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William H 'Bud' and Mary I Beers Pyatt

William Harrison "Bud" Pyatt was born November 28, 1873, in Washington County, Missouri to John Pyatt and Mary Tinker and died March 16, 1958, in Salem, Dent County, Missouri. He married Mary Isabell Beers who was born January 29, 1878, in Washington County, Missouri to Christopher and Catherine Hensler Beers and died October 1, 1954, in Turtle, Dent County, Missouri. Bud and Mary are both buried in the Boss Cemetery, Boss, Dent County, Missouri.

Thier marriage license was for 'W H Pyatt of Harmony Twp., Washington Co., Mo. under 21 and Mary Beers of Harmony Twp., Washington Co., Mo. under 18. The Father of Wm H Pyatt (John Pyatt) consents to this marriage and the Guardian of May Beers (Obediah Hensler) also consents to this marriage. (13 December 1892 license) married on 15 December 1892 by Wm W Hopkins, MG, at Obediah Hansler's (sic), Washington Co'. Note that her grandfather's name has been given as Obediah Hensler/Hansler here and Ohedrye Henslee in the Boss Cemetery information below.

The children of Bud and Mary:

Myrtle Pyatt sent me pages from a manuscript that looks like it might have come from a county genealogical society. Across the top is hand-written 'Families of Boss Cemetery, Dent County, MO'. Here are extracts related to this family starting pg 76:
John Pyatt and his wife, Mary Tinker Pyatt, are the forerunners of the Pyatt Family of east Dent County. John Pyatt was born 3-5-1844 in Crawford County, Missouri. His father, Benjamin Pyatt was one of the early settlers of Crawford County. The Pyatt Hollow near Cherryville was named for this family. He was reared in Crawford County and on 10-31-1870, he was married to Mary Tinker, member of a pioneer family. To this union ten children were born, W. H. (Bud), Tim, Ed, Newton, Thomas who married Bessie Hogan of Howes Mill; Daniel Franklin who married Sally Strictlin of Iron County and died 3-20-1944, buried Pump Cemetery near Bixby; Luvada (Mrs. William Farmer) moved to Montana; Lora Nelson Keller Clapp moved to Montana; Martha Causey died in Sapulpa, Oklahoma; and one daughter died in infancy and is buried at Lower Indian Cemetery in Washington County. John Pyatt was a soldier in the Civil War, Company G. 48 Missouri Infantry. When he was 44 years of age, he was converted to Christianity and united with the Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Crawford County. Later he moved to Dent County and was a member of the First Baptist Church of Salem. He died 1-30-1918 in Dent County and his body was returned to Crawford County and buried in the Martin Cemetery on Dry Creek near Cherryville. His family continued living in this county, mainly in the eastern section. Pyatts in Boss Cemetery are:
Pyatt, Mary; wife of John; Born 5-6-1855, Dent County; Died 6-14-1953 at Sapulpa, Oklahoma; Aged 98 years. Her father was John Harrison Tinker, buried in Old Dillard Cemetery. Her mother was Nancy Tinker. She lived much of her life around Boss; however, she lived various places over the country with her family.
Pyatt, William Harrison (Bud); Born 11-28-1873, Washington County; Died 3-16-1958, Salem. He married Mary Beers of Washington County on 12-13-1892 and they had 12 children; Resie (Mrs. George Garinger) died as a young woman and was buried in Lower Indian Cemetery in Washington County; John Pyatt married Muriel Mahurin of Dent County; Roy Pyatt of Howes Mill; Tom Pyatt married Dorothy Martin of Boss; Elmer Pyatt married Lottie Chandler of Bixby and they moved to Keysville; Leonard Pyatt died December, 1968 and was buried in Hawthorne, Nevada; Carrie married William Perkins of Dent County; Effie Roney Land Howell resides at Lenox, Missouri; Ethel married Leslie Stricklin of Bixby; Opal married Tilford Land of Max; Lula married Edward Farmer of Boss; and Ada married Delbert Mowery of Turtle. His life was spent in Crawford, Washington, and Dent Counties. He was converted and baptised at Indian Creek Church at the age of 19. He later joined the Macedonia United Baptist Church of Boss.
Pyatt, Mary Isabell wife of W. H.; Born 1-29-1878, Washington County; Died 10-1-1954 at the home in Turtle. Her parents, Christopher and Catherine Beers were members of old families of Washington County. Her mother died when she was as infant and she [was] reared in the home of her grandfather, Ohedrye Henslee.
Pyatt, Linda May; Born 1-11-1942; Died 6-21-1943; Daughter of Leonard Pyatt who died in Hawthorne, Nevada; and Bertha Hutson Pyatt daughter of Leo and Lola Short Hutson of Boss. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pyatt have five other children.

I received this email and cannot quite figure out where it fits in as the Thomas Marion Pyatt above does not have a brother Daniel Franklin Pyatt. There is a Daniel Franklin Pyatt who was married to Sally Strickland who was the son of John and Mary Tinker Pyatt. That Daniel had a brother whom I have listed as Thomas Jefferson Pyatt, not Thomas Marion Pyatt:
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 From: Dennis Wayne Pyatt "I came across your web page and notice some of the people you have on it so I thought I would write to tell you who they are.

This man is my cousin:

His father, Daniel Franklin Pyatt, and my grandfather, Thomas Marion Pyatt, were brothers.

This man is Bucky's brother:

This man is my brother: I am Dennis Wayne Pyatt. My parents live in Festus. I am tracing my family tree. We are the PYATT's from Boss, MO. I would be happy to share any info with you but I think my family is not the same as yours.


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