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*** 8/17/01 - 8/21/01 Movie Shoot -- The Rules of Attraction
*** 6/28/01 - 7/2/01 Whoser Con 4 got improv? Toronto, Canada
*** 3/24/01 Punchline Comedy Club -- Greg Proops
*** 1/5/01 Book Signing -- Orson Scott Card
*** 8/5/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?
*** 7/30/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?
*** 7/28/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?
*** 6/21/00 - 6/23/00 Movie Shoot -- Slackers
*** 5/26/00 Show Taping -- The Wayne Brady Show
*** 4/27/00 Book Signing -- Michael Palin
*** 4/18/00 Concert -- Ani Difranco
*** 11/18/99 Theater -- Amadeus
*** 9/4/99 Book Signing -- Orson Scott Card
*** 4/20/99 Book Signing -- Ray Bradbury

7/30/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?


Once again, the usual start-up routine:

There 2 and a half hours early, only 5 spaces further up in line than on Friday, but *eh* whatever.

Seated in studio, waiting forever... I was seated next to this huge fat guy and he was sitting on over half my chair and I was not happy. But I was there with my best friend and I was excited and happy. *grin*

So the guy introduces Dan. Dan gives his exact same speech and then introduces Drew! yah!! Drew talked to us for a while... we even had an interesting bit when this woman asks Drew something that sounds like 'Has your rash cleared up' and he looks way confused and says 'What rash? You mean from when you F**KED me?' [can I post curse words on this board??? I don't know...]

Anyway, we then found out that the guest of the day was..


Who is, by the way, even CUTER in real life. So Chip was wearing this green shirt [eh... after the second song styles the wardrobe people had to have him change it as he got this mysterious brown stain about the right breast... ?? Unfortunatly, he was wearing an undershirt. boo.], Wayne had on a light blue short-sleeved shirt with this little Colin-esque design thing going on on it, Ryan was in a turquoius shirt with a flowered tie and his blue with white flame shoes, Colin had on a magenta shirt. I can say no more on that except it was very MAGENTA.

We started with Superheroes... Colin as Disco Boy trying to solve the crisis of No More BeeGees. He was aided in this by Ryan as Captain Hummingbird ['I'm just gunna go now cuz my arms are tired'] who was rather reminisent of Captain HyperActive Moth if you know what I mean. Also, Chip as the Lap Dance Kid and Wayne as Bar Room Brawler... *wink* It was rather humerous.

Next is F&TS with Colin as a witch hunter who is going to burn a beautiful young woman, Ryan, at the stake, despite the protests of her farmer boyfriend, Wayne. *wink* For these they did the following styles: Survivor, Masterpiece Theater, Foreign Game Show, Regis and Kathy lee, Barney, and Crocodile Hunter... *hmmmm*

Next is Let's Make a Date! This finds Wayne doing his best Chucky impression [hilarious, great!! bravo! He should apply to the British Royal National theater for that one... *hee*], Colin as a cowardly bystander in a Western, and Ryan as a bounty hunter for bald men -- so half the bald guys in the audience and Colin were lined up on the stage by the end... *hee* It was good...

The next one was Sound Effects, but DIFFERENT! This time, Col and Ry act out a scene but two audience members are to provide sound effects when they set up for them... Unfortunatly Drew chose these two comotose old ladies who wouldn't make noises!! Colin and Ryan were two buddy cops sitting in the squad car until they get called to a crime scene. Finally Ryan says 'Ok, here's the plan, I'm going to kick down the door very LOUDLY and then you make a noise like a DUCK to confuse them!' So the lady says 'Bang' when the door goes down and they make the duck noise. Then Ryan says 'Do an elephant now to confuse them even more' and the lady says 'Quack quack' again instead. *hee* Drew laughed so hard he had to take his glasses off... And the rest of the night it was elephant trunks and quacking or elephant noises and wing flapping... *wink*

Next was a line dancing duet to Kris, an assisstant to an accountant. This was good especially as Kris actually danced with Wayne and Chip. Like I said, after the 2nd duet Chip had to change his shirt. Oddly enough, it was a jitterbug song to a dishwasher, but only halfway through did the guys realize they had been singing about a washing machine... *heehee* It was pretty funny I thought... They kept singing about washing their clothes in the dishwasher...

All rightee, now we've moved on to... WIERD NEWSCASTERS! This finds Colin as the anchor, Chip as the coanchor [a singing Italian gondolier whose boat springs a leak... if you know what I mean...], Wayne with sports as an excited Japanese tourist, and Ryan as Bigfoot who is trying to avoid being caught on camara... This one was hilarious... Ryan ended up running around the back and running off and when they reconveened, he came out with a plate from the catering table, munching on something... *hee* so the rest of the evening everyone else was also sneaking off and Ryan kept leaving too and Colin was saying 'I thought you went out to pee but you went to eat' and Ryan said 'No, I did pee, but I also got some food'.. *look of bemusement*

But I'll go into all that when I get to the Hoedowns.

Ok, so onto Whose Line with Ryan as Napolean [I think that is really good -- Ryan Stiles who is 6 foot too many inches playing Napolean -- a man who was likely shorter than ME] and Colin as Josephine... They really had it going on -- very funny.

Next was Song Titles! They were in an emergency room and it was good, but I really don't have a great deal to say on it except that Beatles songs were most popular -- 'Help', 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand', among others...

Then we had Title Sequence -- you recall 'Satan and the Schoolgirl'? Well, this one was Bea Arthur and Brad Pitt. 'B and B' I think they settled on and at the end all one could ask and what Drew DID ask of Colin and Ryan was 'Which of you was Bea Arthur and which was Brad Pitt?' So Colin did his Bea face and Ryan did his Brad face..

So Scenes from a Hat was next and I liked the first one -- 'What you wife is thinking right now'.. some examples: Colin 'Can that man make love'... Chip 'Is that Ryan or Brad Pitt?'... Wayne 'I love my husband Wayne Brady'... Ryan 'I love her husband Wayne Brady'...

Then we had a little break of sorts... Ryan went pee again -- by the way, my sister heard a rumor that Ryan has a cold and was all drugged up on antibiotics and that was why he was so pissy [pardon the double entendre there...]... ? Your call. We came back with a MoTown group about the Sewer Worker. That was great... I think the 'Do the Sewer Worker' came to mean 'pretend you're shoveling crap'.

Next we have Improbable Mission [which Dan persists in calling 'Mission Impossible'] to wash the car. This one was good... what with the extra saliva pills and Colin's hairy chest...

Next we did Greatest Hits -- Songs of the Cowboy. Everyone was immensely impressed with Mr.s Brady and Esten on this one! I wouldn't have been able to do any of it, but the way they slopped together a Do-Wop BALLAD... hot damn! They did also a vaudville song, Hanson [MMMMMMMmoo], Grunge, rap, and towards the end during the pick-ups they filmed two more: Simon and Grafunkel [The Sound of Stirrups... 'I didn't even know stirrups made a sound'] and a French ballad that was rather good esp. when Chip laughed like that candle thingee in Beauty and the Beast. *wink*

I really loved the next game cuz I'd not seen it and it's a grand idea!! SCENES CUT FROM A MOVIE~! For Colin fans, he whipped out the old Scottish accent for the Braveheart scene! They also did Harold and Maude, Psycho, Rush Hour, Free Willy, Free Willy 2, Goldfinger, Exorcist, and Star Wars. The Star Wars one was great -- Wayne comes on and, sounding JUSt like the guy, says 'I'm Lando Calrissian'... then Colin comes one and yells like Chewy, Chip comes on like C-3PO 'Oh Master Calrissian' and Ryan squats down and makes whistling noises like R2D2... *wink* Great!

Ok, time for the obligatory Party Quirks... Wayne was a scene-stealing extra -- trying to convince the directors that he can play the main roles better. Colin had brought a date covered in chocolate body paint and was licking it off. Ryan was a baseball player trying to steal home. Good and I'm impressed that Chip could guess... though he said 'You're dating a chocolate bunny' for Colin...

Next was Scene with an Audience member -- ONLY DIFFERENT!!! In this case, they hand the member of the audience a card with lines to read in order whenever Colin or Ryan prompt for it. The scene here was Col and Ry are two surgeons competing for the attention of the nurse [the audience member, Guiselle]. This was good and I liked it though i wished I could have been up there.. though I don't relish the idea of telling Colin he's uglier than Ryan... *tsk* Nope nope...

Next we have the Irish Drinking song which may become a staple game for the third season... First was the abducted by aliens one, then the hair transplant one. At one point Colin pulled a Colin and rhymed out 'ha ha ha hee hee' and Ryan busted a guy laughing at him... *wink* They ended up filming the hair transplant one a second time later on.

Next was Questions Only with the scene as 'Survivor Island'. This was a Drew game, for the curious and Chip was at the desk... He buzzed at a bad moment and I think it was Colin who asked 'Who's more annoying, him [Chip] or the real host of Survivor?'.. *hee* Then came props which was all right, then what Dan called a 'Drew Hoedown'... and when he said that, Drew threw down his prop like 'oh shit'.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but they did the Plastic Surgury Hoedown LAST season with Chip, didn't they? Well, they did it AGAIN. This one was really good though!! Ok, first they go through and Chip does one was being nasty and needing rhinoplasty. Then Drew goes through and says 'I used to look like HIM' and points at Colin. So Colin gets the look and does *his* on how he got plastic surgury and a hair transplant but all the hair was from Drew Carey's back. It was TERRIFIC but Ryan got all flustered and said 'You took mine!!' so Ryan took a little while and then concludes finally with 'I took some inches off my feet and put them on my penis' *wink* Of course they couldn't use it so they redid the hoedown, but I really liked that one and it sparked a whole line of audience members 'Ryan, say penis again' and 'show us some gold' so then it was Chip singing songs about Ryan 'Big Nut' Stiles... *hee* So any fans of crudeness or Ryan Stiles will love to know about it esp. since none of that will be on the show...

Next was 3 Headed Broadway star but DIFFERENT!! This time they had an audience member to serendade and it was the title is You are My [fill in the blank]. This one was to Chrissy and was 'You are my butterstick' after redoing the Irish Drinking Song and Moving people, they did a 2nd one to Doris [a young girl. I'm serious.] 'You are my mealticket'...

So Moving People. I got a bit sore about this one cuz Drew had been staring at me [If you were wearing a bright BRIGHT bright yellow shirt and bandana, he'd probably stare at you too...] but of course, i was land locked like I said... anyway, he chose these two dead people from the front row who didn't even really move them that much!! See, Ryan was a female spy who has lured enemy spy Colin to the woods to kill him and they wouldn't move them!!! Argh!! I mean to say, it's the one game when you get to TOUCH these guys!!! I'd be frickin' ALL OVER them!!! *hee*

After that, the Greatest Hits pickups, then the Credits. First, Colin read the credits as the cowardly bystander in the Western brawl [which was recreated behind him by Chip, Ryan and Wayne...]. Then Colin read them as a jilted bride left at the alter. Then Wayne and Chip as two Blues singers in a bar. Then all 4 of them at a dysfunctional family reunion. Then they had the two old sound effects ladies read the credits while the guys ran around being duck-elephants. Finally, they did all four of the guys reading the credits as the British Royal Family... oh my GOD!! Chip was being the queen and sticking his teeth out and waving and Ryan was flapping around with his ears... I almost died laughing!!!

Then we did more pickups, more openings, more 'back from breaks to this game' more 'neutral points to this game' and then the 'don't go away' *to* break bits...

all of this was wonderfully entertaining and although I don't quite believe, Dan was spouting that this might be the first taping that gets 4 episodes out of it. *hmm* Whatever. Oh yes, and Ryan was ragging on Dan and even Wayne in a sort of friendly way ['Goodbye Dan Patterson. I'll miss you.', and monkeying around behind him...].. and then when it was time for Ryan to say something funny, he had Colin pull his finger while the other one flipped Dan off... I don't remember what Colin or Wayne did or said, but Chip flapped his arms and made elephant noises... *hee*

That's all really. I hope you enjoy reading about it and I hope it's good when it comes out.

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