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OK, I know that most people know how to post to a forum. But for my sanity, I'm going to go over how to post to this one. Remember that anything you post to the game is public knowladge, so if you want to plot secretly with another player, you'd better do it by email. Now that that's settled, lets go over a few basic guidelines.

  1. Always remember that I will have to put this game in chronologinal order somehow, so while you're having a dialogue please put your location and who you're speaking to in the subject line. This helps everyone sort out the coversation and makes my job a whole lot easier. A good example of this format would be [location]: Speaking_to.
  2. Like any good RPG, you'll be moving around quite a bit. When you move to a new location, please state it in the subject line.
  3. Battles are important, but it's very frustrating of your character gets killed off. To prevent this, most people will start a "I hit you; no I doged the attack" type of action. Not only is this pointless, but childish. To keep this situation form occuring, please try not to battle to the death unless you have both agreed to it by email.
  4. More about battles: Yes, you can dodge or block attacks, but it's not often. If your opponent is bigger, faster, or knows a fighting skill (like jujitsu) then you probably aren't going to be able to block or dodge. This doesn't mean that you aren't going to win, though. It just means that you will have to find a way to take him down other than brute force. Talk with your opponent through email or ICQ and work it out between yourselves. If you can't decide between yourselves, you can email me and I will decide a course of action that I think will be the most interesting and helpful to the storyline.

That's about it. Just excersise some common courtesy and remember that we aren't here to kill everyone we see on the streets. We're here to have some fun, so play nice out there. ^_^