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Creating a character for ARMAGEDDON is not overly difficult. With a little imagination you can probably sit down and make one within a half hour. For those who have never Role-played before though, I'll break it down into steps.

Special Notice: Please remember when you are creating a character that there are no Evangelions available. You cannot write yourself in as an EVA pilot. Sorry, but becoming a pilot is something that must be decided by a GM. If you want to become an EVA pilot, please tell me when you submit your character, but please do not make your character into an EVA pilot by yourself.

  1. Print out or download the ARMAGEDDON character sheet here, or you can use one of your own. Just be sure it has all the same information.
  2. Think of a name. If you're having trouble coming up with a name, you can find a whole truckload of names from every nationality you can think of here.
  3. Once you have a name, describe your character. Eyes, hair color, and occupation should be the easiest to think of. Next would be age and birthdate (remember that this takes place in 2021). Height and weight are a bit trickier, and will require a bit of figuring.
  4. Next, make a brief bio for your character. Is your character an accomplished diplomat, or a high school dropout? A basic summary of what makes this character tick is useful here.
  5. Now you can get to making your hidden bio. Most people in Evangelion have a past that not many people know about. A brief history is needed, but you need not put all the details yet. That will probably come later as the story progresses.
  6. Now you can define your skills. If you have some area that you standout in, you need to put it here. Say if you are the accomplished diplomat, you should have something like "Diplomacy-12" where Diplomacy is your skill, and the 12 is your skill rating. For your convienience I have made up a chart of skill ratings so that you can easily assign values to your skills.

  7. 1) Completely incompetant
    3) Inept
    4) Clumsy, but manageable
    7) Competant. This is the average for most skills
    10) Proficiant
    13) Highly skilled
    17) Expert
    20) Master

    Color Key
    No training or experience
    Some experience needed
    Special training needed
    Extensive training needed
  8. Finally, you can list your equipment. This can be anything that you think your character will need for normal game play. Clothes don't count as equipment, and make sure that you character can feasably carry his equipment. For example, a technican can't carry 20 different tools without some kind of case. Most of the time, you'll also want to carry a wallet with a little bit of money in it. The GM might be generous and reward you with more money for good roleplaying
  9. If you printed out your character sheet, you'll need to download it now and type in all the information in all the right places. Then you'll be ready to email your character to me here. You'll also need to make sure that I recieve your email address and possibly your ICQ number. Personally, I don't really need these, but I may need to contact you about your character (i.e. say you're a technician and an Angel makes a surprise appearance, I'll need to contact some people to play in an important scene, and you might be chosen!). I promise I won't put you on a mailing list or anything, I just need to be able to contact you should the need arise.
Now you should have a playable character ready to go! If you have any problems, or just need some help getting started, feel free to e-mail the GM at