International Council of Independent States

World Headquarters: P.O. Box 876, Auckland, New Zealand. e-mail:


To apply to join the Council, the spokesperson for the country should submit this form.
also submit a written application, enclosing a few of your stamps and memorabilia.
This is quite important, as the items submitted are scanned and posted on the website for
members to vote on your application.

Country name: Country status

Head of State: Contact person:

What is your e-mail address? Website URL if applicable

Phone number? STD prefix Country code

What is your postal address?

Independence date? Currency used in country

Capital City Population of capital Population of country

Description of Flag

Does your country issue stamps? Year stamps first issued

Does your country issue currency? Year currency first issued

Does your country publish books or newspapers? Year first published

I am (occupation) I am (age) I am (sex)

Best time to ring me about this inquiry

1988, Food Year, 28 kroners.  A beautiful monarch butterfly is shown on the 75 stamp of 2000.  The vibrant colors of the 1988 series are a tribute to their designer, Mr Hantuk Belagar of the KDPN, in Occussi-Ambeno.  This emergency issue appeared just after the impeachment of Mr Menzies, and was a VERY limited edition.  ICIS Peace Campaign, 45 cents.

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World Headquarters: P.O. Box 876, Auckland, New Zealand. e-mail:

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