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All About Our Golden Retriever
Breeding Program ...


Vicky2.jpgAaronridge Reg'd Kennels has bred quality golden retriever puppies for many years.  All of our golden retrievers used for breeding are certified free of hip dysplasia, have their eyes certified and have had their hearts screened and found free of any hereditary heart disease.  Professionals that have been certified to conduct these tests in their respective fields do the tests.  We conduct only selective breeding with our golden retrievers in order to ensure that each breeding is the result of excellent parents, which are well suited in conformation and temperament to ensure sound, healthy, happy golden retriever pups.

During pregnancy (which last approximately nine weeks) our golden mothers are fed premium adult food (Iams Mini Chunks) until 4-5 weeks of pregnancy and then are put on a premium puppy food (Iams Puppy) to ensure maximum nutrition.  This further ensures that when the pups are nursing, the milk they are getting is produced from the same food that they will start eating when they reach three weeks of age (pups begin food then but continue to nurse to 6 weeks of age).


Aaronridge Golden Retriever puppies are raised in our home, with our family and are extremely well socialized.  Kept immaculately clean, our Golden Retriever puppies are constantly with our family, which includes other Golden Retrievers, cats, adults and children.  Our golden retriever  puppies are introduced to all the normal sights, sounds and smells of the daily household, both indoors and out.  The pups begin eating mashed up Iams Puppy Food from three weeks of age onwards.  This food is tried and true for many years.

Golden Retriever puppies do not leave our home until they are eight weeks of age.  Removing pups from their litter before this age is cruel and often results in a golden retriever whose traits are less than desirable.   Important socialization and intersocialization during the 5-8 week period is critical in the development of a sound, happy, confident golden retriever.

Before leaving Aaronridge, our Golden Retriever puppies are veterinarian examined by Dr. Richard Maser, Cavan Hills Veterinary Services, Cavan, Ontario).  They receive their first shots, are dewormed and are Moosepup.jpgmicrochipped for identification.  All Aaronridge Golden Retriever puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.  Golden Retriever puppies are sold on non-breeding agreements, which may, under special consideration, be lifted if criteria are met (see Sales Agreement).  Our Golden Retriever puppies are sold with a comprehensive lifetime guarantee for hereditary problems and for temperament (see Sales Agreement/ Guarantee).

When purchasing a golden retriever from Aaronridge your dealings with us do not end when the puppy leaves our home.  We offer full "after sales service".  Should you have any questions, need advice, are concerned about something, or simply want to brag to someone about your special golden retriever )who won't roll their eyes up after hearing the 50th brag), we invite you to call us.  We do not pretend to know everything, we do not replace veterinarian advice, but we do have, well, just a little bit of knowledge about Golden Retrievers !!

Many of your questions may be answered in our New Golden Retriever Puppy Info section.  Visit this section for answers to commonly asked questions.Vicky1.jpgIt is intended for people learning about Golden retrievers, or people who already own a golden retriever.

Feel free to call us (see Contact Info) before you buy, as you buy or after you've bought your golden retriever.  As a consideration to other golden retriever breeders, we do not offer opinions about other breeders and we do not offer advice on golden retriever puppies acquired through other breeders.  All breeders have their own way of doing things, and all breeders know their own golden retrievers.  It is best to refer to the breeder from whom you purchased your golden retriever, as they can, and hopefully will, help you.

Photos:  Vicky - Golden Retriever bred by us, living with a wonderful family
             A Golden Retriever pup from our Christmas litter sharing the festivities
          Our boy Moose as a 6-1/2 week old pup
          Vicky again and thanks to her family for the photos!!



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