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James Woolsey and Sarah Pyatt

Sarah Pyatt was born May 1839 in Missouri to Benjamin and Avis Eggers Pyatt and died July 28, 1910. She was married in Crawford County, Missouri, December 1, 1859, to James 'Jim' Woolsey who was born c1835 in Missouri. Sarah Woolsey is buried in the Martin Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri.

James and Sarah had the following known children:

James Woolsey served in the Union Army in the 48th Missouri Infantry Company G with his wife's two brothers, John Pyatt and Benjamin Pyatt.

James and Sarah appeared as follows in Meramec Township, Crawford County, Missouri, on the 1880 census:

Ava Clara Woolsey was the grandmother of Leattrice Roberts who wrote in 1994 in a letter to Michael Pyatt "My grandmother was dark complected (as many of the old Pyatts were) and a small wiry woman; a very clean housekeeper who sang as she did her work (On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand, Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown, How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours). Had the high 'Woolsey' temper, but yet a Saint. Her brother, John, was the cut-up. He threw the geese out of the upstairs window and at age 16 asked the school teacher to go with him. She replied 'When I take a boy to raise, I'll let you know.' They went to the Woolsey school 4 miles south of Steelville. Francis Marion started to school and when the teacher asked his name he answered 'Merry Frank'. Grandma (Ava) took over the household duties when 8 or 10 years old. She had about a 4th grade education but taught me to read at an early age. John Hill Pyeatt, the basket maker, had two brothers; Andrew and George. They lived in primitive log cabins - separately. My grandmother bought the basket about 1939 - 55 years ago. I think they were basically religious, lived alone and bothered no one. John Hill was very dark (I believe there was Indian blood). My Aunts even were swarthy complected."

Ferd Woolsey's wife, Avie Tinker, was the daughter of Harrison Tinker and Laura "Avie" Pyatt. Laura is said to have died in childbirth with twins. Harrison then married Vina Turnbough per Diane.


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