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this is stuff i did for this website called info on the links page). pretty much we have to make a design pose, win pose, and a lose pose so other artists that are duelling me can know how to draw my character. I have a character for this website already but just started designing this one out of the blue. ------------- Also here is the intro story for the character

This is some pick I did durring my free time at school. Dont know what I was thinking. But any way hope you like it^-^

A project we had in my freshmen art class

a pick I did at about age 12 I guess (or some where around there).I observed my own hand and how it sat on the piano for this pic.

You guessed it. Im in water polo. despite popular belief, water polo is actually fun. I think its just the whole wearing the speedo thing that shoos people away from trying it. The speedo is there for speed because regular shorts drag in the water so you dont go as fast. Besides, chicks dig speedo's -_^

A little character I created.I was thinking of the lion,witch and the wardrobe.

A pick I did for the upcoming tokyopop contest. some one suggested to do a comic about a game progamer and his pet turtle.