Cynthia and Jessie's Random Thoughts on Stuff Like

Welcome to our very random page. Before we get started we would like to accredit the people who deserve it:

--the green goo for inspiring us
--Ashley (Jessie's sister) for providing the green goo
--the Backstreet Boys for making a really hot video that Nick does stupid stuff in
--the sticker machine for making green goo stickers
--the inventor of the homey-g dance {oh wait, that's us}

Now on with the green goo!

Our last update was on: May 14th, 2001 by Cynthia and Jessie. Well here we are having nothing better to do but sit on our butts since we are done with school. Cynthia is dying of an upper respitory breathing problem (AKA a bad cold) and Jessie is dying of boredom. Read a special rant coming soon entitled, "Why I hate sarah michelle gellar and why I am going to kill her with a spork." by jessie.



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