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International Council of Independent States

ICIS home page The International Council of Independent States (ICIS) Stamp Catalog
Charter was founded on 1st June 1984, and four years later, in First stamps
News 1988, the Secretary-General announced the establishment First FDC
Stamps of the ICIS of the ICIS Postal Administration, in effect, the ICIS's own FDC gallery
Secretariat Post Office, to handle inwards and outwards mail. The ICIS Booklets
Members Postal Administration has its Post Offices at the World H.Q. Awards
Apply to join and at each of the ICIS Regional Offices, and for all intents Butterflies
Flags of Members and purposes, these function like normal Post Offices, receiving Aero-philately
and despatching mails, selling the distinctive ICIS stamps,
Contact ICIS and datestamping mail and forms. View some envelopes    View Stamp Catalog ICIS home page

ICIS members live all round the planet.

A monarch butterfly cocoon is shown on the $1.35 definitive stamp of 2000.  200th birthday of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, 1990.   In 1989, many countries sent teams to the World Starcross Championships.  A newly-hatched monarch butterfly is shown on the 30 stamp of 2000.

World Headquarters: P.O. Box 876, Auckland, New Zealand. e-mail:

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