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ISA History

It all started with the UCC anime club. Club leadership had been handed down to Michael Miller. Mike had big plans for the club. Some included inviting girls to regular meetings, extending the club to other schools, and moving the club from cramped room 111, to the new lecture theatre. The only problem was that this just wasn't logistically possible with the ucc anime club, whose regular meetings were too short, and close together to attract anyone.

The ignition fuse, was planned to be the "Mononoke Invitational", which girls from Branksome Hall were to be invited. The connection between ucc and branksome was already established between UAC member Scott Nowers and branksome anime fan Stef Lim. The name was changed eventually from "Mononoke Invitational" to "ISA". The first ISA took place on Thursday March 8th at 4:00, the showing was Princess Mononoke, we took a break for pizza in the middle, and finsished at 8:00. Sadly the first ISA gathering was hit with the bad luck of low attendence. About 4 girls and just a little bit more guys. We still had fun, though!

ISA is still in it's youth, we grow a little every day. Hopefully we will someday expand to include nearly every major independant school in the GTA. We invite you all to come and enjoy anime with us the way it was meant to be shown and enjoyed.

This site is for a club which is meant to appreciate anime not infringe on copyrights or else it would be called Independant Schools Copyright Infringement... web design was done by a panda at the zoo and was stolen by Chris Horkins