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The following are links to sites related to either games,anime,art,or my favorate music punk.

hey these are some of my banners for my site so if you like my site then please use one you like or that matches your site and post it and ill post your site if you want."You rub my back ill rub yours"


The name gives it away.


The blond White girl on street fighter with 2 long pony tails. This is a site all about her and a very good one if I might add.


This site is basicly a site about anything manga. Besides being a leading anime/manga producer they also offer merchandise,contests for the future artist of america,and any thing else I cant think of right now but its a great site, I encourage you to go check it out.

Online Manga University

this is pretty much an art based site focused mainly on Manga.The guy Who created it is also an artist and studied art at a University so he gives you assignments and stuff to build on your art skill.It also has a forems page with different topics relating to art such as art help where you post your art and other artists critique it for you. Verry good site, I recomend it for you improving artists, and just manga artist in general.


this is a site about the art of a guy name Patric Shettlesworth.Hes no one famous or any thing but hes a really good manga artist. He offers tutorials to help you out in stuff like drawing sertain parts of the human body in manga form, or poses,or mech manga stuff, everything encluding how to use the paint shop stuff. Pretty good site, his art is awesome!!!oh and for those of you that are into japan, hes been there. He has a page on it so check this site out.

Great web site, has alot of the guys own works of art based on cowboy bebop.Kick ass artist.hes got a painting on there that is off the hizy.

A friend of mines site. its a normal html site but dont let that fool you cause he has some awesome pics,music,etc... go check it out!!


a site about you guessed it, Anime Chat. DUH.oh and it also has art, and you can make an e-mail address there.


this site is an awesome site where artis get together to battle and improveon there comic designing skills. allot of great artist there. good stuff! ;)


some Canadian artist decided to go all the way with this comic called brokensaints. you can see what its all about there. its a great site but it involves MOSTLY flash so be prepared to wait a minute or two to view the site but trust me its worth it!!! and also it has a forums there to chat with others about certain stuff. Enjoy