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John Edward and Augusta Turnbough Pyatt

John Edward "Ed" Pyatt was born August 10, 1879, in Washington County, Missouri to John and Mary Tinker Pyatt and died August 16, 1966.

He was married in Washington County, Missouri, on September 11, 1902, Augusta Turnbough (d/o George Turnbough and Vina Newton Tinker) who was born c1887 in Missouri. Their marriage license was for 'John E Pyatt of Curtois, Washington Co., Mo. over 21' and 'Gustay Turnbough of Courtois, Washington Co., Mo. under 18'. The 'Step-Father, Mr. Tinker, gives his consent to the marriage of Gustay Turnbough' (8 September 1902 license) married on 10 September 1902 by W W Hopkins at Washington Co., Mo.

John and Augusta had the following known children:

John and family first appeared together on the 1910 census, in Osage Township, Dent County, Missouri, as follows: This family was enumerated #206/208 ( image 12/19). Living at #205/207 ( image 12/19) were John's parents and youngest siblings along with two widowed sisters. Also in Osage Township were John's brothers, James T Pyatt, and Newton Pyatt in their own households.

I did not locate this family on the 1920 census.

Myrtle Pyatt sent me pages from a manuscript that looks like it might have come from a county genealogical society. Across the top is hand-written 'Families of Boss Cemetery, Dent County, MO'. Here are extracts related to this family starting pg 76:
Pyatt, John Edward; Born 8-10-1879; Died 8-16-1966. Ed Pyatt married Augusta Turnbough, 9-11-1902 and they had five children, Orville of Boss, Alice (Mrs. Esco Midyett) of Gladden, Minnie (Mrs. Charles Radford) died in 1968 and was buried in Salem, Rosie died as an infant and is buried at Lower Indian Cemetery at Courtois in Washington County, and one infant is buried on the John Hedrick farm. Ed Pyatt lived in this vicinity all of his life. Augusta Pyatt is a native of Crawford County. Her parents were George Turnbough and Vina Turnbough Tinker. Her grandparents were John and Eliza Dunlap Turnbough. Her great grandparents were Joseph and Harriet Turnbough, and her great great grandparents were Samuel and Jane Turnbough. Samuel Turnbough was one of the first settlers of Dillard, owning the land where the town is now located. Two brothers, Samuel and George Turnbough moved to Crawford County around 1830 from northern Tennessee. Samuel settled at the present site of Dillard, and George settled on the Sellers farm on Huzzah Creek below Dillard. Samuel Turnbough died in 1845 and was buried on his farm at Dillard. This was the beginning of New Dillard Cemetery.


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