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Touring Rosa's Collection

Enzo Angiolini

Now what you'll find in Nine West, but which I actually picked up at Ross.  All Enzo Angiolini.  Left:  Brown taffeta teardrop bag, brushed steel trim, lined (like all the others) in matching microfiber.  Only  6" across, about the only wallet I can get in it is the teensy Bosca one above, or the tiny italian wallet (below).  Center is a roomy 12" brown suit bag that I still carry in spite of the fact that the clasp has been knocked half off.  Right is the identical bag -- I had to have it, it's a miniature, 6" wide, with removable leather spaghetti straps.  It, too, needs a wallet in it to make it hang straight.

Favorite Bags

Left:  Cee Klein woven brown leather, a cushy, soft, comfortable bag with coffee-colored grosgrain lining and a padded leather tab on the zipper.  Sigh!   Right, my latest treasure:  Monsac, leather with champagne grosgrain lining and ALL brass fittings and zippers -- something you almost never find in a handbag these days.  It's HEWGE (nearly 16") and is mostly one big inner compartment.  The outside side zip is great for my keys and transit pass.  Anybody notice the resemblance to my old Etienne Aigner bag above?  I flipped when I saw it, because the leather on the Aigner one was starting to wear out (after 25 years, that's allowed).  
Left:  LL Bean Healthy Back Bag, black leather, the largest size.  About the best thing I ever bought for carrying to work.  It really does make the load lighter and there's room enough inside for all my junk, a tiny shoulder bag, a camera, umbrella and my lunch box.  I do not recommend this bag to people who need to carry other things (like small children) If you don't keep one hand on the strap, it slips right down your arm.  If you let the strap out the whole length, you can wear it across  your body.  Nice solution, except I can't do it!  I need to be able to rip my coat off when I get a hot flash.
Yes, those are Kenneth Cole key tags I'm using as zipper pulls.  Some shopgirl sniffed, "THAT's not a Kenneth Cole bag."  to which I cooed, "Thank  you, I was sooo confused about that."  Actually, I wouldn't buy Kenneth Cole's backpack bag because it's everything I don't like about a backpack as a purse -- too easy for pickpockets to get into!  If it had shoulder straps, the Kenneth Cole'd be perfect, because it's a simple large frame bag that hangs down perfectly straight, exactly like the Morgan Taylor teensy bag I have above.

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