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Welcome to my Dragon Ball RPG. I hope you all enjoy my site. I spent a lot of time working on this site, so if you want use some of the stuff from my site please ask first. I would like to thank the owner of Z-World, Kumate, for giving me some HTML codes for my site. Good luck with your site Kumate. If you really enjoy my site please vote for it. I worked very hard on it, and I would like my RPG to become number 1. Thanx.

I will only accept 3 emails a day per person. When you send me an email make sure you put the name of your character and the meaning of the email in the subject line.
For example; Goku: Training or Goku: Buying Items
Something like that. If you do not put the name of your character in the subject line, I will just delete your email. Thanx. Also when you make a handle for the chatrooms it must end with _DB2K. For example mine is: Goku_DB2K. Your handle must be the name of your character.

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