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(Written 11/05/02)
Hello Fucks!

‘twould be superb if Matthew Wright (C5, The Wright Stuff) would look into the mirror of truth, realise what he is and just fucking die.
Ok, Ok. When he was just a rag writer my hatred for the F(uck)-A(ll)-Cup-eared-rat-faced one held no lead lined bounds. After watching his Debate show on C5 for nearly a year now dare I say the Gaylord has gone up (slightly) in my estimations. BUT -
Yes BUT! He has pissed me off. Royally. The subject on his show the other day was ‘Does anyone care about the Commonwealth Games’. The Games are held in Manchester. In the North. This Programme is made in London. In the South. Anyway after that short Geography lesson i’m sure you can see what’s coming. The crux of the debate was that ‘No-one cares about the Commonwealth games because they’re in Manchester and it would be better if they were in London but fuck it they’re a waste of money anyway, lets just give the money to sick children’. Retarded Southern AIDS carriers.

City are back in the Premiership......Let’s all rape a Goat!

Street Vultures are doing my head in. Over the past five years we, the people of the north west, must have seen an increase of 500%. ‘Big Issue’ on every corner, women with clipboards homing in on the lastest throng of people to escape from BHS, some form of Claims Company employees (read: parasites) hanging round zebra crossings secretly urging people to have some form of minor traffic accident whilst treading over the black and white stripes.
Well Mrs Roberts’ Datsun wouldn’t have been rammed up the backside by Mr Devlins’ Renault if you fucking turds weren’t setting up you ‘no win - no fee’ pasteboard-of-doom so near the road. Yes you has to invite Anna, the new girl with tasty arse, along to help and...Oh...she bent down to pick up her clipboard just as Mr Devlins’ Renault came careering round the corner. Devlin, transfixed by new girl Annas’ arse, didn’t stop quick enough and whilst dreaming of ramming Anna up the arse, actually copped Mrs Roberts Datsun.
Anna got the claim, collected the commission and is now setting up Britains 2nd largest Nazi Party.
This could be true but is most likely to be bollocks. You can see where i’m coming from though. You walk down Market Street in Manchester and you get accosted 4 or 5 times. It’s not fucking on.
You could say these people are just trying to earn a living. True, but so was Harold Shipman and look where that got him.
Street Sales jobs are frequented by one type of person - Twats. They either go for this or the option of being a Club 18 - 30 rep in (insert random Spanish resort). It’s the Outgoing people. Out. Going. Outgoing for the beating of a lifetime.


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