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Executive Committee

The people that run the show. These guys make ISA happen. Without their committed efforts there would be no ISA. From designing and maintaining the website, to buying tapes, to keeping members lists, to reserving the theatre space, this select group of individuals must pull off everything in order to have a good ISA.

Name: Michael Miller
Position: President and Founder
School: Upper Canada College
Fearless leader and dictator...
Name: Scott Nowers
Position: Vice President
School: Upper Canada College
Vice dictator...
Name: Chris Horkins
Position: Webmaster
School: Upper Canada College
Designs, and maintains the site...
Name: Auwal Isa Odidi
Position: Treasurer
School: Upper Canada College
Likes money...
Name: Stef Lim
Position: Head of Membership
School: Branksome Hall
Keeps track of people...


These guys are all still important, don't go thinking other wise. They just do less work than the Executives, or have less important jobs. They either didn't want executive jobs, were too late to get an executive job, but they all still want to help. They are all still essential members of ISA.

Name: Arty Wu
Position: Head Volunteer
School: Upper Canada College
Makes cards, and other stuff...
Name: Peter Hand
Position: Official Graphics Guy
School: Upper Canada College
Armed with Photoshop and knows how to use it!
Name: Ian Bateman
Position: Gimp
School: Upper Canada College
uh... he made a card...

This site is for a club which is meant to appreciate anime not infringe on copyrights or else it would be called Independant Schools Copyright Infringement... web design was done by a panda at the zoo and was stolen by Chris Horkins