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An Aaronridge Golden Retriever


Murphy is our resident "funny girl" golden retriever.  She has a whole bag of tricks up her sleeve.  Murphy, aptly named Rebelcreek's G. Suss Murphy, is a joker, a happy-go-lucky golden retriever whose mission in life seems merely to be that of making the world laugh.  Her sense of humour is contagious and Murphy has a wonderful way of making sadness disappear.  With a keen ability to make a game out of anything, she and Kinder are very close friends ... and Kinder appears to be developing Murphy's sense of humour.  In fact, perhaps we are all developing Murphy's sense of humour.  Murphy is one cool golden retriever !!

Murphy is a pretty golden retriever that fits well within the golden retriever standard.  She stands 22-1/4 inches and weighs 65 lbs.  She is light medium gold in colour and carries very pretty coat.  She is a confident, energetic girl, with a passion for tennis balls, bumpers, sticks, in fact anything she can retrieve, which is one of her remarkable abilities.  Murphy loves children and is quite adept at amusing them with her antics.  When not trying to amuse children and other dogs, she will turn her antics onto the cats.  Our cats are NOT amused.  B.J. is often seen giving Murphy a look that speaks for itself.    Of course, Murphy pretends she doesn't understand "the look".  Her gentleness with the cats however, says that this is not true.  Murphy's display true golden retriever temperament.

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