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Flag of Fantippo.     FANTIPPO

1949, Universal Postal Union 3d.

The Penny Black featuring His Majesty King Koko: first stamp of Fantippo.

1998 Calligraphy Symposium: one of a set of four stamps.

  The High Kingdom of Fantippo, in western Africa, was brought to fame by John Dolittle M.D., a roving English general practitioner and veterinarian, in the late nineteenth century. At his suggestion, a Post Office was opened, and numerous stamps were issued, bearing the portrait of His Majesty, King Koko. Many of these stamps remain in use in Fantippo today.  

2000, Cats are featured on thix sixpence stamp celebrating the Animal Carnival.

2003 Anti-Fly Campaign.
The world's first stamps 
ever to show TOILETS,
as part of a campaign 
to urge folk to always
use toilets to prevent
fly infestation.

The Zigmon Lighthouse at Wofflik is shown on this 6d stamp from 2000.
King Koko, the 5 top value of the first issue.
King Koko, 6 pence, from the first issue.

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