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Bebop: jet purchased the ship second hand,installed supercharged com system and larger engines. The Bebop was originally an interplanetary fishing vessle used on the seas of Ganymede.The team use's the ship as home base.

Swordfish II: originally developed for high speed was remodelled and fitted with armaments by spikes friend Doohan. The Swordfish II has four wing mounted machine guns and a laser cannon attached to the under side.The main engine is a nuclear fusion aero-spike, and the booster nozzle is reconfigured as a short-range impulse drive. Spike has used this machine for over a decade.

hammerhead: The Hammerhead is Jet’s MONO Boat – a small trawler auxiliary vessel, remodelled with a heavy engine and extra propellant tank for power and range. Though it does not have any weapons, it is a powerful machine, with a grappling claw, magnetic clamp, anchor rod and winch.

Redtail: The Redtail is Faye’s MONO Carrier. It has two triple-geared engine for use in atmospheres, and a fusion rocket motor for vacuum. It also has a superior VTOL system. Various equipment can be added in modular form, making it a flexible multi-purpose craft. In its basic configuration, Faye has it loaded with weaponry, both bought off the rack and customised with her own unique modifications.