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Benjamin and Avis Eggers Pyatt

Benjamin Pyatt was c1813/1814 in Clark Co, Ohio to William and Catherine Glass Pyatt. He was the oldest of seven children. Benjamin died in Crawford County, Missouri, in 1853 (or 1852). He married, Avis Eggers on Aug 19, 1833, in Putnam County, Indiana. It appears that the Eggers family came to Indiana from North Carolina before 1820. Some possible locations in Indiana for the Eggers family include Warren and Hudson Counties. Avis was born c1814 in Ohio and died 1894 in Crawford County, Missouri. Soon after their marriage (c1841), Benjamin and Avis moved to Crawford County, Missouri, with Benjamin's father, William, where their descendants still live. They were some of the early settlers of south Crawford County and settled in the area which is called "Pyatt Hollow" which is how it received it's name.

Benjamin and Avis had eight children:

The following deed in Crawford County appears to be for this Benjamin Pyatt:
This deed made and concluded this twenty third day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one between Charles Wood and Elizabeth his wife of the County of Crawford in the State of Missouri of the first part and Benjamin Piatt of the County and State aforesaid of the second part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Sixty Dollars in hand paid by the said Benjamin Piatt party of the second part the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained and sold aliened enfeoffed and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain and sell alien enfeoff and confirm unto the said Benjamin Piatt and to his heirs and assigns forever the following piece parcel or tract of Land situate lying and being in the County of Crawford and State of Missouri being the South East quarter of the North West quarter of section No Eight in Township No Thirty six North Range No Three West containing forty acres as entered in the name of Simeon J. Martin and by him conveyed to James Wood by deed bearing date fifth day of July 1839 and Recorded in the Recorders office on the 18th day of July 1839 which tract piece or parcel of Land situate and described as above with all and singular the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and all the right title claim interest and demand whatsoever of the said Charles Wood and Elizabeth his wife parties of the first part in and to the said piece parcel or tract of Land and the appurtenances thereunto belonging are hereby freely conveyed and set over to the said Benjamin Piatt party of the second part his heir and assigns forever. To have and to hold the same for his only proper use and benefit and the said Charles Wood and Elizabeth his wife parties of the first part for themselves and their heirs do hereby covenant and agree to and with the said Benjamin Piatt party of the second part his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the said piece parcel or tract of land situate and described as aforesaid free from the claim of themselves and their heirs and every person or persons whatsoever claiming under them or in their names unto the said Benjamin Piatt party of the second part his heirs Executors Administrators and assigns for ever and the said Charles Wood and Elizabeth his wife parties of the first part will warrant and forever defend by these presents. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seals the date above written. Charles (his mark) Wood // Elizabeth (her mark) Wood

Benjamin and Avis were farmers. They appeared as follows on the 1850 census of Crawford County, Missouri:

This family enumerated #608/608 page 232 printed upper right (ancestry image 89/146) enumerator used initial only. Their neighbors were #600 S & J Swafford, #601 J M & R A Swafford, #602 J & A Morley, #603 M Swafford, #604 M & J M Jones, #605 J Piatt, #606 M Piatt, #607 M & N King, #609 B & H Stafford, #610 E & B Holderman, #611 L L & M Snelson, #612 R & M D Vaughn, and #613 J & P Arney.

These two articles appear in the Crawford County Family History book:
From "Crawford County Families" or, something to that effect.
BENJAMIN PYATT: Benjamin Pyatt, son of William Pyatt was born in Indiana 1813. He was oldest of seven children. He came to Crawford Co. in 1830's soon after he married Avis Eggers, born 1814, Ohio. Benjamin and Avis had eight children. Elizabeth, the first child, b. 12-15-1838, Mo., married James Wooley 12-1-1859, d. 7-28-1910, buried Martin Cemetery. Sarah, second daughter, born, Mo., 1840. Their oldest son, William, born Mo., 1841, married Emily Bryant. Daughter Mary J., b. 1842, Mo. John, second son, b. 3-5-1844, Mo. Married Mary Tinker, d. 1-30-1918, buried Martin Cemetery. Their son, Daniel Washington b. 1-29-1846, Mo. married Margaret A. (Bryant) Duke, b. 2-16-1936, married on 3-17-1867. Margaret was daughter of William and Mahaley Bryant. Benjamin Jr., b. 1849, Mo., Avis (named after her mother), b. 1851, Mo., married Harrison Tinker. Benjamin and Avis were farmers. Benjamin died early 1850's and on 5-11-1854 his brother, Elijah, married his widow, Avis. Elijah and Avis built a log house on their homestead called Pyatt Hollow and raised the eight children. Avis's son, Daniel and Margaret (Mary) raised their seven children in that log house. Her grandson Daniel Washington (Wash) also lived there. Most of his children were born in that log house too.

BENJAMIN & AVIS (EGGERS) PYATT: Benjamin Pyatt b. 1814 in Indiana, was one of early settlers of south Crawford Co., he settled in the area which is called "Pyatt Hollow" and this is how it got name of Pyatt Hollow. His wife was Avis Eggers, born 1814 in Indiana. One of their sons, John Pyatt, b. 3-5-1844 in "Pyatt Hollow" served in Civil War, Co. G 48th Mo. Inf., enlisted 8-28-1864 in Steelville, discharged 6-29-1865. John married Mary Tinker, 10-30-1870, parents were John Harrison and Nancy Ann Byers. Mary and John spent their marriage in east Dent Co., but when John died, 1-30-1918, he was brought back to Martin Cemetery at Cherryville. Mary Tinker Pyatt lived to be 98 years old (b. 5-6-1865 d. 6-14-1953),{my note: couldn't be right, or she would've married at age 5. MCP} Sapulpa, Ok. buried Boss Cemetery, Boss, Mo. Children: Daniel Franklin, married Sally Stricklin of Iron Co., Mo., d. 3-20-1944, buried in Iron Co. near Bixby (Pump Cemetery). William Harrison, "Bud", b. 11-28-1876, d. 3-16-1958, Salem, married Mary Beers, 12-13-1892, buried Boss Cemetery. James Timothy, b. 11-26-1876, d. 3-11-1973, married Minnie Nelson 11-15-1900, daughter of Marion and Martha Nelson. John Edward, b. 8-10-1879, d. 8-16-1966, married Augusta Turnbough 9-11-1902, daughter of George Turnbough and Vina Tinker (nee) Newton of Crawford Co. Newton, b. 1885, married Effie Stricklin 12-25-1903, Iron Co., Mo., living Boss, Mo., age 102. Lavada, b. 1885, married Wm. Farmer and moved to Montana. Thomas Jefferson, b. 8-25-1888, married Bessie Hogan of Howes Mill, daughter of Pleasant and Laura (Conaway) Hogan. Lora, b. 1891, married first a Nelson, second a Keller, third a Clapp, moved to Montana. Martha, married a Causey, died Sapulpa, Ok. One daughter died infancy, buried Lower Indian Creek Cemetery.

After Benjamin died in 1853, Avis married on May 11, 1854, in Crawford County, Missouri, Benjamin's younger brother, Elijah. Elijah was born c1827 in Ohio. Elijah and Avis built a log house on their homestead called Pyatt Hollow and raised the eight children.

They appeared as follows on the Osage Township, Crawford County, Missouri, census of 1860 census:

This family enumerated #486/486 13th July 1860 pg 14 (ancestry image 2/28) at #577/569 (ancestry page 15/28) was the following family which appears to contain Avis's daughter, Mary: Elijah and Avis appeared as follows on the 1880 census of Osage Township, Crawford County, MO:

Living nearby in Osage Township was Avis' sons, William and Daniel: Avis died c14 Feb 1894 at the home of her son, William. Reverend W J Todd preached the funeral and she was buried in the Charlie Martin Cemetery.


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