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How to Join!

From an ISA school?
Just show up at any showing (there's probably other people from your school going) and before the showing there will be someone at a desk to hook you up with a members card and officialise your membership.

Not from an ISA school?
First, you should get in touch with Michael Miller, ISA President to let him know what school you're from and (although most likely it would be you) some potential candidates for a representative from your school. Then, after that is finalised then your school will be an official ISA school. Then you follow the instructions above.

Member Benefits

- A cool card to show off!

- A link to your site (if you have one) on the ISA homepage!

- you get to watch great anime for free... we make money off the food.

- you can meet new people with similar interests!

- uh... pizza

- free automatic UCC anime club membership


- ISA is a multicultural club, no racial slurs or insults towards another member will be tolerated.

- Please be quiet during showings, for the sake of mutual enjoyment.

- Have fun!


Upper Canada College
Founding School
Mike Miller

Branksome Hall
Representative: Stef Lim

Holy Trinity
Representative: Kevin Wong

Havergal College
Representative: Karen Law

Bishop Strachan School
Representative: Andrea Ball

Crescent School
Representative: Greg Mak

University of Toronto School
Representative: Jeffson Chung

Royal St. George's College
Representative: Ivan Chin

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