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John Pyatt and Mary Tinker

John Pyatt was born to Benjamin and Avis Eggers Pyatt on March 5, 1844, in Crawford County, Missouri. He died January 30, 1918, in Dent County, Missouri, and is buried in the Martin Cemetery in Cherryville, Crawford County, Missouri. He was married in Crawford County, Missouri, October 31, 1870, to Mary Tinker who was born May 6, 1855, in Missouri and died June 14, 1953, in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Mary was the daughter of John Harrison Tinker and Nancy Ann Byers. Mary is buried in the Boss Cemetery, Boss, Dent County, Missouri.

John and Mary had the following known children:

John and Mary bought property from John and Lizza Borden on the day of their marriage for the sum of $150.00

John Pyatt and his brother, Benjamin, both served in the Union Army during the Civil War and have military markers on their graves in Martin Cemetery. John and Benjamin served honorably in the 48th Missouri Infantry Company G. Perhaps they were prompted into service by the events that took place in Steelville on August 31, 1864 when the town was plundered by the Confederate command of Lennox. Reverend Butler, a Baptist minister, was mortally wounded along with five militia who were on the way to join their companies. John Pyatt enlisted that same month in Steelville and was described as six feet three inches tall, black hair, blue eyes, 215 pounds and was a corporal. Benjamin enlisted a few months later and was described as five feet nine inches, light hair, black eyes and fair complexion. Evidentally, these two brothers bore little resemblance. John and Ben both found themselves on a steamer ship in the dead of winter. They were headed for Spring Hill, Tennessee. Because of no heat on the ship, along with bad water, John Pyatt took sick. Upon arriving at Spring Hill, John was admitted to the hospital and stayed for two to three weeks in December of 1864. He said later in pension application statements that he was only half the man after the war. Besides his brother Benjamin, John also had for companionship his sister's husband, James Woolsey. John and Benjamin were discharged at Benton Banks, Missouri, on June 29, 1865.

John and Mary appeared in Harmony Township, Washington County, Missouri, on the 1880 census:

This family was enumerated in vol 45 ed 173 sh 2 line 31. Neighbors were J A & S C Scott, Philow & Nancy Beers, James & Lucinda Bays, James & Susan Rasnik, Jno & M L Beers, J F & E J Hensler, J M & Tabitha Gardener, G A & S C Tedder, and J T & A Black.

By the 1900 census they appeared as follows is Osage Township, Dent County, Missouri:

This family lived at Howe's Mill and was enumerated 29/14/2/95. Living in Franklin Township were John's uncle, James Glass Pyatt, and some of his sons.

By the 1910 census, the family appeared in Osage Township, Dent County, Missouri, as follows:

This family was enumerated #205/207 ( image 12/19). Also in Osage Township were sons James T Pyatt, John E Pyatt and Newton Pyatt. Evidently, their daughters Lora and Lavada were widowed and living with them. This census entry was very faint and difficult to read. It appeared that Lavada might have been married as opposed to widowed as there was a # of years in that column whereas others who are widowed it is blank (like Lora).

The death certificate of John Pyatt is as follows:
1. Place of Death: County - Dent; City - Salem Registration District 266 File No. 750 Primary Registration District No. 4164 Registered No. 22 2. Full Name - John Pyatt 2. Sex - Male 4. Color or Race - White 5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced - Married 6. Date of Bith - March 3, 1844 7. Age - 73 yrs 10 mos 15 da 8. Occupation - Farmer (b) farm work 9. Birthplace - Missouri 10. Name of father - Benjamin Pyatt 11. Birthplace of father - Indiana 12. Maiden name of mother - Avis Eggers 13. Birthplace of mother - Indiana 14. Informant - Sarah Pyatt Salem, Mo 15. Filed 1/21 1918 W E Rudd 16. Date of Death - Jan 20, 1918 17. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Dec 1912 to Jan 20, 1918 that I last saw him alive on Jan 19, 1918, and that death occured on the date stated at 3:00 pm. The cause of death was as follows: Diabetes Millitis (Duration) Don't Know (Signed) Thos D Hunt Jan 20, 1918 Salem, Mo 19. Place of burial or removal - Dry Valley Cemetery Crawford County, Mo; Date of burial 1/23/1918 20. Undertaker - Jnos Musgross Salem, Mo

Mary's death certificate records the following:
Oklahoma Death Certificate #008652 1. Place of Death - County: Creek - City: Sapulpa - Full length of stay: (blank) Full name of hospital or institution: Home add. 2. Usual residence - State: Okla - City or Town: Sapulpa Rt 1 3. Name of Deceased: Mary Pyatt 4. Date of Death: June 14 1953 5. Sex: Female 6. Color or Race: White 5. Single/Married/Widowed: Widowed 8. Date of Birth: May 6 1854 9. Age: 99 10a. Usual Occupation: House Keeper 10b. Kind of Business: Home 11. Birthplace: MO 12. Citizen of what country? USA 13. Father's Name: No Record 14. Mother's Maiden Name: No Record 15. Was deceased ever in U.S. Armed Forces? No 16. Social Security No: (Blank) 17. Informant: Lt. Causey, Sapulpa, Okla 18. Cause of death - Disease or condition directly leading to death: Bronchopneumonia, acute 20. Autopsy: No 22. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from 6-8 1953 to 6-14 1953 that I last saw the deceased alive on 6-14 1953 and that death at 5:45 P.M. from the cause and on the date above. 23a. Signature: Philip Joseph MD (address) Sapulpa, Okla 23c. Date Signed: 6/14/1953 24a. Burial, cremation or removal: Removal 24d. Date: 6/15/53 24c. Name of Cemetery: Boss 24d. Location: Salem, MO Date Rec'd by local reg: 6-30-53 Registrar's signature: Nellie Winters 25. Funeral Director: JB Whisenhunt 2211 E 6 Tulsa

Myrtle Pyatt sent me pages from a manuscript that looks like it might have come from a county genealogical society. Across the top is hand-written 'Families of Boss Cemetery, Dent County, MO'. Here are extracts related to this family starting pg 76:
John Pyatt and his wife, Mary Tinker Pyatt, are the forerunners of the Pyatt Family of east Dent County. John Pyatt was born 3-5-1844 in Crawford County, Missouri. His father, Benjamin Pyatt was one of the early settlers of Crawford County. The Pyatt Hollow near Cherryville was named for this family. He was reared in Crawford County and on 10-31-1870, he was married to Mary Tinker, member of a pioneer family. To this union ten children were born, W. H. (Bud), Tim, Ed, Newton, Thomas who married Bessie Hogan of Howes Mill; Daniel Franklin who married Sally Strictlin of Iron County and died 3-20-1944, buried Pump Cemetery near Bixby; Luvada (Mrs. William Farmer) moved to Montana; Lora Nelson Keller Clapp moved to Montana; Martha Causey died in Sapulpa, Oklahoma; and one daughter died in infancy and is buried at Lower Indian Cemetery in Washington County. John Pyatt was a soldier in the Civil War, Company G. 48 Missouri Infantry. When he was 44 years of age, he was converted to Christianity and united with the Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Crawford County. Later he moved to Dent County and was a member of the First Baptist Church of Salem. He died 1-30-1918 in Dent County and his body was returned to Crawford County and buried in the Martin Cemetery on Dry Creek near Cherryville. His family continued living in this county, mainly in the eastern section. Pyatts in Boss Cemetery are:
Pyatt, Mary wife of John; Born 5-6-1855, Dent County; Died 6-14-1953 at Sapulpa, Oklahoma; Aged 98 years. Her father was John Harrison Tinker, buried in Old Dillard Cemetery. Her mother was Nancy Tinker. She lived much of her life around Boss; however, she lived various places over the country with her family.
Pyatt, William Harrison (Bud); Born 11-28-1873, Washington County; Died 3-16-1958, Salem. He married Mary Beers of Washington County on 12-13-1892 and they had 12 children; Resie (Mrs. George Garinger) died as a young woman and was buried in Lower Indian Cemetery in Washington County; John Pyatt married Muriel Mahurin of Dent County; Roy Pyatt of Howes Mill; Tom Pyatt married Dorothy Martin of Boss; Elmer Pyatt married Lottie Chandler of Bixby and they moved to Keysville; Leonard Pyatt died December, 1968 and was buried in Hawthorne, Nevada; Carrie married William Perkins of Dent County; Effie Roney Land Howell resides at Lenox, Missouri; Ethel married Leslie Stricklin of Bixby; Opal married Tilford Land of Max; Lula married Edward Farmer of Boss; and Ada married Delbert Mowery of Turtle. His life was spent in Crawford, Washington, and Dent Counties. He was converted and baptised at Indian Creek Church at the age of 19. He later joined the Macedonia United Baptist Church of Boss.
Pyatt, Mary Isabell wife of W. H.; Born 1-29-1878, Washington County; Died 10-1-1954 at the home in Turtle. Her parents, Christopher and Catherine Beers were members of old families of Washington County. Her mother died when she was as infant and she [was] reared in the home of her grandfather, Ohedrye Henslee.
Pyatt, Joel Lee; Born 12-7-1927; Died 6-23-1928 and Pyatt, Vernon Clifton; Born 4-23-1931; Died 5-11-1944; These are sons of Roy and Zola Cottrell Pyatt. They [Roy and Zola] are also the parents of Radius (Buster) Pyatt, Daphne (Mrs. Carl Sellers), Virginia (Mrs. Henry Brochius), and James Pyatt. Mrs. Roy Pyatt is the daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Maggie May Hogan Cottrell of Howes Mill.
Pyatt, Linda May; Born 1-11-1942; Died 6-21-1943; Daughter of Leonard Pyatt who died in Hawthorne, Nevada; and Bertha Hutson Pyatt daughter of Leo and Lola Short Hutson of Boss. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pyatt have five other children.
Pyatt, Minnie; Born 2-3-1884, Boss; Died 2-10-1950. Her parents were Marion and Martha Nelson and she was married to James Timothy Pyatt on 11-15-1900 and they were the parents of ten children. The children are Jess, Courtney, Roma, Buford, Virgil, Billie, Vernie (Mrs. Glenn Major), Bonnie (Mrs. Lawrence Wofford); and two sons died in infancy, Emil and Lonzo Pyatt. She lived most of her life at Boss. She was converted in 1915 and joined the Assembly of God Church. Several of her sons have established their homes in the State of Illinois. The two daughters reside in Salem.
Pyatt, Lonzo; Born and Died in 1914
Pyatt, Emil; Born and Died in 1921
Pyatt, Adda Adean; Born 12-7-1938; Died 9-18-1939. She was a daughter of Jess and Gertie Nickles Pyatt who have several other children. They had one married son who died in 1968 and was buried in Illinois. Gertie Pyatt is a native of Dent County from the Mt. Herman Community. She was the daughter of Thomas W. and Jane Williams Nickles; and the granddaughter of William and Eliza Nickles, and William D. and Mary Elizabeth McQuiree Williams, all of Dent County.
Pyatt, Lora May; Born 9-7-1901, Dent County; Died 2-24-1962, Boss. Her parents were Jack Raper of Salem and Mincie Nelson Raper Hedrick of Boss. She married Jess Pyatt and they were the parents of two sons, Howard and Eldon Pyatt. Her life was spent in Dent County, most of the time near Boss.
Pyatt, John Edward; Born 8-10-1879; Died 8-16-1966. Ed Pyatt married Augusta Turnbough, 9-11-1902 and they had five children, Orville of Boss, Alice (Mrs. Esco Midyett) of Gladden, Minnie (Mrs. Charles Radford) died in 1968 and was buried in Salem, Rosie died as an infant and is buried at Lower Indian Cemetery at Courtois in Washington County, and one infant is buried on the John Hedrick farm. Ed Pyatt lived in this vicinity all of his life. Augusta Pyatt is a native of Crawford County. Her parents were George Turnbough and Vina Turnbough Tinker. Her grandparents were John and Eliza Dunlap Turnbough. Her great grandparents were Joseph and Harriet Turnbough, and her great great grandparents were Samuel and Jane Turnbough. Samuel Turnbough was one of the first settlers of Dillard, owning the land where the town is now located. Two brothers, Samuel and George Turnbough moved to Crawford County around 1830 from northern Tennessee. Samuel settled at the present site of Dillard, and George settled on the Sellers farm on Huzzah Creek below Dillard. Samuel Turnbough died in 1845 and was buried on his farm at Dillard. This was the beginning of New Dillard Cemetery.
Pyatt, Effie Rosetta; Born 5-10-1886, Iron County near Bixby; Died 5-7-1947. Her parents were James and Lucy Canady Strictlin of Iron County. She was married on 12-25-1903 to Jasper Newton Pyatt and they were the parents of seven children, Mabel (Mrs. Carney Butts), Leona Hollomon, Ermel Hibdon, Erna Robb Black, Lloyd, Clyde, and Lawrence Pyatt. She lived her life in Dent and Iron counties. She was converted early in her life. Pyatt, Emmett Lawrence, son of Newton and Effie; Born 9-6-1917 near Boss; Died 10-1-1937. He attended Boss School and graduated in 1935.


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