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*** 8/17/01 - 8/21/01 Movie Shoot -- The Rules of Attraction
*** 6/28/01 - 7/2/01 Whoser Con 4 got improv? Toronto, Canada
*** 3/24/01 Punchline Comedy Club -- Greg Proops
*** 1/5/01 Book Signing -- Orson Scott Card
*** 8/5/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?
*** 7/30/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?
*** 7/28/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?
*** 6/21/00 - 6/23/00 Movie Shoot -- Slackers
*** 5/26/00 Show Taping -- The Wayne Brady Show
*** 4/27/00 Book Signing -- Michael Palin
*** 4/18/00 Concert -- Ani Difranco
*** 11/18/99 Theater -- Amadeus
*** 9/4/99 Book Signing -- Orson Scott Card
*** 4/20/99 Book Signing -- Ray Bradbury

7/28/00 Show Taping -- Whose Line is it Anyway?


I preordered tickets for the Whose Line taping back in May I think. Delma also got 6 tickets, but I should have learned my lesson from the Wayne Brady Show taping and only bothered with 6 tickets. We had the same turnout -- only 5 people came. Very disappointing, but that's not too important. We took one car cuz there was no reason to take two. I drove all the way in and all the way back and was rather impressed with myself!! See, I've only driven the 10 up to the point of the junction with the 57 and 215, so I had never driven that bit before...

We got to the studio two hours early and had to park two blocks away and were numbers 120-125 in seating. Actually, people between 100-120 tended to have the best seats, I thought, though not convenient for my personal mission of getting in contact with the fellows and getting them their bracelets which I did not end up doing at this taping, but which I hope to do at the taping on the 30th.

So we sit around and I'm thinking 'oh god, please let Wayne be here and don't let the extra person be one of the girls!!! please just let it be Greg or Brad or Chip!!!' and it was... GREG!!! I enjoyed watching the guys mill around the catering table in the hallway more than I really did seeing them sit around in their chairs.... It's rare to just watch any performer on their 'down' time when they're not 'on'. By the by, when the audience enters, the seats are littered with the papers where you write your suggestions for Let's Make a Date, Whose Line, Party Quirks, and Scenes From a Hat... They don't use your suggestions you make in the show that night, but they will very likely *read* them....

Anyway. Dan Patterson came in and got some funny lines off and then did the same audience warm-up he always does... then he introduced Drew. Drew was very cool, very funny, and he talked to the audience for a while and then introduced the performers

    Greg Proops, dressed in a suit with a red shirt and a red tie.

    Wayne Brady, wearing a blue shirt and black pants.

    Colin Mochrie in an orange print shirt

    Ryan Stiles, dressed in a green shirt with a blueish looking tie

The first thing we filmed was a game of Superheroes with Greg as the SuperScooper, Ryan as Drill Sergent Boy, Colin as Wet T-Shirt Contest Boy, and Wayne as Gap Dance Boy [?? I know it was GAP]. The crisis was that there were too many 'doggie land mines' or -- dog shit. They naturally saved the day and it was pretty good for the starting game...

Then we had Film, Theater, and TV Styles with Ryan as an android trying to warn Colin, the chosen one -- a hot dog seller -- that evil android Wayne is going to kill him. The various styles Drew called for them were: I Love Lucy, Soap Opera, Barney [my very favorite!!!], Martial Arts, Musical, Marionettes, Public Service Announcement, and finally the infamous PORNO!!! *wink*

Next was the inevitable Let's Make a Date. While I had been hoping for more variety in games, I guess you can't have everything, and as it turned out I didn't have to worry much about that... So Greg was Judge Judy and hot DAMN that was *funny*... then Ryan was Crocidile Hunter -- a role that is reprised later in my story, and Colin was a guy who turned into a killer hamster whenever he got scared. That one was good, and when Greg was guessing, Colin said 'I'll give you $100 if you can guess what I am'... of course, following lots of hints from Drew, Greg hit on 'hamster'...

Sound effects was next, along with a little mention on how Drew refuses to let Ryan use *his* mic for SE cuz Ryan spits all over it... Well, this game offered a running gag for the night. Colin was a gladiator getting ready for the colleseum [sp?] and at the end, he mimed a whistle and Ryan didn't deliver, so Ryan was whistling all night and being teased about it for the next 3 hours... It was most amusing, but I've just been knocked off-line so I'll move on...

Then was Song Styles sung to a receiver in a bookstore and a state health inspector in the style of a Grease song... This one was good, but I have to letcha know that at first when Drew walked into the audience he went up to this annorexic-type blond and says 'what's your name, what do you do?' and she says her name and says she does 'nothing'. So Drew says 'Do you go to school?' when she affirms, Drew asks what she majors in and she says 'No, I'm in high school' so he moved on... how retarded must one be? eh? She should have made something up, damn it. If I didn't have a job, I would've made something up... or mentioned like, a HOBBY or something... damn... I almost feel sorry for her...

Then they did a Song Styles to a vaccuum cleaner as a German cabaret with Greg, Ryan, and Col backing Wayne up as cabaret girls -- and all Greg fans will be happy to know that he was shakin' that ass in this one. *wink* I don't remember much of the song, but I do know that Ryan, Col, and Greg were unbelievably yummy with their chair-props and all... *heehee* If this one doesn't go to the air, I will RIOT!!!

Then Film Dub. It was a 'Conplaints Department in the Future' and pretty good, so I could go into that one but I've got a long way to go...

Wierd Newscasters was next, with Greg as anchor ['I'm AllThatAndABagOfChips'], Colin as a Streaker who has bet his friends that he can get in every camara shot, Wayne as an Italian stud, and Ryan as an Olympic runner...

Whose Line with Ryan as the Beast and Col as Beauty... Beauty Smith... *heehee* Oh, toward the end of this one there was a 'prelude to a kiss' but Ryan shyed out of it and when they sat down he says "I am not kissing Colin again" and Drew says "Hey, bookmark that clip of Ryan saying he won't kiss Colin and we'll play right after he does again"... *hee* Apparently last year when they filmed it, they had to redo the kiss scene 6 times cuz some people were talking!!! Geezus.. that's why it seems like Colin knows what's gunna happen -- *duh*

Next, a fascinating game called 'Wedding' where they picked a married couple, had the lady come down after confessing that her husband really annoyed her by making rude noises and they had this scene where Greg was the MC of the wedding between the lady and Colin [making lots of 'rude noises'], then introducing the bride's dad -- Ryan -- and Colin's oldest friend Wayne who sang a song to the couple. They filmed this one twice, so I don't know whether Wayne will be rapping or heavy metalling it... Also, my sister was likely in the audience shot for that one, so I might be... watch for me picking my nose or something...

Next, scenes from a hat [*insert own fantasies here... they did some that they HAVE done before, so I was a bit disappointed...]. Then 'Survival Show' and you can just guess that one, can't you??? All you Survivor fans will love it -- they are trapped in a 'doggie wash' -- *heehee** It was very funny. By the way, MO-chrie was the one voted off.... *heehee**

They then tried to do Greatest Hits about Clowns but Dan stopped them and made them do something else, but not before Wayne rattled off an excellent Macy Gray song about Clowns... they did Songs of the Scoutmaster instead in several styles [limp bizkit, eminem, electric blues, reggae, bluegrass] and in one of them, Wayne sang something like 'yeah, but I'd rather be a clown'... *wink*

Then was NewsFlash with Prowrestling behind Colin... I liked this cuz they asked Colin something and he says 'Well, gee, maybe I'd know that if I knew what the HELL was going on behind me' or something like that... and I was surprised that he really *can't* see what's on the green screen. It still is not the funniest game by *any* standards, but *eh* whatever...

Party Quirks was next with Greg as host, Colin as a guy doing childish, sarcastic impressions of everyone, Wayne as a war movie hero throwing himself onto explosives, and Ryan as a catty supermodel on the runnway... Greg eventually got them all... Ryan first...

We now have IMPROBABLE mission!!!! To cook Breakfast... very funny, spurring the 'butt microwave' and 'mr. moo' jokes, the later of which evolved via Greg into Colin Moo-chrie. By the way, for those who recall this latest season's Improbable Mission, Colin did stop and say... 'If only we had a cat...'... *wink* I don't think Ryan got it, though...

Next was one of my very favorites -- Irish Drinking song... This one is a wierd one that I've never seen before though they likely did it on the Brit show... they did one on Divorce, then Dan bitched that it was too slow, so they did another on being broke.

Then we took a break and it was cool, people asked questions and stuff -- my friend Sara asked Greg what it was like on the set of Star Wars and he called her 'pumpkin'. *hee* It was cute. I was thinking through the whole thing of the best approach for contacting the peeps, but *eh* it didn't happen, but I'll try tomorrow.

Anyway, we came back and filmed some endings:

Worlds Worst -- Person to be stranded on an island with
Hoedown -- Prom
Hoedown -- Charlie's Angels
3 Headed Bway Star -- Whistler's Mother "Whistle on Cue"

Then we filmed the reading of the credits:

Ryan as Crocodile Hunter
Colin doing Childish impressions of the cast members
Greg and Ryan as PBS people during pledge week
Wayne and Greg as a ref and coach argueing
the 4 of them in a football huddle
Not reading the credits, just the other 3 teaching Ryan to whistle...

Of course then we filmed more openings and redid all these other bits and it took a long time and Ryan was really getting pissy about Dan and I hope that was all in fun...? One of the times they refilmed Ryan reading the credits as Crocodile Hunter, he says 'All right, we're on the search for the little English Asshole'... And they had to film some shots of the audience laughing, so Dan says, 'All right, on the count of three, Ryan will say something funny'... So Ryan flips Dan off. Then Dan told Colin to say something funny, so Colin flipped off Drew. Then for Wayne's turn, he said something insulting to Dan in a SouthPark voice... I couldn't hear Greg, or I just don't remember what he said.

Oh! Laura Hall has changed her hair, it looks pretty different -- i didn't recognize her at first. Linda Taylor was also there, but not the lady on the sax.

I don't really recall much else... except I'm frightened that I've been a tad disillusioned... seeing them redo their hoedowns and stuff... But I'll be Ok. I guess.

So we drove home. I drove and we didn't die. I'm tired of typing so that's it. If you have any specific questions, email me.

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