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John and Julia Hornsby Pyeatt

John Pyeatt was born c1817 in Missouri (probably St. Louis County) and died before 1900. We have not proven John's parentage, but the probability is that he was a son of Jacob and Olivia ?Inks Pyeatt. Jacob may possibly be the only Pyeatt in Missouri (other than Jacob's father, John Pyeatt) old enough to have fathered a son at that time. John Pyeatt's estate did not have a son John as an heir even though this John was still living. So, he could not be a son of John Sr. Evidence points to the fact that John Sr probably did have a son named John who died previous to 1827 when the elder John's estate was administered.

John married Julia Hornsby (once referred to as Aurelia and who has been identified as some researchers as Julia Inks) who was born July 14, 1813, in Missouri and who died in the City Hospital in St. Louis on October 16, 1911. The administrator of the Infirmary where she had lived for three months was the informant on the death certificate and gave her place of birth (and that of her parents) as Missouri. However, Julia's son, William Pyatt's, death certificate claims that she was born in Virginia. Is she related to John's sister-in-law, Diana Hornsby Pyeatt, who was born in Mississippi and who married John's brother, William Dudley Pyeatt, in Burnet County, Texas? I find it strange that the death certificate claims that she had lived in Missouri for 48 years. Had she lived somewhere else at some point and only just returned in 1863? Diana Hornsby was living in Williamson County on the 1850 census. I had always assumed that William had met Diana when his family moved to Williamson County around 1850. Since John was already married to Julia by 1837 does it mean that some Hornsby's were in Jefferson County at that time? Did Diana's father (whom I had always thought had gone straight to Texas from Mississippi) live in Jefferson County before going to Texas? Or, did Catherine Pyatt provide the wrong information for Julia's maiden name? Julia is buried in the Pacific Cemetery, Franklin County, Missouri.

The possibility exists that John had two wives, one named Aurelia born 1814 MO on the 1850 census and one named Julia born 1814 MO on the 1860 census (and on the deed dated 1853). But, the probability is that they were one and the same person. On the 1900 census, Julia claimed that both of her parents were also born in Missouri and that she had had twelve children with six still living in 1900. On the 1910 census she is living with Elisha Pyatt born 1840 in Missouri as his 'mother'. If she were in fact his biological mother she would have to be the 'Aurelia' from the 1850 census entry. However, other apparent errors in the census enumeration are suspect and she may never have been referred to as anything but 'Julia'.

John and Julia had the following known children:

When Jake Pyeatt died in 1927 he was living in Webster Groves, Central Township, St. Louis County, Missouri. However, he had been in the hospital in St. Louis for about a month and actually died there. Among his siblings was listed Blanche Marlo. Is this the oldest unknown daughter of John and Julia or one of the other daughters going by a different name?

The following family found on the 1840 census of Merrimack Township, St Louis County, Missouri appears to be this John and Julia Pyeatt:

Assuming the three children are theirs, who is the other male age 20-30 in their household - one of John's brothers? Their neighbors on page 261 included John Votaw, M Sledd, Mrs M Smith, James Roberts, John Jeminson, Joseph Potterfield, Isaac Hildebrand, Jacob Pyatt, William Inks, Willson Sledd, Jefferson May, E Inks and Robert Patten, B G Brown, Joseph Votaw, Mrs. C Votaw, and A McClure. John and Catherine Pyeatt Pruitt (thought to be John's aunt) appeared on page 259. M Sledd was Marshall Sledd and his wife Jane Pyeatt (thought to be John's sister). Isaac Hildebrand was married to Nancy Pyeatt (a sister of John's father). Jacob Pyatt was John's father. William Inks and E(lisha) Inks were thought to be related to Julia and were intermarried with the Browns, Votaw and McClure families. Wilson Sledd was married to Sarah Pyeatt.

City of St Louis deed book T6 pg 14 (abstracted from microfilm at the archive office of the St Louis City Courthouse. Dec 2001) 31 Oct 1849....Jacob Pyeatt and Olivia his wife of the county of St Louis and state of Missouri to John Pyeatt of his heirs and assigns.....$ on the waters of Flat Creek beginning at the SE corner w/ August Chouteau land sold to William Inks thence with the SE boundary line of said Inks....50 arpents....Jacob (his mark) Pyeatte....Olivia (her mark) Pyeatte....12 Nov 1849 Jacob Pyeatt and Olivia his wife appeared before Robert Patton JP....and he ascertained the validity of the transaction and her free will to sell her dower right....S D Barlow Recorder....Recorded June 16th 1853

Also, City of St Louis deed book V6 pg 149 (abstracted from microfilm at the archive office of the St. Louis City Courthouse. Dec 2001) 13 June 1853 St Louis Co, Missouri .....John Pyeatt and Julia his wife of St. Louis County and Enoch Price of St Louis.....$ confirmed to Auguste Chouteau and conveyed to Jacob Pyeatt..(description same as one above for the property conveyed to Jacob).....signed John Pyeatt.....Julia (her mark) Pyeatt...William S Holloway JP......S A Barlow Recorder

City of St Louis deed book V6 page 419 (abstracted from microfilm at the archive office of the St. Louis City Courthouse. Dec 2001) 14 Nov 1853 St Louis County, Missouri...Jacob Pyeatt and Olivia his wife of the County of ________ and state of Texas and John Pyeatt of the County and State aforesaid....$400.00...parcel of land situated on the waters of Flat Creek in County of St. Louis and State of Missouri a part of a league square tract of land confirmed to August Chouteau under Louis Courtois and conveyed to Jacob Pyeatt by said August Chouteau by deed bearing date the 1st April 1826 and bounded....beginning at SE corner of a tract of land which August Chouteau sold to William Inks thence with the South East boundary line of said Inks S 59 1/2 (can't read) twenty-three chains to ash 24 inches in diameter thence South 29 1/2 E 18 chains and 50 links to a small hickory on the brow of the hill thence N 59 1/2 E twenty-three chains to a red bud on the NE boundary line of the original thract thence with said line N 29 1/2 (can't read) eighteen chains fifty links to the place of beginnin...containing 50 arpents....In presence of B Gooch and A Harrison....Their Marks Jacob (X) Pyeatt and Olivia (X) Pyeatt.....State of Texas...County of Williamsom....14th Nov 1853

This entry in original land records for St Louis Co, Missouri, would appear to belong to this same John Pyeatt

  • John Pyeatt certificate dated 07-23-1849; document #16851; 80 acres; MO0860_.121

    Currently, the BLM website is restricted. However, I would like to see the legal description of this property and who the adjoining owners were.

    John and family appeared on the 1850 census of Meramac Township, St Louis Co, MO, as follows:

    This family enumerated 21st Sep 1850 at #1550/1580. Their neighbors were #1542 William Harris, #1543 Andrew McLane, #1544 Erin and Penelope Francis, #1545 Benjamin J and Jane (b: c1803 KY) Brown, #1546 Wilson and Sarah [Pyatt] Sled, #1547 Henry Keeton, #1548 Large and Emilie Ink, #1549 Wm C and Anna E Ink, #1551 Elisha and Frances [Bohle/Boley] Peyet, #1552 Anthon Bohlfe, #1553 Benjamin Boyd and Benjamin Boly, #1554 Joseph Potterfield. I have to wonder if the enumerator saw Elisha and thought he was a girl or if he just misunderstood? In the house next door, he spelled 'Elisha' correctly - but - he knew that was a male (the head of household). What are the chances that John's son is not enumerated, but, a mysterious female is? Unless proven otherwise, I believe this to be their 10 year old son with whom Julia lived in 1910.

    John and family appeared on the 1860 census Franklin County - Boles Township, MO as follows:

    Their only child old enough to be married was Nancy. She in not the Nancy J Pursley age 23 on the 1860 census with Wm L Pursley in Boles Twp, Franklin County, Missouri ( image 31/49) as the marriage index shows her name to be Nancy J Groff. There were no other 'matching' Nancy's in the general vicinity of the Pyeatts.

    I have searched the Franklin County, Missouri, census index of 1870. I viewed each page of Boone, Bole, Central and Washington Townships. I did not find any additional Piatt/Pyatt/etc. which were not indexed at I searched using first names and ages without surnames and still no luck. Also, no John or Julia Piatt of the right age anywhere in the US. Where were John and family? I would guess that the two oldest daughters, Olivia and Sarah, were most likely married. I looked at several with the right first name and age with no likely matches. Sarah Cooper in Calvey Township, Franklin County was a near match, but, no other evidence. Perhaps John and the children that I cannot locate were already dead. But, where was Julia on this census? We know that she lived until 1911 - so, she has to be somewhere. Their son, Elisha, was with Margarette in Washington P O, Washington Township, Franklin County. Their son, William, was with wife Marguretta and their newborn son near his brother, Elisha. Their son, Jacob, and his wife Isabella and their newborn son were in Boles Township, Franklin County.

    In 1880, John and Julia would not have been included in the soundex entries as they would not have had a child under the age of 10. I checked Boles Twp and Washington Twp, of Franklin County, Missouri, with no John and Julia found. I performed searches at as follows: All of the US for John/Julia Pyeatt (all spelling) born in Missouri in 1817 (+-5 years) - no matches. Searched using first names and birthyear only - no matches. Searched Missouri for 'Olive' born in Missouri in 1842 (+-5 years) - no likely matches. There was a William Pyeatt born in Missouri in 1847 in Dent County, Missouri that belongs to a different line; and, one in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, who was born 1850. There was no F/Frederick Pyeatt born in Missouri in 1850 (+-2 years) in the US.

    I did find the family of Maria L Kerr in Dry Branch, Franklin County, Missouri on the 1880 census in hopes that Julia was living with that family. She wasn't with them, but, they appeared as follows:

    This family was enumerated #81/81 ( image 16/45).

    Julia (or someone of the same name and approximate age) was living with her son-in-law, James F Kerr, and family on the 1900 census of Franklin County (Central Township) as follows:

    How is this Maria L Kerr the daughter of Julia? She did not appear with the family on the 1850 or 1860 census. Is she the Maria L Allen from the 1850 Meramac Twp, St Louis Co, MO, census with Wilson and Sarah Pyeatt Sled? That Maria was 12 years old (born c1838). This Maria L is not exactly the right age and would be a niece to Julia instead of a daughter if she were adopted by the Sledds. When Maria married James F Kerr it was as 'Maria L Pierett'. So, evidently someone (probably John and Julia) had adopted her as she did not previously appear with any Pyeatt family. This might explain why Julia gave her number of children as 12 on one census year and 11 on another. The other option is that this is John and Julia's daughter, 'Sarah', who was born c1844 (same year as this Maria L).

    According to Jean Vail's notes, Julia was living at #1421 Kentucky Avenue, Central Twp, Franklin County in 1905.

    On the 1910 census of Pacific City, Boles Township, Franklin County, Missouri, Julia was living with her son, Elisha as follows:

    This family was enumerated on #212 Fourth Street 22 Apr 1910. It appears that this Julia is the one who appeared with the Kerr family in 1900. There are a few discrepancies - her year of birth and the number of children born to her. Did Julia have 12 children or 11? Who answered that question for her on the census and would they know the correct answer? I have a list of 11 children known to me. Which two of her children had died between the 1900 census and the 1910 census? Did someone also give the wrong age for Julia on the 1900 census? Her age in 1910 agrees with her age on much earlier censuses.

    Julia's death certificate gives the following information:
    Death certificate #36193 Registration District: 791; Primary Registration District: 1003; File No 36193: Full Name: Julia Pyeatt; Sex: Female; Color: White; Marital Status: Widowed; Date of Birth: July unk 1813; Age: 98 yrs 3 months unk days; Occupation: none; Birthplace: Missouri; Name of father: Unknown; Birthplace of Father: Missouri; Maiden Name of Mother: Unknown; Birthplace of Mother: Unknown; Informant: E. V. Cosgrove; Informant Address: Infirmary; Filed: Oct 16 1911 Max C Starkloff; Date of Death: October 16, 1911; I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from July 7, 1911, to October 16, 1911, that I last saw her alive on October 16, 1911, and that death occurred on the date stated above, at 6:45 am. The cause of death was as follows: Myocarditis; Duration: 6 yrs; Signed: Carl A Hoberecht M. D. Oct 16, 1911 (address) Infirmary. Length of residence at place of death: 3 months 9 days; In the state: 48 yrs; Where was disease contracted: Unknown; Former or usual address: 1307 S Boyle; Place of burial or removal: Pacific, Mo; Date of Burial: 10/16 1911; Undertaker: Wm Ambruster; Undertaker address: 4236 Manchester Avenue

    Julia's information from the Ambruster Funeral Home (now Ambruster-Donnelly) records were as follows:
    Julia Pyeatt - Death: Oct 16, 1911; Charged to: Walter Pyeatt; Date of Funeral: Oct 17, 1911; Place of death: City Hospital; Funeral services: Pacific, Mo; Marital status: Widow; Religious affiliation: Protestant; Age: 98 yrs 3 mnths 2 ds; Casket: #3096 St Louis Casket Co, outside box, plain wood; Interment: Pacific Mo City Cemetery; Bill details: Casket $45, Outside box $5, Embalming $10, Washing & Dressing $5, Delivery to Station $6, Total Bill $71

    The 1307 Boyle address that was said to be her regular residence before the infirmary is where her son, Jacob Pyatt, lived for many years including the 1910 census just previous to her death. Perhaps Jacob and Elisha took turns keeping her in their homes or the infirmary listed the closest family address as her regular residence. I asked for a search for an obituary for Julia in hopes that it gave her parents names and survivors. I received the following reply from the St. Louis County Library - "We searched the St. Louis Post-Dispatch obituary index and the Glode-Democrat, but, could not find an obituary for Julia Pyeatt."


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