......iím going to bed but before I do, iíll just like to tell you that I have a new job. yay! so I suppose now itís time you should see my appeal letter from my last sacking from my post as a customer service employee (vague title at best) for a cirtain lage train company. oh yeah, the braketed parts did not make it into the final draft. even I am not that stupid.....

ďDear Sir,

I wish to appeal against the decision to dismiss me from my duties as Customer Service Employee LVL3 for ------ ----- (as if I give two shits really).

I commenced employment with the company in July 2001 (the date which was then forth known as the end of my life you boring blood sucking arsewipes) and on Monday 10th December was notified of my dismissal (I am only taking umbridge at the pleasure that you took on sacking me. I am going to make your life miserable). The reason given for this was that I was considered as Ďabsent without leaveí (and was that the real reason for saking me? I donít think so) on two occasions on October 11th and December 7th.

The substance for my appeal is in the fact that on both occasions I had made contact to explain that owing to circumstances beyond my control (well, maybe not), I had overslept (hmm) and would be late for the start of my shift. Unbeknownst to me on both occasion I was already considered as ďabsent without leaveĒ (iím gonna burn your fucking house down). I did not understand the full implications (cunt) of this until a later date when I found out that even though I had contacted work I was deemed AWOL. If I knew this was the case I would have made every attempt to get to work and make up the hours (I couldnít fucking care less you miserable set of muppets).

It does appear to be a waste after training and uniform costs to dismiss an employee under these circumstances when there has been no problems (chuckle) with their work. The people who I was in command of have never had a problem with my methods (this is true. the truth such a strange concept in this letter).

You will appreciate that during the interview on December 10th, I was unable to discuss the situation (because I lost my rag totally) and felt unable to have the opportunity to discuss my overall conduct (after losing my rag iím sure you had a few views on my conduct) and mitigating issues associated with these two events (iím going to burn you alive). I would welcome the opportunity to do this in a meeting with you (as if YOU would) or a representative (come on take me on).

Even if nothing comes from this appeal (as I expect) I hope my views are taken into account just to question my dismissal which was harsh at very best (you have taken my income but you wonít take my....erm......HATRED of you and your kind. bastards).

Merry Christmas.

Your SincerelyĒ