Updated to chapter thirty-two, 1/25/99

The Real World - Hanson


"Me? On TV? That is sooooo cool!" I couldn't believe it when my Mom told me. MTV had called and they wanted me to be on a new version of "The Real World." I was really excited. All my friends could tune in to see me! Hey, everyone could!

Whoops, maybe I'm a little ahead of myself. Guess I am excited. First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Finn, Jaxsper Finn. Yeah, kinda a weird name I guess. Actually, it's really Jaxsper Blankenfinch, but my stage name is Finn. I am 15 years old, and I guess you could say that I am a wannabe actor. I've done a few things in the past, mostly extra work, a speaking part in a commercial once. Small time stuff, but that was now about to change.

It started awhile ago, when someone from MTV came to my school. They were doing a talent search for a younger version of "The Real World", one for kids around my age. They said it would film during the first half of summer and air the second. I was so stoked when my principal picked me as one of the kids to audition. Even then I knew I aced it. Now I knew for sure. They picked me!

A few days and a thousand phone calls later, a small camera crew arrived at my house. The producer, had already given my Mom most of the information, but we reviewed it anyway.

"Basically, there will be seven of you, living in a house near the beach in Malibu, California for three weeks. All of you between the ages of 11 and 17. Since you're all a bit younger than we are used to dealing with, we've chosen kids with some stage experience so you won’t be too nervous on camera. Still, this should be the last time you will actually see a camera crew. We're looking for natural reactions, so we will be using robot-controlled, motion-sensitive cameras. They will be positioned all over the house."

"What about supervision?" my Mom asked in her mom sort of way.

"As I've said, we are looking for natural reactions, so there will be no on site adult. We will, however, be able to look in on the kids using the cameras, and a social worker will live next door and check up on them frequently, in person. Also, a direct feed from our cameras at the kids' house will be sent to your home. It will be hooked up to your television, and a small camera will be installed on top. You can talk to them and see them, and we can film your reactions as well.

"I don't know, the whole thing sounds as if it could be a bit dangerous."

"Come on, Mom,” I said, “It'll be fine. Trust me. It’ll be like I’m away at summer camp. Besides, you know I’m responsible and stuff.”

"Jaxsper, don’t make me remind you why we won’t let you buy lard anymore"

"Yeah, but now I know all about how explosive it can be. Mom, this is different Come on this is MTV. I’ll talk to you every night on the camera thingie."

It took awhile to convince her, but luckily I did. The producer also said that a website for the show would be created. We were supposed to keep diaries of what we thought and stuff that happened. The diaries would be posted online, with some pictures that I took, as the show aired. That’s sort of why I'm writing this by the way; it's my personal diary.

When I asked her what the other kids at the house would be like, the producer became really vague. She said it was to be a surprise, but at least some of them would have no problem appearing on camera 24 hours a day.


The plane ride was uneventful, landing late in the afternoon. I found the driver that was sent for me. He was holding a sign that had my name on it. The driver helped me retrieve the rest of my baggage and we were off to what would be my home for the next three weeks. I tried to find out where he was taking me, if he had picked up anyone else for the show, stuff like that, but he offered no answers. The whole mystery of who I would be living with was starting to get to me. I hoped that they would be cool. I hoped that I would like them, and I hoped that they would all like me.

We pulled up at the house. The driver carried my luggage up to the front door, then turned and left. A note on the door directed me to come in.

“Hello, anybody here?” I called out to an empty house.

Not hearing a response to my calls, I plunked down my bags and began wandering around. The house was brilliant. Three stories and perfectly decorated. I looked upstairs in the bedrooms and past this giant room with an enormous TV and stereo. The kitchen was full of the stuff I like, mostly junk food. I snuck a quick bite as I went past the pool table and out to the back. There was a pool and jacuzzi overlooking the ocean. I could hear the roar of the sea as I walked over to the edge of the deck. There were stairs that led to a lower sun deck and then to a path that led to the ocean.

Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a figure sitting below me on the lower deck, watching the Sun setting out at sea. It looked like it could have been a girl. She had her back to me, so I only saw her long blond hair.

“Hello? Hey, hello?” I called as I walked down towards her. She didn’t even flinch or turn around or anything. It was starting to annoy me. She just was looking out at the ocean, listening to a walkman and singing along softly - an old Motown song, I think.

As I walked down the stairs and got closer, I realized that this “she” was actually a “he”. The long blond hair was right but, even though he had a slight frame, you could see the developing muscles only a boy would have. I also thought his voice sounded really good. I stopped, not wanting to disturb him, and listened to him singing for a moment. He seemed really into it, tapping his fingers with each beat, and sort of wrapping his voice around the notes.

“I can’t live without you.....I love everything about you.....I can’t help it if I feel this way.....Oh, I’m so glad I found you.....I want my arms around you.....I love to hear you call my name....Please, tell me that you feel the same.....Baby, I love you, Baby I love only you.”

From behind, I thought that he looked a bit like Taylor Hanson. I walked a step closer and touched his shoulder. He almost jumped right out of his skin and turned around startled. Then, it was my turn to be shocked.

IT WAS HIM! IT WAS TAYLOR HANSON! Time seemed to slow to a crawl. It was as if I was experiencing a thousand sensations in every second. I watched his long blond hair swing around, then fall framing either side of the slightly rosy cheeks of his face. I could see his bright blue startled eyes staring back at me. His mouth opened for an instant with shock, then settled into a grin.

Ok, I like Hanson. Not that I would admit it to any of the guys at school or anything. That kinda talk would get you in trouble, but I do. I think they are really talented, the way they write and play their own songs. Plus, I think Taylor is kinda cute......ummm you know, in a boy sort of way.

It didn’t take him long to recover. I guess I don’t come off as too intimidating.

“Hey, sorry man. I didn’t hear you over the headphones. My name is......”

“Taylor, right? My name is Jaxsper. Jaxsper Finn.”

“Nice name, Jaxsper. I guess you know me, huh?”

“Well, kind of. I’ve heard your music before. Guess you are here for The Real World thing too."

I didn’t want to come off like some obsessed fan, even though I did own all of their CD’s. It was hard not to freak out though. He was famous!

“Yeah, MTV approached us with this idea awhile ago. After our tour and everything, we were all exhausted. My parents wanted to take my younger brother and sisters home to Tulsa, but Ike, Zac and I had to stay in LA to film the video for ‘Cried’ We've never really been apart from them, and Dad was worried about leaving us out here in California. The Real World sounded like the perfect thing for us. They can check up on us and the producers can make sure we get to the set on time. Plus, it will satisfy some of our fans. It seems like they want to know everything about us."

I think he kept talking, but I couldn’t hear him. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of his face. His lips were really full and cute they bounced as he spoke, his voice had this hypnotic quality that put you at ease as you heard it, and when he talked his eyes sparkled. He was also very animated when he spoke. I started to lose myself in his eyes, but every once in awhile he would touch my arm and send this electric spark through me. I think I am going to like staying here.

Then, a loud scream woke me from my daydream.


"Aiiiiyyyeee" the voice yelled.

Taylor and I both spun around to see the owner of that shrill voice. It was a girl, about our age. She was running down the stairs towards us.

"Ahhhiiiyeeeeee! You're Taylor Hanson, right! Oh my God, you're him. You're him! I'm dreaming."

Taylor leaned over and said to me, "Ugh, you get used to this. I get it all the time. I just wish I knew why girls screamed so much."

He walked over and stuck out his hand.

"Hi," he said. "I am Taylor, and you're.....?"

"Brittany. Oh my God, I can't believe it. Where's Zac? Where's Ike? Three weeks with you guys! I can't believe it! I think I am going to die!"

"Yeah, a whole three weeks, it's starting to sink in just how long that will be," I said. Taylor laughed which made me feel good.

Just about then, Isaac walked in saying that he just drove up and wanted to know what that horrible scream was. I said, "hi" and Taylor introduced him to Brittany, which for some reason required more screaming from her. Brittany seemed like a nice enough girl. She's 16 years old, had long, brownish red hair, and brown eyes. She told us that she was from San Jose and was just thrilled to be part of our group. I could tell from the look on Isaac and Taylor's faces that they thought Brittany was just a bit goofy.

Isaac told us that he stopped by, and that he was on his way to the airport to pick up another girl who would be living with us. Luckily, Brittany seemed to be just as fascinated with Isaac as she was with Taylor. That gave Taylor an idea.

"Brittany," Taylor said to her, "You simply have to go with Ike to the airport? Zac and our last roommate won't show up until tomorrow, so you won't miss out on anything here. Oh and you can see his new Volkswagen Bug. Sure! It's decided then. You will go with Ike and keep him company. Jaxsper and I will stay here. Bye guys, see you later."

Isaac sure didn't seem like he wanted to be stuck with any obsessed, screaming fan, but Taylor didn't give him any time to get out of it. He grabbed my arm and dragged me back up the stairs and into the house. Laughing the whole time. Isaac yelled to us that we owed him big time.

Taylor didn't miss a step as he ran up the stairs, into the house, grabbed my suitcase in his free hand, and continued to the upstairs bedrooms. His grip on my arm dropped down until he was holding and dragging me by the hand. I found the whole thing strangely exciting. I loved the sound of his laughter as we ran, and his hand felt really good in mine. He was so full of energy.

On the way up the stairs he explained the sleeping arrangements. Three of the four bedrooms had two sets of beds in them. Zac and his new "friend" would share one, the girls the other, Ike would have a room of his own. He pulled me inside the largest of the four bedrooms

"Guess that just leaves you and me," I said.

Taylor said that he hoped that I didn't have a problem with that. I assured him that I wouldn't. He quickly closed and locked the door behind us. To keep Brittany out, he told me. I really was starting to like him. He seemed so at ease. I guess you get that way when you have traveled all over the world and met thousands of people. He wasn't nervous at all, talking to me, which made me feel so much better. Tay also said that he enjoyed talking to me because I didn't act all weird or treat him differently than regular people.

I started to unpack. Taylor jumped into the air and landed on one of the beds. I could almost feel him starring at me. I thought that he was checking out my body, looking at me as I bent over to lift my suitcase and watching my every move. I caught him staring at me a couple of times, and whenever I did, he would simply look up into my eyes and smile.

He stretched out in the bed, and I was able to get a better look at him too. Some people have told me that I look like Taylor Hanson, maybe it's my long hair. I don't think I look much like him at all, though. He is much cuter than I am. I watched as he bit his lip, releasing it slowly from his clenched teeth. My eyes continued further down his body. I looked on as his chest rose and fell with each breath. He yawned and stretched, his tight yellow shirt pulled up, revealing just a peek at his belly button, nestled in the beginnings of a great six pack. I looked down further to stare at the package in his jeans. I guess most guys do that, right? Check out other guy's packages? I was just looking to see if seemed bigger than I am. He did too. I don't know if it was just my imagination, but I was sure that he was getting a hard-on. I looked up at his face again, and saw him staring back at me. I quickly looked away, hoping that he didn't see me turning red. Maybe he would think it was from all that running.

"What, um, was that song you were listening too?" I asked trying to act as if nothing was wrong.

He told me it was a song by Ronnie Spector and the Ronnettes. He explained to me how he loved old Motown songs, that he and his brothers fell in love with oldies while traveling with his parents in South America.

You could see how much he loved music. I simply like or dislike what I hear. Taylor seemed to be able to dissect music into all of it's parts.. He picked up on guitar riffs, drum beats, time changes, and vocal harmonies that most people could not. He was a natural talent. He started talking about how Phil Spector would mix the songs, pioneering the "wall of sound" effect.

"I love music," he told me, "There's really a science to it. You mix together all these different components to create an emotional reaction to the listener. It can make you feel so many different things. You know how that is. Why is it that when someone has hurt you, and you feel as if your heart is breaking, that the radio decides to play the saddest song in the world? Or, when you are in love with someone, you can finally understand what all those love songs are talking about. That's the secret to understanding music, really. You have to feel it."

When I told him I quite able to follow what he was talking about, he asked me to come over and listen for myself. "Here," he said, offering me one of the earphones from his walkman. Taylor kept the other one in his ear. I climbed into bed and laid beside him so that I could listen too. The short length of the cord between the ear pieces, forced us to sort of snuggle up together very closely. I didn't mind though. He pushed play and the song came through. I could feel the warmth from his body as I laid close to him. Taylor had this delicious smell of CKb. He started to tap out the beats on my thigh, trying to teach me about time changes in music.

The only thing he accomplished was giving me a drumstick of my own, well actually it's a bit thicker than a drumstick but it was beating in time with the music. The feel of his hand slapping down on my leg was making me really hard. My penis started to tent up in my pants. God, I hope he didn't notice. He tapped with each beat, his hands sliding ever lower down my thigh, getting closer to my lap. I just froze, embarrassed at my reaction but knowing that I didn't want him to stop. Thank goodness he didn't. Taylor continued to beat out a nice steady rhythm on my thigh.

I'm sure he could see how aroused I was becoming. I closed my eyes, pretending to concentrate on the music, but actually I was trying to calm down. "Think about something else," I told myself. I couldn't though. All I could think about was how good it felt to have him so close to me. It took alot of concentration to stop from thrusting my hips up into his touch. Part of me hoped his hand would slip down just an inch or so further and grab the dick throbbing in my pants. Then, I felt the mattress shift. I knew that he was even closer now. I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. He was breathing very heavily, and I am sure I was too. He spoke just above a whisper, but I could hear him even over the music playing in my ear.

"Can you feel it?" Taylor asked.

I was operating on pure emotion. It took me a minute to compose myself and realize that I was supposed to answer.

"Y-y-yeah, I can feel it." I stuttered just above a whisper.

Then, in a heartbeat, the song ended, the tape hissed and the walkman shut off. We both sat there for a long while, feeling some force crackling between us, matching our breaths and our heartbeats as well, I'm sure.


It felt so good, just laying there quietly next to Taylor Hanson, but just like the song, it couldn't last forever. Finally, Taylor broke the silence.

"I'm, um, I'm really tired. I should go to bed."

"We are in bed, silly," I told him

"You know what I mean," he said as he nudged me off the bed. I landed on the floor with a flump.

We both laughed. I was really excited about being around my favorite star, but I was operating on pure adrenaline. Between the time change, and the long flight, I was exhausted. Then I looked over to my bed, covered with all the clothes from my still to be unpacked suitcase. I told Taylor to give me a few more minutes.

Taylor said, "No way, man. I'm dog tired. The two of us fit in this bed a second ago. Why not sleep here with me."

You know, he had a way of really making sense. I agreed. Taylor got up from the bed, crossed his arms in front of him, and slowly lifted his shirt up over his head and cast it into a heap on the floor. I couldn't believe that he was doing this. The tour must have be a real workout for him, because his muscles seemed alot more developed than some of the pictures I had seen of him. I think my brain went into overload, trying to examine this vision in front of me and permanently imbed it into my memory, all the while pretending as if I didn't notice. My eyes trailed from Taylor's grin, down his smooth neck and even smoother chest to the two tangerine colored nipples. I marveled at the way the muscles in his chest were begging to stand out. They flowed effortlessly beneath the white skin.

Tay rolled his shoulders back and shrugged. I looked at his lean arms, smooth except for the nearly white hair shimmering on them. He slid his hand down past his partially visible ribs on a chest which expanded and contracted with each breath, to his stomach and stopped to unbuckle his belt. His body tapered down to a thin waist dotted with the cutest bellybutton I have ever seen. He then unbuttoned the fly of his pants. He let go of the waistband allowing them to drop to his ankles. He stepped out of them and pushed them next to his shirt with his foot.

I just watched, dumbfounded, at my own private stripshow. Taylor was now clad only in his underwear he stopped and stretched again. He leaned backwards and his penis pushed forward pitching a tent in the giant bright blue boxers his small frame seemed to swim in. I think I was right, when I sized him up earlier, he was somewhat larger than normal. Then again, it could just have been due to the stimulation during his undressing.

He pulled back the comforter and sheets on his bed and hopped into it again.

"Coming to bed, loverboy?" he said batting his eyes, and doing a Mae West sort of impression. I blushed and he laughed. Guess it was all just a big joke. "Stop gawking and hurry up, or do I have to drag you over here myself?" he yelled.

I shook my head, and mentally pinched myself to make sure I was still in reality. Quickly, I tugged my shirt off, hoping that maybe he would like what he saw as much as I did. I work out sometimes, and I love to go mountain riding on my bicycle. Keeping control while speeding down the side of a mountain really helps develop your shoulders and chest, believe it or not. I turned away and grabbed a pair of sweatpants from behind me, and dropped my pants. There was no way I was going to let Taylor see the enormous hardon that he gave me with his little peep show. I would never live that down. I quickly tugged on the sweatpants, switched off the light and hopped into bed next to my favorite teen idol.

We laid there for awhile talking about movies and stuff. He asked me what it was like to go to a real school, not just homeschooling. General stuff like that. It sort of helped me calm down a bit, but I was still sporting a semi. Finally, the conversation slowed, and Taylor announced that he was going to sleep.

I was still jazzed up with all the excitement. The combination of my trip, the strange surroundings and having Taylor so close to me, kept me awake. Plus, California is much hotter than back home and Taylor liked to be covered up in a sheet and comforter. I slid my hands under the covers and pushed the waistband of my jogging pants down to my knees and then kicked them free from there.

I laid still for awhile and thought about everything that had happened today. I was glad that Taylor and I seemed to be hitting it off so well. He seemed like a really incredible guy. It was nice to be close to him, listening to the music earlier. I slowly slid over to Tay’s side of the bed and quietly worked my way up against him. He lay with his back to me, so I hugged close to his back, my semi hard penis placed close to his ass. Being close again, had the same effect on me. Soon I felt relaxed enough to go to sleep. I put my arm over Taylor's side, and pulled him closer to me. He responded by snuggling up against me. My hand petted and stroked his soft chest as I started to doze off.


"Mmm, Jaxsper, that feels so good. Words can't describe how much I want you right now."

I opened my eyes to see Taylor straddling me, his arms on either side of my shoulders in a push up position, his waist pressing against mine. I looked deep into his silvery-blue eyes and drew my hand down the sensuous contours of his back. I stopped at the small of his back, drawing his entire body closer.

I pulled him next to me, feeling the warmth of his chest against mine. I felt his heart pounding, and was sure he could feel mine. Our embrace lasted for several minutes, two boys burning with desire, unafraid of the taboo of our love. I slid my hands from the small of his back to cup his ass cheeks. He drew a deep breath and gently put his pink full lips to mine.

Our heads gyrated as our tongues played tag between us. His breath was sweet and warm, and his lips soft and moist. He playfully danced his tongue between my lips and teeth, then I directed it between my lips to suck gently on it. He let me suck on his tongue for several seconds before pulling apart.

He gazed at my chest for a second, following up with a warm, gentle caress. The breeze in the window played across my bare torso. Taylor's hands brushed my nipples, my shoulders, held my waist, and circled around my back. He touched me everywhere. I trailed my fingertips up and down his back and ran them through his long golden hair.

"Let me give you what you really want, Jaxsper. Let me give you your heart's desire," he said. Then he dropped his head and kissed his way down my chest. His mouth lipped it's way down and left a gentle trail to each nipple, then down to my bellybutton. He stopped, poised above my throbbing cock. I have never been this hard before. He stared at it for a few minutes, letting me savor the excitement and anticipation of the moment. Taylor then took me into his mouth. His hand cupped my balls, the fingertips pressing wonderfully against the skin between my balls and asshole. His tongue was doing wonderful, unexplainable things to my cockhead. I had never felt this before, never have I felt so alive. Fireworks exploded in front of my eyes. His lips pressed snuggly against my shaft. and he guided it deeper into his mouth, then dragged his lips all the way back up it, tickled my cum slit with his tongue then started all over again.

"Oh, God, Taylor," I muttered. "Keep going, it feels so good."

He smiled around my cock and continued milking it. I put my hands back on his head, so I could feel the motions as he maneuvered up and down my shaft. He plunged my cock ever deeper into his hot young mouth and squeezed my balls gently. It felt so good, there was no way I could take much more of this.

"Oh, Taylor," I gasped. "Oh, I can't hold on, I'm cumming!"

The orgasm shot out of me like a rocket. Tay's tongue moved to catch the first spurt from my teen cock. Involuntarily, I lifted my hips and bucked, my powerful crotch muscles firing all I had into Taylor's waiting mouth. He took it all. His throat muscles massaging me more as he swallowed it, and the vibrations from the constant, "Mmm" he voiced tingling up my member.

I fell back against the bed, exhausted and bathed in sweat. Tay continued nursing my dick with his mouth savoring its taste, then let it slide from between his lips. It lay glistening on my stomach, limp and moist with semen and saliva.

Taylor climbed back up my body and kissed me again. I could taste the mix of his sweet mouth mixed with my salty cum. "I love you," were the last words he said to me.

This was too good to be true, I told myself. I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

It was. With a jump I woke up from my dream.


"Zac, that guy is looking at you."

"Nuh uh"

"Uh huh. He's looking right in the window at you. He's your boyfriend! Zac's got a boyfriend. Zac's got a boyfriend."

'Shut up, Toby," Zac said with a friendly shove to his new friend and housemate. The train shifted right and the two of them rolled/wrestled on Toby's small bunkbed.

Their social worker (read: captor) Mr. Kimball, would have none of this. "Boys, boys! Please be quiet. It's the middle of the night, and the cramped compartments on this train do not afford me with very much privacy from the two of you.

"Aww, come on, Mr. Kimball," Zac said, "It's not that late. Besides we only have fourteen more stops before we get to Los Angeles. We can't go to bed now."

"Yeah, and I want to get out and look around at every one of them. Even if it's only for a second or two," chimed Toby.

Tobias Quirk and Zac Hanson were like most boys their age. Wild. It took them about three minutes to like each other, when they met at Grand Central Station in Chicago. By the time the Southwest Chief pulled out , bound for Los Angeles, they were the best of friends.

Toby liked traveling across the country this way. He made it a point to hop out and seewhat there was to see at every stop along the way. This was the best way for him to see all of the United States. He had only been in the country for a short while before he received his invitation to join the Hanson's on "The Real World." The States were different in many ways from Australia. Zac liked traveling with Toby too. They both shared a mischievous streak.

The boys decided that it would be much easier to wait for their stop at La Junta in the lounge, far away from that grouchy Mr. Kimball. Kimball didn't put up too much of a fight anyway. Maybe now he could catch at least a quick nap before the boys came wrestling back into the room again. He warned them not to stay off the train for too long, or risk the chance of being left behind.

Zac and Toby flopped into a booth in the train lounge and ordered a couple of drinks.

"I'll have a Pepsi, and a hot tea for me mate here," Zac said mimicking Toby's Australian accent.

They decided to see if they could run all the way into the next station, grab a brochure for Toby's growing collection, and make it back to the train before it pulled away again. This station stop was much shorter than many of the others, only 10 minutes but they were sure they could make it.

"We'll have to hurry a bit," said Toby, "and this time don't draw so much attention to yourself. We'll never make it if you have everyone crowd around us. A bit of luck that the only one who really spotted you at the last stop was that guy. He really was looking at you, like you were his boyfriend, by the way."

"First of all, Toby, everyone is always looking at me. Every where we go, there are crowds. Even at 11:00 at night on some deserted train platform. It drives Ike crazy, and Tay gets nervous sometimes but I like it. Second, he was not my boyfriend. Taylor is the one who likes boys, not me."

Toby started to choke on his tea as he heard this. "You mean your brother really likes other boys?"

"Well, it's not like he ever says anything about it, but I can tell. Ike is so girl crazy. He's always talking about the girls at our concerts, and how he hugged Cindy Crawford and Jewel when we met them. Tay never talks about girls. He told me once how cute this one boy who won a "Meet Hanson" contest was. Tay talked to him even after the radio station and concert promoters were finished photographing us with him. I've seen him staring at other boys before too. Plus, I looked under his mattress one time at home, and he had a couple of pictures of guys in bathing suits that he must have cut out from a magazine. Yep, he likes boys," Zac said as he gulped down his Pepsi, "But, he's not going to meet any at our concerts, too many girls crowding to meet him. They can get so crazy! One time, we finished performing at a mall and as we were leaving the crowd crushed around us. Ike made it through ok, Taylor had a bit of trouble but I got seperated and the girls started grabbing at me and my clothes and stuff. One even tore my shirt. Hey, Toby, don't tell Tay I told you about him liking boys, ok?"

"I won't. I guess it's ok for him to like boys. What'd he do with those pictures under his mattress though?"

"You know, look at them and..." Zac raised an eyebrow, "Spank the Monkey. White Water Wristing. Wrestling with the bald-headed champ. Dating Rosey Palm and her five daughters. Jacking off, duh!"

The two boys laughed. It had been awhile since Zac had someone his own age to talk to. It felt nice to joke around with someone and not have to be told "grow up" or "stop acting like a kid". Taylor and Isaac were fun, but they had a way of ignoring him sometimes. That's why he always had to put on a big show when they were around, to get noticed.

"So.....do you ever ummm wank off, Zac?"

"Hey, I'm 12 years old. I do it alot. At first I didn't know why, but it felt good to rub my dick when it got all hard. I've even started to get hair down there. Have you?"

"Yeah, finally. Every time my year would shower after sports, I would get embarrassed cos I hadn't any yet. Now I do though. I measured it once and it was almost 3 3/4 inches."

"They make you shower at school? With all those other guys around and stuff?"

"Yes. I used to always try to wear a really long shirt and let it cover up my privates when I got my kit on, but now I don't care. Showering is not a problem now."

"Cool. I really love to play with my dick. Makes me feel good all over."

"Zac, have you ever had someone else touch it? You know. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have someone's hand on it other than your own?" Toby asked, looking down at the table, spining his cup around and around nervously.

There was a long, silent pause. A voice came over the loudspeaker and announced that passengers for La Junta should start moving toward a door with a conductor and prepare to leave the train. Toby grabbed Zac's hand and yelled, "come on."


"This is the story, the true story, of four strangers and three brothers picked to live in a house, make a music video, and find out what it's really like when things stop being nice and start being real. The Real World - Hanson."

The sun streamed through the window, making my eye react the same as if it had been hit with a squirt of lemon juice.

"No, thank you," I said as I rolled over and pulled the blanket up over my head. Why did this place have to have so many windows!

I dragged my brain back into reality. It had all been a dream, a great dream. No make that a spectacularly, killer, wicked-cool dream, but a dream none the less. Still, who was I to complain? I had traveled across the country to spend my summer vacation in California. I'm set up in this enormous house, no parents watching me or asking questions, and to top it off last night I got to sleep with Taylor Hanson! ......Well, not actually sleep with him, but I did get to sleep next to him.

I rolled back around and rubbed my eyes. His side of the bed was still warm and I could smell him on the sheets. I smiled more broadly than I thought possible as I ran my hand over the slight indentation in the mattress his lithe form had made. Yeah, who am I to complain?

My mind flashed back to last night. I thought of my dream and what happened afterwards. Why did my thoughts of Taylor having sex with me make me feel so good? My smile grew even wider as I remembered what happened afterwards. I had awakened with a start. You know that shock that runs through you just before you wake up, making your body tense? As my arms and legs contracted I pulled the sleeping form of my...... roommate closer to my own body. And, well, I sort of creamed all over his back. I laid there for more than fifteen minutes, completely still except for my twitching dick, hoping that he would not wake up. It felt weird but, I don't know, somehow right. The sticky stuff bonded us together or something. Then, moving like a cat-burgler, I stealthily untangled my limbs from his.

I laid awake for awhile trying to come to grips with what I was feeling. I have always admired other boys, but did I really want to have sex with another one? Could I really be in love with another guy?

Taylor rolled over in his sleep, onto his back, kicking the covers away. He must have been dreaming something too, and from the looks of things it wasn't a good one. His head thrashed from side to side and his face kept contracting like something was hurting him. He was talking in his sleep in a very low, raspy voice. I could only make out some of it. “No, no stay away! Get away from me!,” he said.

For a second I thought that he was actually talking to me. I was afraid that he knew what I had just done to him. Like he could somehow read my mind and knew what I was dreaming of doing with him, and that was why he wanted me to stay away.

I couldn’t help it though, I had such concern for him. I scooted back over close to him and put his head to my chest. “It’s ok Taylor, it’s just a dream. I'm here, man. You’re safe.”

He didn't wake up, but I did manage to calm him down. My hand kept stroking his hair as I cradled him in my arms. He seemed so vulnerable and delicate now. Not the wild, free spirit he was earlier this evening. His face changed from a grimace to a smile and his breathing turned slow and deep. He started this low moan, his jaw dropped open and his hips bucked a bit. His nightmare had taken a turn for the better. Taylor must be having a sex dream, I guess we're not as different as I thought.

Sure enough, I looked down to see movement in his bright blue boxers. His dick began to make short, jerking movements. With each tiny jump, his penis stood up straighter and straighter, pitching a tent in his shorts.. My hand stoked his hair again, and continued down to his chest. I could feel his heart as it pounded. His dick seemed to pulsate and jump with each beat of his heart. In a weird way, I liked it. It was almost like I was helping him get off. My hands lightly petted Taylor's chest and he responded favorably.

I looked back at his face. He looked so content and happy. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer. I tried not to wake Taylor, and I examined him as he slept. His dick wouldn't stay still. For a minute it looked like it was getting hard, and then it would relax and shrink smaller again. Again it began to harden and again it shrank. A third time it hardened, but this time it didn't shrink. It continued to grow until it stopped at what I thought must be its full length.

I felt my own dick start to grow to full size again as I looked down to his cloth covered erection. I'd never wanted anything more in my life. I stopped worrying if it was wrong and only thought of how good touching his dick would be. It strained to pop the single button on the fly of his boxers, but the button would not give. A small wet patch formed around it.

Taylor, still asleep, started to move his hands down to his throbbing cock. His hands disappeared inside of his boxers. I was enraptured. He was putting on quite a show. I watched him feel around inside of his boxers and start to caress. Almost second nature. Tay must be extremely sexual. He seemed like a pro at playing with his meat, to be able to do it in his sleep. The blonde boy grabbed the shaft in his hand and began to slowly pull up and down on the pulsating cock.

I heard Tay's breathing growing louder and saw his body tense up, arching his back and thrusting his pelvis slightly. I studied at the ripples of his stomach muscles as they contracted more and more. He let out this "ungh, ungh, oh-ooohhh" that sounded not unlike a part of "Where's The Love" There was a quick intake of air, followed by his entire body stiffening up, followed by a completely relaxed form as he filled his pants with his cum.

With great effort, I tore myself away from the show in his pants, to look once again at his face. His bright blue eyes were open.

"Oops. You caught me," he said, his cheeks flushed with either embarrassment or excitement . I tried to explain myself or apologize for looking, but he stopped me short. "It's ok. I was having one of those dreams again, wasn't I? Oh well, I expect this won't be the last time you see me doing this in my sleep. I have some great dreams."

"I'm sorry," I said. "I haven't really been watching a long time. You started out having a bad dream, and tired to comfort you. I just held onto you because you were jumping around."

"Well, it was my cock that was doing all the jumping around near the end there," he said sheepishly. "I always seem to have bad dreams when I am alone. I guess it comes from sharing a room back home with my brothers. Even when we're on the road, we get one hotel room. It's nice having you here, Jaxsper. It made me feel good when you were, like, hugging me before."

"You were awake when I was doing that?" Now it was my turn to blush. I hoped Tay wouldn't be mad, but one look at his face told me he wasn't. "Yeah, your nightmare did seem to start right after I pulled away."

"I can't explain it, Jax, but it feels good to have you close. Sometimes I just wish my imagination didn't always run away with me. It's good when I have dreams like that, but I can still remember my nightmare too."

"Don't worry, Tay. I'll be right here, if you want, ok?"

Well, stay right there. I'll be back in a second, dude. I, uh gotta go clean myself up. We're cool though, right. I mean it's not like you've never squirted in your sleep right?"

"Ummm, yeah," I said, thinking back to about a half hour earlier. I wondered if I should tell Tay to clean his back off too, but I thought better of it. "It's happened before. We're teenage guys, I think its a rule or something. Don't worry about it when you come back. I can stay close if you want."

I watched as Taylor disappeared into the bathroom. He returned quickly and slid down next to me. I wrapped my arms around him and we both fell fast asleep. I could decide tomorrow whether this was right or wrong. Right now, I just knew that Taylor needed me, and I knew that I needed him.

That's not the end of the story.

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