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Touring Rosa's Collection


One semi-mistake followed by two big, fat mistakes.  Left: a leather INC Shapes bag -- a mistake because it's so hard to get into with one hand (about all you've got in shops and on the bus).  Middle: a Segretta shoulder bag with a zipper opening that's just a touch too narrow and straps that are too wide.   Right:  is a Preview Collections bag that was a major mistake.  Cannot imagine what possessed me to buy it.  It's about the size of a briefcase, made of soft glove leather and has NO frame whatever, which means it ends up hanging there like a big cow's udder.  Make me an offer!

Wallets, Zipper Bags, Oddments

Left:  The little Italian wallet I keep going on about.  Soft kid with gilt finish, 15 years old and no wear except on the label inside.  Just big enough to fit into the palm of your hand, it holds credit cards and money, if you fold the money up.  Change gotta go somewhere else.  Middle:  Silky black belt purse, about 5".   Right:  Falchi Sport black patent zippered wallet, palm-sized, lovely to hold.

Walker and Stuart make zipper bags that are almost identical.  They are ribbed rubber or coated mesh and a joy to handle.  Left:  A ribbed rubber Walker bag.  Wish I'd bought the store out, it's so tough and beautiful.  Middle: An Alan Stuart mesh bag.  Both have bound inside seams.  Right:  A 6" ivory metal-mesh box bag, manufacturer unknown.  About the best summer bag I've got; 14 years old and not tarnished yet!

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