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ICIS home page The International Council of Independent States (ICIS)  
Charter was founded on 1st June 1984.  
About the ICIS The Secretary-General heads the day-to-day administration  
Stamps of the ICIS and routine diplomacy of the ICIS and ensures its smooth  
Official Bulletin operations. The Secretariat is located at Auckland.  
Members When the Council was first established in 1984, the HQ was  
Apply to join set up at Stavanger in Norway, then later moved to Dunedin.  
Flags of Members Since 1992, it has been at temperate Auckland in New Zealand.  
Contact ICIS  
The present Secretary-General is Norbert E. Ching, a citizen of the Sultanate of Upper Yafa. He succeeded Murray Menzies in 1992. The Secretary-General is responsible for the administration of the Council, and the operation of the various specialised bodies.
Among the various tasks that feature in the activities of the HQ of ICIS are running the media office (INA), the Postal Union (GPTO), and the Science & Culture unit.

Norbert E. Ching, Secretary-General of the Council.Norbert E. Ching, Secretary-General of the Council.

About the Secretary-General
Norbert Egbert Ching was born in Wellington in 1950, and trained as a movie-maker and archaeologist. He was a member of the first administration of Occussi-Ambeno, and held a senior position in the Philatelic Service of that land. He later became a freelance philatelic consultant, and has been responsible for the stamp programmes of Sedang, Liegerland, Free Vinland, Bokhara, Fantippo, Occussi-Ambeno, Raoul, and Upper Yafa.
His hobbies include scuba diving, photography, butterfly breeding, and philately. In the area of stamps, he concentrates on the issues of Ascension Island, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Cochin, Lundy, Tuva, St Kitts, and the Railway Travelling Post Offices of New Zealand.
Religion / Heroes
The Secretary-General is a practising Egyptian sun-worshipper. This he describes as being the same religion observed in ancient Egypt, where the sun god Amon-Ra is worshipped.
As for people he admires, he lists the Dalai Lama, Noam Chomsky, Howard Carter, Leni Riefenstahl, and Albert Meltzer as his biggest influences.

A monarch butterfly cocoon is shown on the 15 cents definitive stamp of 2000.  200th birthday of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, 1990.  The 1988 stamp issue had a bewildering array of colors.  In 1989, many countries sent teams to the World Starcross Championships.  A newly-hatched monarch butterfly is shown on this stamp of 2000.

ICIS members live all round the planet.

World Headquarters: P.O. Box 876, Auckland, New Zealand 1140. e-mail:

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