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This is a page to announce all the New animes i've seen or are suppost to come out in the future, they could be old ones but i hadnt seen it till then so dont get mad if youve seen it already. Along with a pick or two of the movie/show, I will tipe a brief summary on what the anime is about (so I dont give it away to much).You can also e-mail me about new movies you've heard about and ill look into it and report as soon as I find information.


1/24/04 hey I just went shopping and bought some new animes with christmas money

ZAION STORY: a metiorite crashes to earth bringing with it a deadly virus known as M34 that infects humans turning them into leathal Beast-like monsters. The worlds top organizations gather to form the organization c.u.r.e., to combat the Infectious disease. One organization, NOA, stands in the way of the virouses destructive path by using soldiers implanted with super nano technology to fight the vicious disease. As the virous continues to spread and mutate into different strains, mankinds only hope may be in a sixteen year old girl... even though its only 4 half hour episodes long, the series is really good.they could have streached it out but..oh well no use griping about it now. over all I give this a four start rating ****