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How to get here

Most gatherings will be held at UCC, check the schedule page for more details. The UCC campus is located at 200 lonsdale road, the closest subway station is Davisville however, if you catch the Ave Rd. 5 bus at Eglinton it is quicker than walking from Davisville. Of course, St. Clair is always an option, if you want. Getting back to the subway is as easy as hopping the 5 bus, which has 2 stops both of VERY close proximity to the campus, which will take you to eglinton station, or walk to Davisville, or if you want even, take the five going south, get a transfer and get off at St. Clair, and take a streetcar or walk to st. clair station. Here's some maps for visual aid

As far as where ON the campus goes, there will usually be someone waiting at the Upper School or Prep door (depending on which building we're showing in) to show you in. Or, y'know signs will be up with arrows or something. The prep hall is easy to find as is laidlaw however, the lecture theatre and rm. 111 are not, please ask where these rooms are if no signs or people are present.

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