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Year 2071.Humanity has been driven away from earth and enhabited other planets.With new planets come new rules and with new rules comes new outlaws: also known as cowboy bebops. Meet Spike and Jet,a drifter and an ex-cyborg cop who started a bounty hunting opperation searching the galaxy for the outlaws and end up meeting a few friends along the way; a lab dog named ein who is really smart, a female hacker name edward who people often mistake for a boy, and the beautiful card playin woman named faye valentine.


ED:She is a genius hacker who once went by the name Radical Edward. Her full name is Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky. She was born on Earth, on 1st January, and claims to be 13 years old. Her blood type is AB, and she is often mistaken for a boy. She uses a custom computer that she built herself, which she calls Tomato. She heard about Spike and company on the Internet, and invited herself to join the crew of the Bebop. She has a feral quality that shows in her gangling walk and flapping arms – perhaps this is why she gets on so well with Ein. (voice of tada aoi)

EIN:Ein looks like a normal male Welsh corgi, and joined the Bebop crew before Faye and Ed. He is really a data-dog, developed by a research organisation. To the right buyer, a dog of Ein’s abilities would command an astronomical price. Between them – a dog with human intelligence and a girl with animal instinct – they make a perfect team.

FAY VALENTINE:former fugitive from bounty-hunters, Faye has now switched sides. Her apparent age is 23, though she is actually in her seventies. Her birthday is 14th August, and her blood type is B. Her favorite space craft is the Redtail. Her preferred gun is a Glock 30. She is in heavy debt, thanks to compulsive gambling and the prohibitive medical bills from Cold Sleep. Perhaps because of this, her obsession with money is greater than either Spike’s or Jet’s. When she first encountered Spike and Jet, she claimed to be a Romany, though this was patently untrue. In fact, she lost her memory in Cold Sleep, and remembers nothing of her life before she was frozen. Her missing past troubles her almost as much as its expensive consequences – her amnesia only aggravates a temper that is already short. Her quest to discover who she really is; one of the central themes of the series.(voice of hayashibara megumi)

JET BLACK:Jet Black is a bounty hunter from the Jovian satellite Ganymede. He was born on 3rd December and is 36 years old. His blood type is A. His favorite space ship is the converted tug Hammer Head. His preferred gun is Walther P99. He worked as a police officer at ISSP (Inter Solar System Police) on Ganymede, where he gained the nickname “Black Dog.” He left the force in the aftermath of an almost-fatal accident. His injuries were so severe that he required cybernetic enhancement, including an artificial arm (a strange choice for 2071, since medical techniques could easily grow him an organic replacement). Now he works as a bounty hunter, drawing on the network of contacts he first established in the ISSP. His hobbies include bonsai, space horse-races, reading and cookery: his specialty is Fried Beef and Green Peppers… just without the beef. He created the Bebop by redecorating a second-hand trawler. If he marries, he would make a great househusband, but he never seems to have much luck with women. any want a go at it.(voice of ishizuka unshou)

SPIKE SPIEGAL:Spike is a bounty hunter from Mars. He was born on 26th June and is 27 years old. His blood type is O. His favorite ship is his speedster, the Swordfish II. His preferred gun is a Jericho 941. He is devotee of Bruce Lee, and a master of Jeet Kune Do. In his youth, he was heavily involved with the Red Dragon crime syndicate, until three years ago, when he met with a serious “accident” under suspicious circumstances. Now he lives aboard the Bebop with Jet, and the two are permanently low on funds. He rarely talks about his past, but seems to have plenty of experience at martial arts and gunfights. He has the ability to see risks ahead, but this doesn’t stop him putting himself in danger: he often faces unnecessary hazards. It would seem that his recklessness comes not from overconfidence in his abilities, but from a lapsed sense of self-preservation. He lacks fear because he has nothing left to lose.(voice of yamadera kouichi)