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Wilson and Sarah Pyeatt Sledd

Sarah Pyeatt was born in Missouri in February of 1817 and died May 22, 1901, in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri. She might have been the daughter of Jacob and Olivia Pyeatt. She married Wilson Sledd in St. Louis County, Missouri, November 14, 1836. Wilson was born in 1809 in Virginia and died c1862 (probably in Pacific, Boles Township) Franklin County, Missouri. Wilson Sledd was a member of the Pacific Mason Lodge in 1860 as was John Pyeatt who is thought to be Sarah's brother.

The children of Wilson and Sarah:

  • Unknown Sledd b&d: bef 1860
  • James B Sledd b: c1844 MO d: aft 1900 (never married)
  • John C Sledd b: c1848 MO d: 187?
  • Eldridge G Sledd b: c1853 MO d: bef 1900
  • Anne E Sledd b: c1856 MO d: bef 1870
  • William T Sledd b: 1860 MO d: 23 Jun 1885 (buried Pacific Cemetery, Pacific, Franklin Co, MO) m: Ellen M Mason (d/o of James W Mason and Sarah McCollough) b: 23 Oct 1859 Glencoe, St. Louis Co, MO d: 29 Sep 1915 4236 Russell Ave, St. Louis, St. Louis Co, MO (buried Pacific Cemetery, Pacific, Franklin Co, MO)
  • Jerome S Sledd b: c1860 MO d: aft 1900 (never married)
  • Mary Sledd b: c1862 MO d: bef 1900

    This list of children is taken from the various census entries. Sarah claimed to have born 8 children (per the 1900 census). Therefore, at least one is not known to us. During the period of time that Sarah was the guardian of the minor children of Wilson Sledd, the following names of children appeared: James B, John, Eldridge G, William T and Jerome. At that period in history a child was an orphan if it's father was deceased and the mother was sometimes the guardian if an adult male relative was not chosen.

    Sarah's sister, Jane Sledd, (she married Marshal Sledd), also had a son named William Sledd who was married to Annie L Mitchell.

    The family appeared as follows on the 1850 census of Meramec Township, St Louis Co, MO:

    The family was enumerated 21st Sep 1850 at #1546/1576 pg 22/36 (ancestry page numbers). Who is Wm Jonas Sledd? Their neighbors were #1542 William Harris, #1543 Andrew McLane, #1544 Erin and Penelope Francis, #1545 Benjamin J and Jane (b: c1803 KY) Brown, #1547 Henry Keeton, #1548 Large and Emilie Ink, #1549 Wm C and Anna E Ink, #1550 John and Julia Piet. This Maria L Allen married James Frank Kerr and Julia ?Inks Pyeatt (wife of John born c1817 to Jacob and Olivia Pyeatt) was living with them on the 1900 census. Julia is listed as James' mother-in-law. Is Maria truly a daughter of Julia or was she perhaps adopted? Was she adopted by the Sleds or the Pyeatts? I am not 100 percent sure this is the same Maria L that married James Frank Kerr - the marriage records should be checked.

    Wilson and family were in Pacific PO, Bole Township of Franklin County, Missouri on the 1860 census as follows:

    This family was enumerated #138/138 11 Jun 1860 pg 21 (275 on upper right) ancestry image 21/21 on first Boles Twp. Their neighbors were #134 David & Christina Schieling, #135 Sarah Withington, #136 George & Biddie Fromm, #137 John and Julia Piat, #139 David & Nancy Cox, #140 William & Catherine Rieck, #141 Adam & Rachel Gaster, #142 Wendell & Francisca Brown.

    Wilson died in 1862 and a search of the Franklin County estate records yielded the details of his estate which spanned until the late 1870s. Sarah was the administratrix and receipts show payments for funeral expenses of Wilson and later, John Sledd. Various tutors were paid and the children settled with their inheritances.

    I have had a lot of trouble locating any of this family on the 1870 census index. They were indexed as 'Stat' and, indeed, that is how the name looks. The were still in Boles Township, Franklin County, Missouri, as follows:

  • Stat, Sarah age 52 born MO / wf / keeping house / $500/$300
  • Stat, James B age 25 born MO / wm / laborer RR
  • Stat, William age 12 born MO / wm / attended school
  • Stat, John S age 10 born MO / wm / attended school
  • Stat, Mary age 8 born MO / wf / attended school

    This family was enumerated #122/118 pg 81B Pacific P O. Where were Jerome and Eldridge?

    This entry from the 1880 Franklin County, Bowles Township, Pacific City, St Louis Street includes a Sarah Sledd. Her age is not an exact match to Sarah Pyeatt Sledd (whose age varied every census year), but, is close enough to be a possible match when her parents birthplaces correspond to the popular answer for Jacob and Olivia Pyeatt:

    These families enumerated 1st Ju 1880 on St Louis Street, Pacific, MO #23/36 (the Martins and Aylor) #23/37 (Sledd) #23/38 (Walton) #23/39 (Church and Brigsell) #23/40 (Woods and Ellis) all are indicated as one residence, but each new # is a separate head of household pg 4 Supr Dist 3 ED 69.

    By the 1900 census the family had moved to #1218 Boyle Avenue in St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri:

    This family was enumerated #1218/125/153 Boyle Avenue dist 372 Ward 25 ( image 15/19). Many of the Pyeatt line were living on Boyle street or in that neighborhood on Hunt, Tower Grove, etc. Various neices and nephews of Sarah's lived close by. They included Sarah's nephew, Jacob Pyeatt, son of John and Julia Hornsby Pyeatt and his wife (Sarah's neice), Isabella, daughter of Elisha and Francis Bohle Pyeatt. Other of Elisha's children were also living near Boyle Avenue in various years.

    Sarah's entry in the St. Louis City Death Index is as follows:
    Sledd, Sarah age 84 yrs / born MO / died 22 May 1901 St Louis #1218 S Boyle / widow / Apoplexy / buried Pacific, MO / Geo Krieghauser / physician, Jno T Fitzsimmons, D C


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