i hope this makes sense. i'm speeding my tits off and am annoyed up to the shoulder blade. bear with me (here right now. sorry i'm wandering off already.) anyway let me explain what's been happening at angst hq this month.

if anyone says to me ever that again that there's good in everyone i will fucking stab them through the head with my dick. and as my pork sword penetrates their eye and trephines into the brain i will read every fucking word of this filth that i read at a friends the other day. fuck! some people need to be killed. kill. kill. kill.

after reading this please log on this website find their e-mail address AND GIVE 'EM SOME FOUL SHIT

"Dear Deborah,

Please help us!!!!!! We are a young Catholic couple living in Germany. My husband is 21 and I am 20 years old. A few months ago we got a new neighbour next door to our flat. Very soon we heard unnatural sounds emerging from the wall into our bedroom. We found the reasons of these sounds in the unholy doing of our neighbour and his friends: he is a sissy gay faggot. He likes to be used and abused in unspeakable ways by other men, especially very young man and boys. We also found out that he grows his breasts by using female hormones.

I have to say that I am pregnant in my fifth month and I confess my daily sins to my husband and then get a proper spanking on my vagina, breast and butt, to keep me on my way to God.

This was detected by our neighbour and now he tries to blackmail us. He wants us to share with his ugly friends with me and my husband as sex slaves for everyone and especially he wants me to sell my body on the street as a sex-slave-whore for everyone.

I hope and pray to God for a good advice to help us out of this shameful situation.
Manuela, Germany

Dear Manuela

You poor, poor thing. Your neighbour sounds like one of the most sick and evil people I have ever heard of. It does not surprise me that he is plotting such wicked deviousness as being a homosexual he is evil by nature. It is a well known fact that the minds of homosexuals are twisted and they are capable of committing diabolical acts beyond that of any normal person. How you must long for the glory days of 1933-1945 when the German government made homosexuality illegal.

Reading your letter I see you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are very lucky to have a husband who disciplines you when you sin. My husband too, though a very loving and caring man, is not slow in punishing me with a violent thrashing whenever I transgress.

Your neighbour wants you to degrade yourself just as he has degraded himself. He is addicted to anal sex but his compulsion can never be satisfied so he seeks new ways to indulge in perversity. You must not comply with his demands as you will be lead down the path to damnation.

I have friends in Germany who are campaigning for "Fort Ryke", or something? I have been told they are adept in dealing with nuisance homosexuals and also Jews, immigrants and communists. Send me your neighbour's details and I guarantee your problem will be sorted out.

I, and the other members of the BCC, will pray for you so that you have the strength and guidance to sort out this problem.

This was taken from the British Consevitive Catholics website 'The Shocking Truth':

After reading this I was so annoyed I sent a letter to BCC (The British Conservative Catholics, PO Box 462, London NW12 8XN) deploring this site. Basically it was full of the same childish offence that this website is full of. But it went on for 3 pages of A4 and kicked a whole lot off arse. These people are warped. Anyone else would have ignored this letter. Like water off a ducks back an all that. But you wanna see the e-mail I got back! It is ace. I'll post that up next week. But here for your perusal is the closing paragraph to me letter. Notice how kill is in inverted commas thus so this letter cannot be classed as a threat. Also notice the cute idea of signing off as God. That really fucked them off...

"...y'see i'm a big scary man and i'm going to find every one of you fuckers and 'kill' you. you make me feel so violently ill.
so violently ill that i knocked one out last night thinking of you being fucked by a big gay black man whilst licking my arse. i love you but you must 'die'. 'die' because you are filth. and the worst kind of filth at that. not only will you be brought to justice you will be found guilty of the most henious of crimes.
you are guilty of 'being religious'.
i smite you down with your own anti-mastubation pants you sick twisted kiddie fiddlers. don't lie i know you like small kids. i have proof. i have already passed your name onto the police and they are looking into these claims. you've been found out for the people you really are.
the lowest form of scum.
religious and consevitive.

die slowly and painfully the power and the glory for ever and fuck off
are men

GOD x x""

Watch your fucking back Debs. You've just pissed me off...

To get DIRECT to the BCC's 'contact' page.
click here"i think i'm gonna write a nasty letter"and click on 'contact'. i'm sure you'll love the picture of the little girl.

yes yes i may have gon a bit far. please let me state, don't kill these people - just wind them up. they are after all...wrong. i have not particular problem with orgaised religion, apart from maybe the wars it causes and fundamentalism, it gives people faith and helps them through times when they relise, life is shit. i prefer hard drugs but, hey there you go. this however is beyond religion, beyond fundamentalism. it is plain offensive. people can represent the word of the bible in many ways but i do believe this way, in this obtuse way of thinking, is offensive not only to the gays, jews, ethnic minorities, people of other faith that it is, it is also offensive to the ideal of free speech. salatious, corrupting ideas can be classed a 'inciting racial and sectionistic hatred' which, as i have taken that quote from one of my policemen friends, is a fucking crime.
you may be thinking, pot kettle, black, but there is a difference between this website and theirs. i am not in any way trying to make people believe in what i think. i may infer that i am right but for fucks sake i am taking the piss. you can't form any belief system around these piffley outpourings and offensive and pointless rants. i just enjoy it and it makes me less angry in life. their website is proclaiming that everyone else is wrong and only there beliefs and the way of life is correct. in my eyes the best type of religion is a religion that can embrace the ideal that there are other people of differnent faith out there. their website deplores this which makes it nothing more than incendiary and downright archaic. just for god sake go one the website, see what you think, send me something if you want, just be aware of these people. know they still exist. come on, lets give 'em some shit for their veiws, possibly some of the very few things in the world that can be classed as universally wrong. if, however, i start getting death threats, i think it's time to stop.
i'll let you know.