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About ISA

ISA is an acronym for Independant Schools Anime. We are a club that gathers predetermined meetings to enjoy an interest we all share: Japanese animation. Mature themes and plotlines set Japanese animation, or anime as it is commonly known, apart from north american cartoons. ISA is a great way for fans of anime to meet people of the same age, who share the same interests. ISA is based in Toronto, Canada. Members come from a collaboration of independant schools such as UCC, and Branksome Hall. Meetings usually take place at UCC.

President Michael Miller extends welcome to all independant high school students to attend ISA meetings. We usually show a popular anime movie, or OAV, and possibly a fraction of a series. Food is almost always provided. And the cost is little if any at all. Plans for the future involve contests, raffles, anime sales, more frequent gatherings, and further expansion.

This site is for a club which is meant to appreciate anime not infringe on copyrights or else it would be called Independant Schools Copyright Infringement... web design was done by a panda at the zoo and was stolen by Chris Horkins