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Home The International Council of Independent States (ICIS) Specialised Agencies:
Charter was founded on 1st June 1984. It's declared objective News - INA
News is to act as a "United Nations" of the smaller countries Postal - GPTO
Stamps of the ICIS of the Fifth World. The ICIS is governed by the Charter, Science - ICOSOC
Official Bulletin adopted at the founding General Assembly and modified Banking - IBACODE
Members several times subsequently. Only countries may hold Mail -ICIS Postal Administration
Apply to join membership. The ICIS also has several specialized  
Flags of Members agencies entrusted with carrying out specific tasks.  
In 1988, the Council began issuing its own stamps, for use on
Contact ICIS
mail from the Headquarters. Most of such mail is sent to
member governments, and is consequently quite scarce.
The Council publishes the Official Bulletin from time to
time, and this contains matters to be discussed and voted on.

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The thirtieth anniversary of the Council, and the ICIS' first-ever triangular stamp.

1988, Food Year, 28 kroners. A beautiful monarch butterfly is shown on the 75 stamp of 2000.  This emergency issue appeared just after the impeachment of Mr Menzies, and was a VERY limited edition.  ICIS Peace Campaign, 45 cents.

World Headquarters: P.O. Box 876, Auckland, New Zealand 1140. e-mail:

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