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Existing Characters

And how to get ahold of the people who play them


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Existing Characters


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E-mail the GM

In order to promote communication between members (and a little behind the scenes plotting ^_^) I am compiling a list of all the members, their characters, their ICQ# and email address. If you need to get together with someone on how to play out a battle, dialogue, or whatever, now you can turn here an get a message to them.

PlayerCreatorICQ #E-mailPicture
Shikarou HamasakiDavid Hutchings58663007webmaster@hsevangelion.zzn.comView
Jenna Lain BlackMike Lovecraft21859891mike@evangelionextreme.comView
Andrei RossinskiKarl Merris kmerris1@san.rr.comNo Pic