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A Bit About
Aaronridge Golden Retrievers ...


Quindy1.jpg Aaronridge Reg'd Golden Retrievers has been breeding quality, purebred golden retrievers for many years.  Aaronridge Golden Retrievers was initially started by Karen and her son Rob.  Rob is now attending the University of Toronto and is in his fourth year.  And, how dare he, he's not studying Golden Retrievers at all  !!  These days Aaronridge Golden Retrievers operates with the assistance of Drew Black (Karen and Drew got married October 3, 1998).  Rob still helps out as much as possible whenever he can as do Drew's daughters Allison (12) and Kenzie (10).
Photo above: Golden Retriever "Quindy" Rebelcreek's Beyond the Blues

Aaronridge Reg'd Kennels is home to our golden retrievers, Moose, Justin, Bob, Brea, Sally, Susie, Heaven, Annie (retired), Josie, Roadie (retired), Kinder, Murphy, Cotton (retired), Rio, Romance, Quindy, and two new pups as yet unnamed.  Aaronridge Golden Retrievers shares it's home with Cattail Ridge Reg'd Cattery, breeders of Ragdolls cats.  We currently have six cats, B.J., (neutered male) also known as Squeegie Beegie, Callie the Calico (spayed female) Cleo (a seal bicolour Ragdoll) her kitten Dandelion (seal colourpoint Ragdoll), Judy (Blue/Cream Ragdoll) and Grizz (Blue Mitted Ragdoll).


                                                                                                                                                              Golden Retriever "Moose"   Ch. Rebelcreek's Moosin' Around

Aaronridge Golden Retrievers is located between Pontypool and Blackstock, Ontario.  This is about 25 minutes northeast of Oshawa.  We are located in a very pretty country setting, nestled in the pines.  Our property is home to many species of birds (we've positively identified 34 different species), butterflies (14 species so far), deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes.  In the winter often the howl of a lone bush wolf or the yips and cries of coyotes break the silence of the night.

Photo above:   A wagonful of Aaronridge Golden Retriever Pups.
                     Can you spot the imposter?

We welcome visitors at Aaronridge Golden Retrievers , however, we do ask that you have an appointment in order that we may plan our days.  This way, everyone here gets our full attention, and you, when you visit, will get our full attention as well.  Please see our contact information to set up a visit to visit our Golden Retrievers.



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