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Elisha and Frances Bohle Pyeatt

Elisha Pyeatt was born in Missouri cJanuary 17, 1824. He is thought to be the son of Jacob and Olivia ?Inks/McClure Pyeatt. He died of Anasarca at 1307 Boyle Avenue, St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, on July 17, 1890. He married c1848 Frances 'Fanny' Bohle (or Boley). Frances was born c1827 in Virginia (or Missouri) and died before 1890 in Missouri (probably Franklin County of Billious Fever).

The children of Elisha and Frances Piatt:

On the 1850 census of Meramac Township, St Louis County, Missouri, Elisha and family appeared as follows:

This family was enumerated Sep 1850 #1551/1581. Their neighbors #1542 William Harris, #1543 Andrew McClure, #1544 Erin and Penelope Francis, #1545 Benjamin J and Jane (b: c1803 KY) Brown, #1546 Wilson and Sarah (Pyeatt) Sled, #1547 Henry Keeton, #1548 Large and Emilie Ink, #1549 Wm C and Anna E Ink, #1550 John Piet, #1552 Anthon Bohlfe, #1553 Benjamin Boyd and Benjamin Boly, and #1554 Joseph Potterfield.

When Elisha and Frances' son, Eldridge, died in St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri, his parents were listed as 'Elisacha Pyeatt' of Missouri and 'Frances Bohle' of Virginia. Their daughter, Myra Devine, gave their names as 'Elisha Pyatt' of Missouri and 'Fanny Bohle' of Virginia on her brother, Benjamin F Pyeatt's death certificate. When their son, Thomas, died in 1913 it was 'Elisha Pyatt' and 'Fannie Boley' as given by Myra's husband, John J Devine. John Keilch suggests that she was probably the daughter of "Benjamin R. Boley married Evelina Sledd in Bedford, Virginia in 1825 and they moved to Franklin County, Missouri, by 1830. Evelina was the daughter of Barksdale Sledd and Lucy Peter and the sister of Wilson Sledd and Marshall Sledd, who both married sisters of Elisha Pyeatt. Note that Elisha and Frances Pyeatt named children Eldridge, Benjamin, and Almira, which appear to be Boley names." I also note that Benjamin Boly turns up in Pyeatt family estate records and such as early as 1827.

Elisha and family appear as follows on the 1860 census of Fenton, Maramec Township, St. Louis County, Missouri:

This family was enumerated #757/733 26th July 1860 pg 998B (ancestry image 20/52) neighbors were #747 John Potterfield, #748 Marion Bittick, #749 Julius Young; #750 John S Gano?, #751 Lorenzo D Votaw, #752 Henry Buckstatt, #753 Louise Brinkley, #754 Jacob Reed, #755 Ignace Augustin?, #756 Marshall Sledd, #758 Jacob Fisher, #759 John Adams, #760 Jacob Block, #761 Isaac Brooks, #762 Dwight Hill, #763 Jeremiah Cookley, #764 Michael Welsh, #765 John Fleming. A few pages before was Lorenzo D Votow and James Medley.

By the 1870 census, Elisha family appeared as follows in St Louis County - Meramec Township - Melrose P O:

This family was enumerated #14/14 pg 250 near Hiram Wood, Julia Desmoulin and Michael E Dace. Their daughter, Isabella, had married to Jacob Pyeatt and was living in Boles Township, Franklin County, Missouri.

Henry A Pyeatt, son of Christopher Pyeatt and grandson of John Pyeatt, was also living in Meramec Township with his family in 1870. If Elisha is a son of Jacob and Olivia Pyeatt, then Henry would have been a first cousin to Elisha.

By the 1880 census, Elisha and family have moved near their Pyeatt relatives in Franklin County, Bole Township, Pacific, Missouri, and appeared as follows:

Living nearby was the Frederick Pyeatt who is thought to be the son of John and Julia Hornsby Pyeatt (Isabella's husband's brother): Also in the area was Elisha, thought also to be the son of John and Julia Hornsby Pyeatt: I viewed all of ED 69 and 70 (Boles Twp) of Franklin County and ED 78 of Washington County, Missouri, in 1880 for this family. Their daughter, Isabella, was in St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri, and daughter, Myra Devine, lived in St Louis at #3915 Gratiot Street.

According to John Kielch notes, Elisha appears in the St Louis City Directory of 1886.

John M Pyeatt died March 13, 1888, at #1309 Boyle Avenue of Erysiplaus Phlegmonous. He was aged 27 years, was a labor and was single. His attending physician was Dr. Thomas J Harvey and his undertaker was M Jouser. He was buried in the Pacific Cemetery, Franklin County, Missouri.

Elisha appears on the 1890 St. Louis City Directory as 'Pyatt, Elijah - r 1307 Boyle Avenue' which was his daughter's house and next door to the residence of his son, Edward Pyatt, and his recently deceased son, John M Pyeatt. Evidently, Francis had died between the 1880 census and 1890. I don't know how serious Billious fever is - did she die soon after the census enumeration? Bilious fever is a condition caused by disease of the liver. I can imagine that treatment at that date in time was nonexistant.

Elisha Pyeatt died of Anasarca in St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri, on July 17, 1890 (certificate #4736) was aged 66 years and 6 months old and born in Missouri. He was a farmer, widowed, lived on #1307 Boyle Avenue and was buried in a Pacific, Franklin County, Missouri, cemetery. His attending physician was Dr Thomas J Harvey and the undertaker was George P Schmer and Son. I assume that he was living with daughter Isabella in his ill health. The closest medical term to 'Anasarca' that I can find is 'Anasaica' which is a generalized edema or generalized dropsy - what we would call congestive heart failure today.

In the 1911 Gould's St. Louis, Missouri General & Business Directory, others living at these addresses include:

I believe that Elisha and Francis Pyeatt are buried in the Pacific Cemetery, Franklin County, Missouri, without headstones.

I requested a search for an obituary for Elisha Pyeatt from the St Louis County Library and got this response - "We searched the St. Louis Post-Dispatch obituary index and the Globe-Democrat, but, could not find an obituary for Elisha Pyeatt."


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