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 Rebelcreek's Holdin' Heaven ...
An Aaronridge Golden Retriever



Heaven is one of Aaronridge's Golden Retrievers.  Heaven was born August 1, 1994.  She is a sister to Romance who you'll meet soon.  Heaven stands 22-1/4" and weighs 66 pounds, well within the Golden Retriever breed standard.  She is light medium gold with slightly wavy coat.  She carries a fairly thick coat with good feathering.  Heaven has had two litters of golden retriever puppies, her most recent litter was sired by Bob.  The babies have turned out to be very beautiful golden retrievers.

Heaven is a more serious golden retriever.  She loves to play but also feels that order should be kept.  She is often seen watching the younger golden retrievers playing with a look that says "young and foolish".  But then, take her for a walk and watch a young and foolish golden retriever in action.  Heaven is a retrieving fool.  In this picture her puppies have just gone home and she is losing lots of coat (Golden Retrievers do that after having puppies)


Looky, looky, we have Drew, Kenzie and two golden retriever puppies.  Drew and Kenzie are holding two of Heaven's puppies which at the time were about 5-1/2 weeks old.  Heaven and Bob produced some of the cutest golden retriever puppies in the world.  Their babies are very pretty, gentle and happy golden retrievers and their new owners love them to bits.  One of these pups now lives with a friend in Seattle, WA while the other has made the big move to Fredericton, N.B.  Heaven is a beautiful example of a golden retriever.

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