked circles around Taylor. Suddenly he yanked Taylor’s shorts to his knees, exposing his semi hard, throbbing pecker to the sunlight. Taylor blushed, his cheeks growing pinker than normal, and tried to pull them back up. Zac, Toby and I all laughed as he tugged his shorts back up again, surrounding his cock. He turned his back to us and did alot of “arranging” then turned around slowly. The suit was still a little baggy at the waist, but the bulge of his dick clearly showed underneath. It grew larger, either from embarrassment or stimulation from the sliding fabric, almost poking out at the top of the suit on one side.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” Zac screamed out as he rushed to the pool.

You know me, always up for competition so I took off. I wasn’t about to let him beat me, I was fighting for the honor of Team Jax-Tay. Taylor was right behind me. I came up beside Zac at the pool side. He was just about to jump in, but I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him upright and onto his feet again. Taylor took this opportunity to pull down Zac’s bright orange “baggy ass” short to his feet. Then Taylor and I gently dive bombed into the pool. Sending waves of water back up at the bedraggled Zac. We could hear Zac yelling even underwater.

We swam for a few minutes and I knew it wasn’t only me stealing glances. I saw Taylor’s eyes drift over to me a few times. We moved to the deep end of the pool for some privacy.

“Don’t think I missed the state of your dick, Mr. Hanson!” I said far away from the boys, “You’re horny again aren’t you”

“I cannot tell a lie, yes,” said Tay, “Although from the looks of things, your staring at it doesn’t seem to be helping your own boner, Mr. Finn.”

He ran his hand underwater and caressed my side from just below my arm to the edge of my suit. His hand moved slightly towards my cloth covered penis.

“You're hung really well,” Taylor said with an evil grin.

“Thanks, so are you.”

We looked to see Zac and Toby underwater and used this fleeting moment to embrace face to face, twining our legs together and we rubbed against each other gently. I loved the way the water glistened on his chest, little bumps appearing around his erect nipples, and the way the errant droplets of water dripped from his long eyelashes.

We stayed like that for a few seconds, but then reality set in and we broke the embrace. Taylor and I swam around for a while longer with Toby and Zac. We taught Toby how to play Marco Polo and stuff. Then, Taylor and I excused ourselves from the two boys. They decided to remain in the pool while I said I wanted to go in and watch TV and Taylor claimed he was going to take a nap.

We pulled ourselves out of the pool and toweled dry. Taylor wrapped the towel around his waist and headed inside, with me not far behind.

“You know, we really should wash this chlorine off,” said Taylor.

I agreed, a shower sounded like it would hit the spot.


“After all that dirty action earlier, I just can’t let you get away without a shower,” said Taylor.

I smiled back, “No, you can’t can you?” He pulled me up the stairs giggling, much like yesterday, only this time I knew exactly what he had in mind.

He closed and locked the door to our room and led me to our private bathroom. I gently unwrapped the towel from his waist and tossed it aside. Then, I pulled down his bathing suit. He jumped in surprise as the waistband caught on the tip of his boner. It made me giggle. Taylor did the same to me, dropping my swimsuit in the corner on top of his. He smiled, closed his eyes and kissed me.

Taylor opened the shower door led me in, shutting it behind us. He reached behind me to turn the facet. I jumped as the cold spray hit me squarely in the back. I fumbled to get out of the way, but Taylor’s firm grip on my shoulders held me tight.

“No way,” he grinned, “Just checking to see how you handle shrinkage, I’ll be sure to warm things up in a second.”

I grabbed his ass, and forced him back onto the cold tile against the wall. We smiled at each other and I hugged him tightly as I angled my head to kiss him again. Our tongues coiled around each other’s and explored the other’s mouth. The water gradually became warmer. Taylor looked over my shoulder, letting the stream of water spray into his face.

He reached for the shower gel and lathered his hands. Taylor brought the right one over onto my shoulder. He slowly ran it down over my chest, pinching and rolling my nipples as he went.

“Let me lather you up.”

He sprayed the cool gel on me and ran his hands up and down my slippery body. Taylor spent an extra amount of time rubbing and washing me below the waist. One hand squeezed my ass as the other soaped up my pubic hair. His fingers brushed my shaft as he then massaged my balls in his soapy hands. Taylor’s fingertips danced up and down the length of my cock.

“Wanna play with it?” I asked.

“I’d love to,” he said, “It’s my favorite toy to play with!”

I looked over at Taylor. Streams of water from the shower were running down his chest, and dripped from the little ringlets of his pubic hair. He smiled like a kid at Christmas.

“We gotta be quick, Ike could be home any time now and we can’t get caught.”

My dick was now gigantic. Tay’s right hand encircled the huge shaft and began jerking me off quickly and harshly, sliding easily in the soapy substance. His hands were soft and mechanical, as if he knew every exact spot to touch and rub. How had I become so lucky?

“I want to taste you again,” he said as he dropped to his knees. He directed the flow from the showerhead onto my crotch, washing away the soap bubbles. Then, he licked his lips and started to swallow my rod. It didn’t take long before he was bobbing back and forth on me. I was amazed at how much he could take. On the downstroke, his nose was just above my pubic hair, his lips only about an inch or so from covering my entire penis.

The water trickled down my body, and onto the top of Taylor’s head. The damp locks of his hair mashed against the sides of his face and onto my thighs. It didn’t take long, I’m embarrassed to say. Almost as soon as it started, I heard my own voice yelling “yes, yes” as I filled my lover’s mouth with my own cum. He looked up at me, panting and smacking his lips.

He was still rubbing the back of my legs and suddenly I felt his slick fingers running up and down my ass crack and tickling just outside of my puckered hole. He had toyed with me earlier like this, when we were on the pool table. It was still sort of new to me. I had never really thought about how good something like that could feel.

Taylor stood up and turned me around so my back was to him. My limp cock sprung back to life when I heard him whisper into my ear, “Lean up against the wall and spread your legs. I want to try fucking your ass.”

I was shocked. He kept running his hands all up and down my body from behind making my cock throb. I think he could tell that I was a bit freaked by his offer. He told me it was ok, that doing something like that was a big step and he didn’t want me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. We could talk about it later, he said.

He joked, “What’s the matter? Don’t have the balls?” He reached between my legs and started playing with them, squeezing the sack above my balls and pulling it back between my legs. With his other hand, he ran a finger up and down my ass crack. It felt so good. I pushed my butt out toward his caressing finger and spread my legs father. His finger went around and around my hole like a whirlpool. I strained back against him and he slipped in. My ass gobbled up his finger.

It was really turning me on. My dick was back to it’s fighting strength. Taylor lowered his head so that it rested on my shoulder and continued to slide his finger slowly in and out of me. It felt really, really good. I actually felt empty when he pulled his finger away.

“We can take it slow, Jax. It’s ok. Let’s consider this a rehearsal.”

Taylor molded his body against mine and laid his soapy cock against my crack but did not attempt to penetrate me. He moved his pelvis around in circles against my ass cheeks, massaging my ass as he went. I closed my eyes and forgot everything, about the shower, about my slight fear of being fucked, about how Isaac might be home any minute, about everything.

He’d got a good rhythmic motion going, sliding his soapy cock against my crack. I could feel the soap lather building between my ass cheeks as he slapped against me with his soapy balls, and as I looked down I could see the suds sliding down the insides of my thighs and down my legs, forming a puddle around my toes.

“Ahhh,” he gasped and I felt his knees buckle. He came, squirting up my back, and leaning his full weight against me. His left arm hugging me close, rubbing his cream between our bodies. I followed a half second later, squirting a second time. Most of it landed against the tiled wall but some dribbled down to Tay’s right hand, which encircled my cock. He raised that hand up to my mouth and I licked the sticky substance from between his fingers.

I sank down to my knees, weak and sweating, and we both sat side by side, our backs against the cool tile. He licked some of the remaining cream off of his fingers and said, “Mmmmbop”

I retrieved the shower gel from the floor and sprayed it on both of us. We rolled around on the floor of the shower, cleaning each other with our own bodies as the water rained down upon us. Then it was all over.

We dried each other off slowly and lovingly, rubbing dry each and every inch.


“Those two just don’t know how to have fun!” said Zac as he splashed around in the pool with his friend. “They had to go in the house already? They just can’t take it.”

“I don’t know. Your bother seems awfully nice. Jaxsper too,” Toby replied.

Zac dived underwater and swam over to Toby. On the way, he gulped took a mouthful of water and then came up swishing it. He smiled a mischievous smile then squirted a blast at Toby. Zac howled with laughter and swam away.

Toby chased after his friend, grabbed him and dunked Zac underwater. The two wrestled for awhile, pulling and dragging each other under, and laughing hard during their brief moments on the surface. Finally, exhausted, the boys clung to the side of the pool to regain their breath.

“So they know how to have fun, huh? What do you call this?” said Zac.

“Well, it certainly was fun when they pantsed you. The look on your face when they yanked down your trunks was priceless!”

“Yeah, right! I just love having my dick exposed to everybody,” Zac said sarcastically. “Maybe I’ll be like you and wear a speedo. How can you walk around like that? I mean, like everyone can see what’s doin’ in your pants, dude!”

“Everyone wears speedos back in Australia, either that or we just go starkers,” Toby told him. “Zac, have you ever ummmm, skinny dipped?

“Don’t start that again!” said Zac, “That’s the same tone you used last night. But, then again, what we did before was kinda fun. No, I have never skinny dipped. When you’re around your parents and your brothers 24/7 you just don’t get the time for some things.”

The two boys talked for awhile and decided that it really was the perfect pool for trying something like that. There was no neighbor to one direction, the Pacific Ocean to the other, and the ten foot fence separating them and Mr. Kimball’s house next door should keep his prying eyes out. Besides, Tay and Jax were probably glued to the TV by now, and wouldn’t bug them.

“My mates and I used to go for a skinny dip every morning at camp,” Toby told him. “Best way to wake you up.”

"I'll go if you go,” Zac said after a few moments.

“Fine. But you have to promise me one thing.” Toby replied as he grasped the waistband of his electric blue speedo.

“Let me guess, don't look right?”

“No, quite the opposite actually. Would you mind if I took a look at your wanker? It’s still odd to see one that’s circumcised.”

Zac agreed, since he wanted to have another look at Toby’s uncircumcised dick anyway. He untied the drawstring to his bathing suit and tugged it off. He felt the cool water rush to naked flesh. Toby grabbed the bathing suit from Zac’s hand and tossed it across the backyard. Zac yelled, “Hey!”

“That’s so you don’t change your mind,” he told Zac.

Zac chased after his friend, threatening to throw his speedo clear over the far wall. They swam around and around the pool. The water rushed and pressed against Zac’s flopping dick, swirling it and spinning it in its wake. The feeling was very exciting to the boy, and his cock grew half stiff.

Zac paused against one side of the pool, near the water intake for the filter. Something about the hole intrigued him, and he smiled his mischievous smile again. He called Toby over and, after promising on the life of his whole family and dog not to grab Toby’s speedo, his friend joined him.

“Look at this,” Zac said as he pointed to the hole, “Feel it sucking the water in? The water then goes through the pool filter and shoots back out the other side. Looks like it’s the right size and position, huh?

Toby looked quizzically at his friend. Zac simplified it for him, “If I put my dick in there it will suck it, " he said with a wink.

Zac grasped the cement of the pool edge with each hand and pushed his body away. Then, lined up his ever growing dick with the water intake hole. He could feel the powerful sucking, pulling his body closer. Slowly, he let it suck his penis towards the hole and slid it in.

"Whoa! It feels amazing!” he said as he began to fuck the hole.

"Are you.... are you getting, ummm, you know," asked a fascinated Toby.

"Am I gettin' popped off? Yeah, kinda..." Zac replied.

Toby couldn’t keep his eyes off the show going on in front of him. Zac's chin, small and delicate, yet showing a hint of pride and defiance pointed skyward. His hands tightly gripped the edge of the pool, his eyes closed, and his lower body moved back and forth pulling his cock slightly out of the hole then letting it get sucked back in. Zac’s young tight butt grew more taught, showing the muscles underneath with each thrust, and his small, fine patch of pubic hair swirled around in the water.

"Um-hmm.... it's getting me there really fast..." Zac said as his hips were beginning to flex, and the throbbing boner grew thicker. "Oh! Oh, wow, I'm going to..." Zac let go of the side of the pool and slammed his body flush with the side. His eyes rolled back in his head and his full lips formed into an "O" in a moment of long, drawn out, intense sexual pleasure. Nothing could have prepared him for the exquisite flood of wonderful feelings.

"Ooohhhhh..... ooohhhhh..." he moaned.

The filter intake hole milked his cock for a few intense seconds, draining him of every drop. Finally he pulled out and just dangled in the water, wiping the sweat from his brow with a wet hand.

“How was it?” Toby asked.

“It was great.”

Toby let Zac regain his composure. Zac lowered his head to his hands as he clung to the side of the pool. The boys not saying a word for a few minutes, just staring at each other.

Zac gulped hard and asked, “Ummm, T-T-Toby... would it be alright if I, I mean if I.... 'cause you said you wanted to see mine, but ummm, would it be ok if I just... "

"It's alright, Zac, you're still a bit hyper. It's ok... just ask me”

"Would you like it if I maybe rubbed you a little, d-d-down there..?" Zac stammered, “Only if you want to. It’s like you said, I want to see what your dick is like. I’ve never really seen an uncircumcised one before.”

“I never really thought about being different. Back home, everyone is like me,” Toby told him, “But, since I’ve been in the States, I have become a bit self conscious about my foreskin, and being the only uncircumcised boy in my entire school.”

“That’s why I want to see it. Okay, Toby?”

Both boy’s hearts pounded as Zac’s hand slid down the front of Toby’s speedo to the prominent lump. His erection filled the every spare space of the tight, elastic, blue fabric. Rubbing the bulge Zac said, "I hear uncircumcised penises are real nice and sensitive and sometimes they have lots of extra skin. Does the skin even cover your head when you pop a boner?"

Toby panted, "Yes. Oh Zac, keep going. It's really long, covers the whole head, even when it's erect. It's snug, but slips up and down easily. It makes me feel so good, I love my foreskin and play with it constantly."

Zac dived underwater and helped Toby lower his ever tightening suit down. He opened his eyes underwater and got a very, very close look at the foreign dick Finally, he ran out of air and popped to the surface.

Zac pinched and rolled the skin back and forth across Toby’s shaft, studying the way it pulled tight around him, then rolled back, exposing the sensitive head. “It must feel really good, Toby. It’s so tight.”

"God, Zac! It feels so good. Unhuh! Unhuh! Unhuh! You're makin' my wank so hard, so hard.... go faster, go faster...!"

Zac obeyed Toby’s request and pulled the tight skin back and forth faster. Toby closed his eyes, arched his back and, just as his pleasure peaked said, "Oh! Unhuh! Unhuh! Unhuh! Zac!" OhZacKeepGoingI’mGonna......!"

Toby’s dick throbbed in Zac’s hand and emptied buckets of cum into the pool. The slivery blobs floated and bobbed in the water, dividing then dispersing into the pool.

Toby leaned forward, spent completely, and rested his head on Zac’s shoulder. Zac’s arm encircled his friend, supporting the boy’s limp body. He held the other boy’s wet, naked body close to his. After holding each other for several minutes, Zac looked at his waterproof watch. The numbers stared back at him, 6:34. Ike will be home any minute!

“Do you want to keep doing this together?” Toby asked.

“I sure do,” Zac said. “I have never had a better time, but now I have to get out of this pool ‘cause Ike will be back soon. And you, Toby,” Zac said as he grabbed his friend’s swimsuit, “have to go fetch!”

Zac lobbed the speedo high into the air and over the wall.



Zac and Toby's door slammed shut just as Tay and I were leaving our room. I couldn't be sure, but I thought I caught a glimpse of Toby's naked ass as he jumped in the room. Must have been that speedo he was wearing. I could hear the boys laughing and yelling at each other.

Isaac would be home soon, and Taylor and I decided to be super ambitious and make dinner tonight. We busied ourselves in the kitchen, and soon had a nice spaghetti dinner all ready for them. The kitchen looked a little worse for wear when we were done though. Isaac seemed impressed by Taylor's efforts, even though he sort of scolded him for making such a mess. He can be such a "dad" sometimes. I guess he feels he has to, being the oldest and all.

Ike seemed very excited about how the prep work was coming along for the video shoot in two days. Lynn's storyboards had come in handy, and the crew had almost all the sets built. Brittany told me about how they had tested the effects, and how gallons of water would soon be dropped down on Taylor as they filmed the video. It didn't seem to make Tay very happy. Tomorrow was a pre-light and sound check day. It would probably be a long one. Taylor asked if I could come. Ike looked at me and said it was going to be a very tough day, and maybe it should just be the band and Lynn. He's not really mean, but I think he just wants to "keep Tay on the straight and narrow." As Taylor and I served dinner, Ike made a point of having Britt sit between the Tay and I. He kept trying to include her into our conversation.

"Britt," Ike asked, "You're a great cook. What do you think of my brother's cooking?"

Brittany took a bite and responded, "It's very good, Taylor. The ummm pasta's still a little tough. Perhaps you could have boiled it more. But, it's ok, sort of 'al dente' I suppose."

Taylor laughed, "Hey, that was Jax's job. I was busy with the sauce. Jax, I told you, stir it and keep stirring it."

We both laughed.

Ike redirected the conversation again. "Britt, maybe you could give Taylor some tips in the kitchen or something. Who knows what you two could cook up. Tay, you could learn alot from her, I think."

"Yeah," chimed in Zac, "Maybe you could be a four star cook, Tay. If you practice, you will make someone a great little wife someday." Zac lowered his voice to imitate a husband. "Oh honey, you make me so happy! This is the way I like you, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen makin' my spaghetti. Kiss me, darling."

Zac stood up and grabbed Taylor's face and mock kissed the air in front of him. It made Taylor blush, and we all laughed. Zac's a cute kid. He doesn't really mean any harm. Deep down I think Taylor likes it when Zac seems to know exactly what he's thinking but can't admit.

"Zac, knock it off and go back to your seat," Isaac told him.

The rest of the dinner went pretty well. Ike decided that he and his brothers should get an early start tomorrow, and told us that they would be home pretty late.

Taylor and I cleaned the dishes from the table and started putting the kitchen back to order. We even found a way to get the spaghetti sauce off the ceiling without too much difficulty. We left the pots to soak in the sink (hopefully that will release some of that burnt on pasta) Taylor wandered outside and I followed.

"Jax, I'm glad we're alone for a minute. From what Ike says, we won't have much time tomorrow. I just wanted to say that I love you and I love being with you. I'm sorry if I scared you when I said I wanted to....ummm do more with you in the shower than what we've done already. You know, when I said I wanted to have sex with you. I wasn't trying to pressure you or anything. I just wanted to be closer to you than ever."

I assured him that I wasn't scared or offended by his request, it's just that the last few days have all been so incredible. It was hard to think straight.

"Isn't it beautiful out here?" he asked as he looked out to the sea. "The wide open spaces, the sea below. I love it. Jax, are you cold?"

The warm summer days had chilled slightly. Taylor asked me to come over and sit beside him. He looked behind us to make sure no one could see from inside of the house, and he took my hand in his. He was very quiet for awhile. He just sat there staring out at the ocean and holding my hand.

"I was sitting right here the day that you came into my life. Looking out at the sea and wondering if there could ever be someone for me."

"Taylor, I know exactly what you mean. When I realized it was you that day, I thought that maybe if I played my cards right I could get your autograph. Now, I think I've found the love of my life. I thank God that I've found you Taylor."

He pointed to the sky and said, "When we were on tour, I would always take a few moments to stare up at the stars alone. I would just look out and drift. Not a part of the stars above, not a part of the Earth below. Not really knowing where I fit in. I was just all alone until I met you. Jaxsper, I love you. And if you don't want to do some things, I'll wait for you or I'll just forget it. I'll wait as long as you need."

"Taylor, I want you to know that I love you too, and that you don't have to feel alone anymore."

Voices from the house broke our moment.

"Ewww Zac," Isaac said, "Don't pick your nose! Don't forget that we're being taped. You don't want something like that ending up on TV for all the world to see do you?"

Taylor's face dropped in shock. "What?! On TV for all the world to see!!?!!!?"

We ran in the house and asked Ike more about it. I think we both tried to arouse as little suspicion as possible. Taylor and I found out that the cameras film the house all day long, then uplink it via satellite in the early morning hours. From there, it will be viewed by producers and edited.

"So, they haven't really seen any of the tapes yet?" Taylor asked.

Isaac said they probably haven't There's no cameras in the bathrooms or anything like that, and the ones in the bedrooms shut off when the lights are out. That way, his brothers and the rest of us would be "safe" from having anyone, you know, spying on us.

"Yeah right," I thought.

Taylor got very nervous. He didn't want the tape of he and I getting out. It would be bigger than the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee tape! Not that I wanted the whole world seeing me do the nasty with another guy, either. We started looking for the receptor room, where the digital tapes would be stored, but couldn't find it. Strangely, when Toby and Zac saw us poking around, they were glad to help us look for the room. Toby hit on the bright idea of checking outside to see where a satellite uplink dish was set up.

We found the room and "accidentally" recorded over certain scenes, after kicking Toby and Zac out. Hope the producers don't mind shots of "I Love Lucy" suddenly popping in the middle of our pool game. It took some convincing but I got Taylor to leave the pantsing Zac gave him out by the pool on the tape. It'll give the girls something to dream over. Besides, the camera only caught a part of him from the back anyway. Tay and I were able to figure out what parts of the house had the least camera coverage and decided to use those for our "stolen moments" Anyway, we would always have until that night to do some creative editing.

We passed Zac and Toby going in as we were on our way out. I guess Zac wanted to erase his little nose picking embarrassment. Cute.

Taylor and I decided to play it safe and cool it tonight. I joined him in bed after we turned off the lights (and the camera). He fell asleep in my arms.

I awoke to find him gone. Off to rehearsal with his brothers. A note was left on my pillow. It said: "Jaxsper, you said that your first wish when you saw me, was to get my autograph. You have my heart, but I thought you would like this anyway. It's the song I was singing the day we met." He had written out the words for me and signed it.

Dear Jaxsper,
I can't live without you. I love everything about you. I can't help it if I feel this way. I'm so glad I found you. I want my arms around you. I love to hear you call my name. Please, tell me that you feel the same. Jaxsper, I love you. I love only you.

I talked to my Mom on the videophone soon after that. She said that my trip must be agreeing with me, and she asked what made it so that I smiled all the time. I told her how I met the band Hanson. It took me a couple of minutes to explain to her that it was the same band that I am constantly singing along with when I wear my walkman.

Toby and Britt called me downstairs. I re-read my note from Taylor before putting it away. It was then that I decided I wanted to do that thing with Taylor that we talked about earlier. I just had one more thing I wanted him to do for me first. I hoped he wouldn't be too surprised by my request.

That's not the end of the story.

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