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The Pacific War

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In Nomine: the Pacific War
A play by post game on the Steve Jackson Games forum

Gerald Kingman, Ryuki, Archangel Eli, the Wataris

The Player Characters

Zahirah--Bright Lilim of Faith, in the role of a Catholic nun. A later addition to the Mile Higher Club/Project Pharisee whose great talent is to make anyone feel welcome, no matter how great the sin.
Sunae--Soldier of Fire. Once the latest of an ancient demon-hunting family, her collision with Project Pharisee put her in direct contact with outside angels, breaking her grandfather's standing orders. Now she's in the hurly-burly of celestial society.
Mitchim--Seraph of Trade, and proprietor of the Tradewinds Pawn Shop in downtown L.A. He's seen the Mile Higher Club from start to finish, and still managed to keep his choir from the ever-inquisitive Ryuki. One seriously savvy angel.
Ida Green--Mercurian of Lightning. A computer whiz and one unflappable angel.
Kane Kineman--Malakite of Creaton, IST Stone. In the role of an Inland Empire native, he can come off a bit countryfied. It helps to blend with his Malakite nature, act first and ask questions later.
Glen Middle-aged sorcerer with the nerve to do business in San Francisco

The Non Player Characters


--narration voice of the GM. Usually gives attitude with her summaries, occasionally gives spoilers or other underlying information.


--Now a Wheel of War, he's still adjusting to the transition. A longtime guide, he chafes when asked to lead, preferring to offer advice over giving orders--yet a Malakite needs orders. Adding to his discomfort is the appeal of his conviction over the Yasukuni pilgrimage. Sure it would be nice to clean Dominic's proverbial house, but why now? Why now that his memories of the events are all but gone? Why exonerate a Warrior when an odd mix of characters is setting fire to a cold war?

Ryuki Watari-

-Now a Soldier of Judgement, though a very newly minted one. This decision has received a slightly warmer reception than he expected, and he's keeping mum about some of his reasons for making it. Some of them, though, were laid bare by Dominique. He thinks that with Nisroc's intervention and his own wiles he can keep the secrets dear to him from the old inquisitor-seraph, but Corat at least thinks he's being incredibly naive, and this has put a tiny wedge in their friendship. Ryuki, in his infinite humility, intends to save the world from the celestial war that has made his life so 'interesting'.

The Infernals


—unaffiliated Lilim, de facto demon queen of Los Angeles. She has something of a pact with the angels of the party. She definitely has a rivalry with Ryuki, and he functions as an alternative for demons who want to make a deal but don't want to pay her prices. She knows basically everything there is to know about the city, and will sell it to you at a price...

William Squire—Balseraph

. Somehow the late Gerald Kingman ended up with his Discord doll, showing that Squire is very much on the edge. Squire will tell you that he is the puppetmaster of demonkind, certainly an all-knowing kind of guy, but either he's becoming a good guy or that's just not true.


—the latest in a long line of Gamesters to walk into L.A. expecting to make it their town, only to get shown the door without their vessels. Big, powerful and smart, but still not enough. His favorite soldier, unnamed. Also killed in that battle.

Tishbite and his three companions.

Balseraph Baron of Technology, with Golmorath, Impudite Knight of Nightmares; Tyura, Impudite Baron of Fire; and Sandernog, Impudite Baron of the Media. They're at cross-purposes, but they agree on one thing: don't get caught. (L. Reliquarum, canon characters)

Princes involved so far: Asmodeus

, who's bothered by the appearance that they've lost L.A. Sending in guys like Ajosshi is a win-win for him though—either they get humiliated or they win the town. Asmodeus sends his most egotistical guys into this assignment.


who's bothered by the possibility that they've lost L.A. and is eager for a counterattack.


should be concerned about the amount of firepower brought to bear on a mere sick puppy, but he's still laughing at how an idiot Impudite could cost Heaven so many resources.

The Celestials


, who answers to Ihi'Velga, who answers to Nisroc, who answers to Michael and occasionally to Dominic.


, word of Spies—still the only real line of communication between Michael and Dominic, outside of some very formal words at the Seraphim Council.

Judge Stone/Briathos

, Elohite.—Ryuki's Dominican recruiter and at this point his direct superior.


, word of Dignity, well-regarded Malakite of the Sword. Methariel's direct superior.


, Malakite of Faith, his Tsayadim friend. He probably has more than one.


, Kyriotate seneschal of the red-eye tether of Wind, 767 from Honolulu to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver and back.


, Cherub seneschal of the Hilltop Theater tether of Dreams in San Francisco.


seneschal of the soul food restaurant tether of Creation in Los Angeles. ? , seneschal of the ice cream truck tether of Trade in Los Angeles.


, estranged friend of Corat's, Mercurian of Flowers and a stripper by trade. L.A. resident.


interested so far:  Michael, Dominic, Novalis, Eli.

The Ethereals

The Loa

, notably the Baron Samedi and their leader Papa Legba. They are allied with Heaven which has caused friction with the other ethereals, though since their concept is of gods to the downtrodden they're not completely shunned. If anything they're rather popular these days, throwing wonderful parties.

The Lord of Misrule

, capable of leading a mob at a party.

The Aesir and the Olympians

receive Essence from their place in the Western canon and in pop culture. Certainly they have to fight neophyte pretenders for that Essence, but it's coming in enough to ensure their survival.

The Wild Hunt

contains members of the Aesir, spirits of dead heroes and legends of Anglo-Saxon folklore, proving that ethereals can band together. This surprises most ethereals, who tend to be highly tribal.

Among them Christoph Bernhard von Galen

. In life a 17th century prince and bishop who knew his way around a battlefield and enjoyed hunting.

Hereward the Wake

, among other epithets. An 11th century English hero known for his chivalry and the loyalty he inspired in others.

The Japanese pantheon

has just thrown off their Media masters, but their allegiances are not yet known.

Ah Pukuh

, the ethereal half of “Frank”. Mayan god of death and slaughter, seduced the ghost who goes by Julia. He was defeated and exiled, and probably near-dead.

Black Shuck

, one-eyed hound of the English highways, known for protecting lone women and meting out vigilante justice. And being a dog.

Certain denizens of the spirit jars

Ghosts and others


—the adoring and scheming lover of “Frank”.

Dream soldiers the Dylan brothers.

Ryuki's late uncle Shiro Watari.

The girl-guide

he spoke of in the afterlife, a ghostlike recording put there by angels of Destiny to tell the newly-dead where they are and where they should go.

Ryuki's mother and daughter

, both affected by Eli's gift.

His FWB Bobbi.

Family friends and business partners the Ivanovs.

Good guys capable of shady deals.

Various medical personnel

on either side of the war, in Los Angeles.

The late Gerald Kingman and Gavin Russo

, both killed with swords.  Ryuki's a suspect, but so are a number of other people.  Guys into magic tend to also be into swords, though they're usually not functional ones.