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Touring Rosa's Collection


Left Clutch wallet with removable checkbook, lots of hidden zippers and slots.  Middle:  Key case, just about 3" wide and 3/4" deep contains keychain, change zipper pouch, drivers license window and room for about 8 credit cards.  Right:  Tiny wallet, only 2-1/2" wide with room enough ONLY for a few dollars, 3 quarters and a driver's license.  Small pocket for your coat check ticket!  
Foldover wallet:  The one I use every day, in black cherry finish.  It's bulging because the clerk at Ross insisted on giving me $15 change in ones.

Kenneth Cole and Nine West

Two shops I always seem to end up in:  Kenneth Cole and Nine West.  Here, two Kenneth Cole bags.  Left:  The black one is about 12 years old, hangs perfectly and has tons of room under the two flaps.  Back flap is not pierced.  Right:  Brown bag is about 8 years old.  A good travel bag because it's nearly impossible for me OR a pickpocket to get into the back section where the wallet goes.  Both bags about 15" and lined in heavy cloth.  Plastic zippers.

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