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Touring Rosa's Collection

Many of my bags don't photograph well because what's striking about them is the materials, the proportion, the design or the feel of the materials.  I shop by touch and I shop by gasp.  This also is NOT my entire collection.

Etienne Aigner -- Really old good bags

Etienne Aigner bags of a quality you seldom see today.  All brass fittings, grosgrain or kid lined.  Left:  Frame bag, the Aigner logo forms the clasp.  My favorite bag for years.  This, and all the Aigner bags here date from the mid-70s.  Middle:  Small flap bag.  About 10", brass fittings, grosgrain lined.  That's an elaboration of the Aigner signature "A" with medieval tapestry styled deer and vine work on the front.  Right:  Box bag, looking startlingly 90s.  About 12", all brass fittings, kid lined.  I have an Aigner wallet, but it's actually worn out since 1976.  Scandalous -- except it was a slot-button closure, the kind that does wear out fast.

Small Bags

Left:  Evening purse made entirely of painted brass.  The clasp is two intertwining peacocks.  If you get mugged on your date, this makes a hell of a cosh.  Middle:  A 16-year old favorite black day and evening bag.  Buttery black leather outside, grosgrain lined, brushed steel frame.  It wears the hardest and it's also one of the least expensive bags I own ($20, by Morgan Taylor).  Just goes to show that value doesn't always cost money!  Right:  Black ribbed rubber box bag by Walker, with the softest, toughest web strap.  Practically weightless, it doesn't hang right unless you've got a wallet in it.

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