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     Boarding at Aaronridge ...

 Aaronridge Reg'd Golden Retrievers offers boarding for Golden Retrievers purchased at Aaronridge.  Our "all Golden Retrievers" kennel is not run as per your usual boarding kennel.  Your golden retriever is not kept in  a "run" where s/he spends the day wondering where he is, why, and where the heck his people are anyway!!

Karen with Henry.  What a schmoozer he is!!

Aaronridge offers a vacation for your Golden Retriever as well.  We have large exercise paddocks (average size 60' x 40') where the Golden Retrievers get to romp and play.  For those Golden Retrievers that appreciate doggy friends we welcome them to join our Goldens and have a Goldenfest.  All dogs are separated for feeding times and for sleeping times inside our climate controlled kennel.  This ensures they get plenty of rest from all that play!!  All pets in our care receive lots of loving and attention and are ensured a safe, happy environment.  Pets are fed as per their home schedule and receive nighttime snacks.   Aaronridge is located on a quiet country setting away from any hustle and bustle.  We are nestled into the pines and there is a great blend of sun and shade.  Kept immaculately clean and sanitary, we ensure that your pet will go home in the same good condition it came in -- and more often than not the pets that come to visit mope for a couple of days when they go home  -- they are missing their new found Golden buddies.


full service boarding for Golden Retrievers purchased at Aaronridge
safe,friendly home environment for your Golden Retriever
safety and security Golden Retriever style
Golden Retriever friends
exercise befitting a Golden Retriever
two meals per day and nighttime snacks
a commitment to loving, professional care for your golden retriever and
individualized care/attention on a daily basis

For additional cost, Aaronridge offers pickup and delivery
as well as bathing and grooming services
(fee schedule upon request for these services)

How Much Will It Cost To Board Your Golden Retriever ??

Regular Board     $25.00/day
owner supplies food

Special Care Board    $35.00/day
Special Care applies for any Golden Retriever under veterinary
care or on medications.
owner supplies food



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